Benefits of Keeping Your Sissy in Chastity

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Benefits of Keeping Your Sissy in Chastity

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- It prevents your sissy from masturbating. Sissy masturbation is a filthy nasty habit. It’s addictive, selfish, and disrespectful to women. Chronic masturbation has the effect of substantially diminishing a sissy's natural sexual desire for her wife of girlfriend. It, unfortunately, teaches her that her orgasm is primary, and her wife or girlfriends are secondary.
Because your sissy can’t even get a full erection without your permission, it instantly changes the dynamics of the relationship, with you having the power.

- It keeps your sissy's sexual focus and energy on you.

- It increases your sissy's desire to orally service you.

- It serves as a constant reminder to the sissy of your authority and deepens her submission to you.
Because it makes your sissy's orgasms entirely dependent on your generosity, it positively incentivizes your sissy to honor and respect you and motivates your sissy to please and devote her attention to YOU.

- It gives your sissy the time and opportunity to substantially improve and perfect her oral skills vis-à-vis your erogenous zones.

- It reinforces the idea that your pussy, breasts, nipples, lips, and ass are precious female gifts that must be earned, and they are to be savored and appreciated on those rare occasions when your sissy does get to worship them when, where, and how YOU want.

- It teaches your sissy that sexual activity with you doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with her little sissy penis. Her words along with her hands, fingers, mouth, tongue, and lips become more important in pleasing you.

- It significantly improves your sissy's attitude and makes her more generous, caring, kind, respectful, and loving toward you. It will help soften the sharper edges of her previous me-first/you-second masculinity. It will make her more of a listener than a talker and more eager to please YOU rather than to seek her own pleasure.

- It prepares your sissy for the eventuality of anal penetration and getting the strap-on in her sissy pussy. Because her little sissy penis isn’t being sexually stimulated, it has the effect of gradually turning other parts of her body into erogenous zones, such as her anus, prostate, lips, and nipples. With patience and persistence, your sissy can be trained to have a sissy-orgasm from stimulation in those regions with nothing more than the use of an erotic finger, or a sensuous strap-on session in her well-lubed sissy pussy with her in the girl's position.

- If your sissy's sissy-gasms are consistently controlled and severely restricted, she will eventually get to the point where your sissy will do just about anything to have her little sissy cummies. You’ll be amazed by what she’ll do for you, including housework and domestic chores. And, the best part is that her little cummies will be just that—little cummies—and will never be fully satisfying, always leaving your sissy wanting more and keeping her in a continuous horny and obedient sissy state for your use and enjoyment.

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