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Gotta tease 'em to please 'em: Tease and Denial

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 9:14 am
by Orgasm_Denial
I love the wicked game of tease and denial. It amuses me to make you suffer deliciously and I can tell how much you want a reward for serving your Goddess and pleasing her in a myriad of ways. My personal favorite tease and denial is the CB6000 chastity device which locks up your cock and denies you any kind of release until I deign to release you from its grip. I can also arrange for it to have sharp points that will dig into your naughty boys if you become aroused without permission or inside the device. It locks onto your cock and, of course, I have the only key and you will be kept on lockdown until it pleases me to let you out. Of course, you will be restrained until you've pleased me in the manner to which I have trained you to do.

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