Please, Mistress (Working Title) - Chapter 1 and 2

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Please, Mistress (Working Title) - Chapter 1 and 2

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I wrote the following for my wife to propose locking me up until Valentine's Day. She read it and accepted. I have posted this on Reddit under the same under the same username so there is a chance you have seen it before.

Chapter 1

There was still a bit of sun out coming through the window. I had woken up and fallen back asleep a couple of times but each time it was harder to do so and I really needed to use the restroom. My morning wood also sternly reminded that I was locked in a chastity device. It had been something me and my Wife had played with off and on since we met on a bdsm dating site over eight years ago. I tried to daydream about some of the kinky ideas always running through my mind but I couldn’t concentrate. It was time for me to get up. I went to the restroom and sat down. While in chastity I can’t really stand up to go, I have to sit. It is another little reminder that I don’t really mind, if not enjoy. I finished up and brushed my teeth. I headed to the living room.

My wife was sitting in her chair on her laptop. “Hey baby” - I said. She responded “Hey.. come here” with a cute smile on her face. I walked over towards her and started to lean in to give her a kiss as her hand came up to caress my face. Before my lips got to hers she had a handful of my hair and firmly pulled me back. My eyes widened as her face went from cute to composed her lips parted ”My name is Mistress.. Not baby”. I was not expecting this. My face felt flush as my cock pushed against it’s cage. “Yes, Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress” I said promptly. She smirked and calmly let go of my hair. I stood frozen for a moment with my thoughts racing. We had protocol I had agreed to. I was only to call her Mistress or Goddess while she of course could call me whatever she wanted, usually bitch, fuckdoll or something degrading. I was also to thank her for any punishment. I realized what just happened was a bit of a punishment or at least a correction. “Thank you Mistress” I said with my eyes at the floor slowly following her body from her feet to the hint of satisfaction on her face.

“Get me a drink” she curtly said as her face showed a whisper of amusement.

“Yes Mistress, What would you like Mistress” I responded.

She told me to get her one of the energy drinks from the fridge and I responded “Yes Mistress”. I quickly got her drink and walked back and reached to hand it to her. Without looking up from the computer screen “open it” she snapped. “Yes Mistress” I replied.

I opened the drink and handed it to her. She took a drink and put it on the table. She looked up and raised her arm and did a dismissive wave with her hand. Without thinking I turned around and went to the other room and sat down at the computer.

Her treating me like this was such a huge turn on. It is a bit complicated to explain but there is something about the confidence, the power dynamic. I think it is the confidence more than anything but I know there is more to it. My knees weaken and all the submissive chemicals seem to come out and tell me to obey while all the blood goes to my … well in this case.. My caged manhood.

I mindlessly grabbed the mouse and opened the web browser just like I had done most every day. My mind wasn’t thinking about what I was doing or reading I was too distracted.

I had been locked up for almost two days at this point and my body and mind was full of desire that I knew would be with me until she let me out. We had not talked about how long I would be locked up this time. Usually it was for just a couple of days. In the past we went ten days once. I never cum so much in my life.

I mindlessly clicked my mouse with my eyes scanning the page for something that interested me. I realized my fingers were on my nipple. Teasing… This didn’t offer any release for my craving, instead it just renewed it. I started to tease both nipples feeding that caged hunger…

About fifteen minutes had passed. I was doing my normal thing on the computer now. I reached for my drink but.. I would have gotten something to drink before I sat down normally but I had spaced on that clearly. I walked toward the kitchen while sneaking a glance at her. She was intently watching a video sitting in chair with her long silky legs kicked up on the hassak. I followed her legs as far up as I could see before making it to the kitchen. I grabbed my drink, opened it and took a good sized drink and headed back towards the computer. As I passed her she looked up.

“Come here”

“Yes Mistress”, without thinking the words were out of my mouth and I was standing beside her. She reached up and took my drink. She brought the drink to her chest, her face squinted a bit as she spit into the can. Her mouth opened, her cheeks moved as she did it again. She looked up holding the drink out for me to take

“Here you go”

“Thank you Mistress” I said as I grabbed the drink and headed for the computer room again.

I sat down and enjoyed my drink Mistress had blessed with her essence.

Chapter 2

About an hour had passed. I was still on the computer and I could hear her getting up and her footsteps walking away. A few minutes passed. “Come here” I could hear coming from the bedroom. I hopped up and quickly went to the bedroom. There wasn’t much light left and the room was a bit dark. She was sitting on the edge of the bed facing the entrance waiting for me. “Yes, Mistress”? I asked softly. “On your knees” pointing at the floor at her feet she said. I submissively went to my knees in front of her and she started talking.

“I have been thinking about all the times I have locked you up and how obedient you are” Her hand grabbed my gently grabbed my balls. A rush ran through me. My will became putty in her presence. “I’ve been wondering just how long I could keep you locked up for” Her hand traced my stomach towards my chest under my shirt as her other hand joined. Her hands started to chart the edge of my nipple as my head became light. “I was thinking to see if we could set a new record. Do you think you could stay locked up for two weeks”? “Yes Mistress, please Mistress” I said. “Please? What about Three weeks” she said “Yes Mistress, please, please”. “I don't think you could handle it” as she lightly teased on my nipples. “Please, Mistress, please, please I can do it. Please let me do it for you Mistress” I begged.

“Humm” she grabbed her phone and started looking at the calendar “Oh, that’s almost Valentines day...” she said with a smirk in her voice “Can you stay locked up until then?”

“Yes Mistress” I said without thinking.

“I don’t think you REALLY mean that. I think not 24 hours from now you will be begging to cum. Then what?”

“Tell me no, Mistress, please”

Her fingers grasp my nipples and she lightly squeezes. Her hands fall away from my chest.

“Beg me” she says with a soft, but strict voice. As she stood up in front of me.

“Please Mistress” - I begged, looking up at her.

“Please what?” She asks.

“Please Mistress, Please keep me locked up until Valentine's day, Please don’t let me cum, please” - I begged.

“Keep begging” her voice became more deliberate.

“Mistress, please keep me locked until Chastity. I am begging you please let me do this Mistress. Please Mistress do not let me cum until Valentine's day. I beg you mistress. Please let me show you I can do this. Please, please be strict with me and help me do this. Please let me give you a thousand orgasms between now and then. Please let me humiliate and degrade myself for you in new and old ways, please Mistress I am begging you, please, please. PLEASE”

“Is this what you REALLY want”? - she asked

“Yes Mistress, more than anything” - I begged

“What about when you are to the point you can’t even think straight due to you being so worked up?” She inquired.

“I’ll ask you to fuck me with a strap on, hurt me or ask you to let me use a dildo on myself, or….”

She interrupted, “I am not sure I want to waste that state on a simple ask... You will come to me, get on your knees and say ‘Mistress, this pathetic cum slut can’t think straight and I beg you to help me’. That is what I want you to do”

“Yes Mistress”

“What are you going to say?” she asked

“Mistress, this pathetic cum slut can’t think straight and I beg you to help me”. - I said

“Done. You are chastity until Valentine's day” she said with conviction.

To be continued….
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