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The Bridge Game

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 3:25 pm
by KittensBoyToy
My first attempt at writing anything in a long time. Hope you all enjoy it and I welcome comments.

The Bridge Game

My day started like any Tuesday. I woke up, got my coffee and settled in to check email and the forums on my computer before my wife got up. As soon as I see her come out of the bedroom I log out and go in the kitchen to get her morning coffee.

I take her coffee to her and sit down across the table from her. As usual she is in her nightgown and robe while I am naked except for HER cage. I asked why she was up earlier than usual and she said the phone woke her. One of her girlfriends called to say she couldn't host their weekly bridge game at her house and asked if it could be moved here. Of course my wife said that wouldn't be a problem.

I was told to make sure the living room and dining room were clean and straightened up and the cards were out. After that I went in to make the bed and tidy the bedroom. Mistress came in to get dressed, giving me her nightgown and telling me I needed to start the laundry. When she came out I had the first load going. Mistress sat down to her second cup of coffee and started making a list that I assumed was either a shopping list of some special chores for me today. My first was guess was right and I was told to get dressed and go to the store.

The list contained a variety of wines along with various cheeses and crackers. I thought this was unusual for an afternoon card game but it is not for me to question Mistress. After I returned and put the wines and cheeses in the refrigerator I was told to make a fresh pot of coffee and make sure there was a selection of sodas available.

That is when my day changed. Mistress said she had told the girls she had a surprise for them the next time the game was at our house. The surprise, I was informed, was that they would be served during the game and for the afternoon by me. Furthermore I was to be in my normal house attire...naked except for my Jail Bird. Several of our friends, especially Mistress' girl friends, know we have a Female Led Relationship and a few had also been told about my being chaste. This would be the first time any of them had seen me naked.

After stripping and folding my clothes I returned to finish getting things ready for the game. Coffee cups, napkins and spoons were set at each place at the table. I was then told to prepare a plate of cheese and crackers for later. Once done with that I started to take the ironing board to the bedroom. Mistress stopped me and said I should set it up in the corner of the living room so I would be close at hand to take care of them without having to be called. I did as I was told before putting the first load of clothes in the dryer and starting a second load.

As I was getting the iron plugged in and ready the doorbell rang. I looked at Mistress sitting at the table and she simply pointed to the door. I opened the door and stood aside for Vicky and Linda to enter. Both looked me up and down, concentrating on my cage, and Vicky said, “You must be our surprise”. “Yes, Ma'am” I replied as I took their coats and hung them in the closet. To my surprise, neither looked particularly shocked or surprised by my being nude. I followed as they joined Mistress at the table and poured their coffee. As I was putting the carafe back in the kitchen the bell rang again. This time there was no hesitation before I answered it and greeted Sue. After I had hung her coat up she grinned and turned me around indicating that I was to walk in front of her. As we went to the dining room I could feel her eyes looking me over from behind. She sat in the empty chair, pushed the cup aside and asked if we had any Dr Pepper. I simply nodded, picked up the cup and poured her drink into a glass before serving it to her. As they started to play Bridge Mistress said if they needed refills all they had to do was tell me to get it for them. For the next two hours I finished the laundry, ironing the pieces that needed it, keeping an eye on the game to make sure the girls drinks were taken care of without them having to tell me.

(More to come)

Re: The Bridge Game

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 7:29 am
by happilylockedman
Hi Kitten's Boy Toy,

A good start. I'm eager to see what 'the girls' will want you to do or what they will want to do to you.

So many possibilities! H-m-m-m, a bare ass. Is there a paddle in its future? :D

Re: The Bridge Game

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 2:59 pm
by KittensBoyToy
Part 2

After the game ended the ladies all retired to the living room. I asked each their preference for wine, poured the four glasses and served them on a silver tray. I then made the rounds again with the cheese platter, taking each of them a plate and napkin. As they started to talk I made myself busy by cleaning up the table from the card game and washing the cups and glasses. I took down and put away the ironing board then knelt to the side to serve more wine or snacks as they were needed.

Very soon I became the main subject of discussion. A lot of questions were asked about how our relationship worked. They were all amused by the fact that I kept addressing my wife as Mistress since in public I always used her name. Mistress looked at me and said her guests deserved the same respect and I was to refer to them as Miss Linda, Miss Vicky, and Miss Sue any time they were in our home.

Of course they all wanted to know more about the chastity device. “How long has he been wearing it?” “Three years.” “When does it come off?” “Only when I want access to MY cock.” “Does it hurt?” “No, but it can be uncomfortable for him at times.” “How does he get an erection?” “He doesn't, that's the purpose of it.” As the questions were being asked Mistress ordered me to present my self to each of the girls for closer examination. As they chatted I stood before Miss Linda, Miss Vicky and Miss Sue in turn with my hands behind my back as they lifted and turned my cage. Miss Vicky also examined my balls, pulling the sac, squeezing them gently and running her fingernails over them. My reaction by attempting to get hard seemed to please her. As I stepped from her to Miss Sue she slapped my ass hard enough that I was sure there would be a hand print. Mistress had a mischievous grin when she told Miss Vicky not to do that.

