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my only potential way to cum for some times

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:52 am
by lopettepamela
hello. Mistress keeps me locked in a very short chastity for months at a time with long teasing/ denial every other Week.
Once i presented a video to Mistress where the locked man was given a viagra, then 30 mins after he was unlocked and ointed with numbing cream and 2 condoms. Then his Mistress minuted him Fucking a fake pussy and trying to cum in less than 1 minute. Of course he failed to cum and returned in his cage until next month.
The film pleased Mistress because immediately after, Mistress had me kneel in front of the couch and had me lick her to orgasm.
After that, we talked. Mistress asked me if i wanted to try Something like that. Of course, i immediately want hard in my cramped chastity cage.
Mistress had me wait until the next month. Mistress came back from work one Friday. She had me close my eyes and open my mouth. Being used to recieve Mistress’s lovers used condoms and so, i obeyed with pleasure. This time, it just felt like some candy. Mistress then gave me a dvd to put in the player and to watch. I was ordered to sit on the couch and to watch carefuly the video.
It was some gay film (i’m not gay at all) and i didn’t understand why Mistress made me watch at some men fucking and cumming. I felt my « tiny baby peepee » becoming hard as a rock in its small chastity cage and my blood pulsating. Mistress left me while she went to change.
Se came back wearing black underwear, tights and gloves. Mistress put some rubber gloves and cuffed my hands in my back. She removed my chastity and gave me a few strokes. I desperately wanted to cum. My cock was turgid and pulsating. She ointed it with lanacane numbing cream. She then put 2 condoms.
Mistress then took an inflatable cheap love doll, made me inflate it then placed it on the edge of our dining table.
With my hands still cuffed in my back, Mistress had me fuck the doll and try to cum in less than a minute.
Theonly thing i was feeling was the desperated need to cum. My « tiny baby peepee » was like dead. It went out of the doll and i had to put it back without any help. As i couldn’t feel a thing, i twas a hard thing.
I heard the chronometer ringing the end of my « time » and Mistress telling me « stop ». I was immediately applied an ice pack then my cage.
Mistress proposed me an other « deal », but that’s an other story.