After Miss Sue finished her examination and the 'Show and Tell' was finished I moved to Mistress' chair and knelt beside her. The next question came from Miss Linda. “Is he always this docile and obedient?” ”Usually, but not always.” I dreaded the one I knew was coming next. “How do you keep him in line?” Rather that a direct answer Mistress touched my shoulder and whispered in my ear to go get her paddles. They all watched me get up and start down the hall to our bedroom. The giggles and gasps were audible when I returned carrying several different instruments. I handed them all to Mistress and again knelt by her side as she showed each one to the girls. When she stood up I started to rise but was told to stay. Mistress walked over to each of her friends and presented each of them one of the paddles. The plastic paddle, wood paddle, and hair brush were all now in different hands. Only the cat-o-nine tails and her favorite, a wooden spatula with a heart cut into it, were kept by Mistress. She explained that the 'cat' could do too much damage if not used right and that she kept the spatula simply because she preferred it over the others. She then told them they had her permission to use the instruments on my ass if, for the rest of the afternoon, they were not satisfied with my service. I could see the glint appear in each eye at hearing that.

Mistress remarked that almost all the glasses were nearly empty and I should have been more attentive to my duties. As I stepped past her to retrieve the wine bottles I received 2 hard whacks to speed me on my way. I returned and filled Mistress' glass and again felt her spatula. This time she said it was for not taking care of her guests first. As I took care of each of the ladies I was hit by all three for not taking care of them first. For the rest of the afternoon the girls made a game of making multiple demands for service knowing I could not fill every request at the same time. This provided ample opportunities for them to abuse my ass. The blows got harder as they drank more wine and gained more confidence but still nothing I couldn't easily tolerate. The hits came close enough together that burning and redness were constant.

Still more to come...

Re: The Bridge Game

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:46 pm
by KittensBoyToy

When the subject turned to sex Mistress told them it was all about her pleasure. I was, she explained, only allowed to penetrate her when she desired and I was not allowed to climax even then without her permission. Other times I would use a vibrator, dildo or strap on depending on her mood. With a hint of pride in her voice she also said I had become very adept at pleasing her orally. She ask if anyone would like a demonstration of my improved oral skills. When Miss Vicky and Miss Sue said yes a stool was moved o the center of the room. Mistress said it would not be appropriate for me to see her friends nude bodies. To that end I was blindfolded and then, to keep me from cheating, my hands were cuffed behind me. I was placed on my knees in front of the stool and proudly took both ladies to several orgasms. Miss Linda, after watching the other two, decided she wanted my attention after all and took her place on the stool. I decided to make her glad she decided to accept Mistress' offer with some extra effort. I started softly and gentle with her building slowly toward orgasm twice before I backed off just enough to keep her on the edge but not quite get there. As she approached orgasm for the third time she lost all abandon and grabbed my hair, pulling my mouth tight against her pussy. I got much more aggressive and quickly pushed her over the top two times until she was screaming with delight and squeezing my head with her thighs. After Miss Linda calmed down and they had all rearranged their clothing I was released and the blindfold removed. As I charged each glass, this time without any use of the paddles or hair brush, Mistress made note of the knot behind my base ring from a stifled erection.

As the afternoon was winding down Mistress said I need to be punished for my obvious enjoyment while servicing her friends. I was pulled across the table with my wrists and ankles secured to the corners. Mistress invited each of the girls to give me 10 swats with the instrument of their choice from the three she had given them, telling them this was punishment and not to hold back. All three accepted and Miss Sue and Miss Linda both chose the hairbrush. They were told that because of the size of the impact area of the brush it should be 10 to each cheek. Miss Vicky chose the wooden paddle and certainly didn't hold back. It took every ounce of effort I could muster not to burst into tears by the time she landed her tenth blow. As they all watched from behind, Mistress took up her position and landed 10 hard blows of the spatula on each cheek. I was sure from the force she was using her intent was to raise little heart shaped welts. I was also confident she had been successful and my tears were flowing freely by the time she was done.

The women talked a little more while I was left to calm down. It was decide unanimously that the site of the weekly Bridge game would no longer rotate but would always be at our house. They also decided that the other two players that filled in from time to time should be invited even if all four of them were going to be there. Once these decisions, and my future fate on Tuesdays, had been decided I was released to help each of them with their coats and hold the door for them. Once we were alone and I had finished cleaning up Mistress said how proud she was of me and soothed my sore ass with a lotion massage.

Mistress announced one more change after everyone left. I was told that instead of answering the door as they arrived I was to meet the ladies in the drive way, open the car doors for them and escort them into the house...sans any clothing of course!

Re: The Bridge Game

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:35 pm
by Orgasm_Denial
Do you have more of that?

Re: The Bridge Game

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 7:36 pm
by KittensBoyToy
Thanks for the compliment but nothing in the works right now.