The Gallows

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The Gallows

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Alan drove slowly around the old industrial building, desperate to know what was inside. His palms were moist and he was aware of how hard his heart was beating. He parked and walked slowly around the corner, towards the red door, dragging his hand against the coarse brick. He rang the bell, looked up into the security camera and introduced himself. He was buzzed in. The heavy door shut slowly with a solid thud. He had dreamed about this moment for a long time. He was about to meet the woman who calls herself “the Hangwoman.”

It took his eyes a few moments to adjust from the bright sunshine outside to the relative darkness of the room he was in. Mistress Elektra was standing there, tall and glorious in her leather attire. Alan first noticed her figure; full womanly hips and a narrow waist. Her full breasts were almost spilling out, as though tempting him to touch them. He wouldn’t dare, of course. He knew he shouldn’t even look. She walked towards him on thigh high boots, the stiletto heels tapping on the floor. She looked like a goddess to Alan.

“Congratulations, you made it here”. Her voice was smooth, strong and confident.

“Thank you, Mistress. I really appreciate your willingness to see me.”

“Put the tribute in this bowl.”

“Take off your clothes, everything. Fold them neatly and put them on the floor.”

“Sit on that chair.”

Alan saw a sturdy armchair with many straps attached to it. He quickly complied; her voice expected obedience.

“Fasten the straps around your thighs. Good. Now buckle the strap across your chest.”

Ms. Elektra went behind the chair and secured Alan’s upper arms to the chair. As she did this she leaned over, brushing her breast against Alan’s smoothly shaved cheek. Her long black hair cascaded over his chest. She permitted Alan to touch his cheek to her breast. He savored the softness as he breathed in her perfume. She strapped down his forearms and then moved in front of him to secure his ankles. Alan’s penis got harder with every strap that was fastened. As she fastened his ankles she bent low, giving him a view of her breasts almost to her nipples. He tried to lean towards her but was held firmly by the straps.

Ms. Elektra sat directly in front of Alan, with a crop on her lap.

“Now we can talk. Tell me why you’re here Alan. Look me right in my eyes, don’t look away. Take all the time you want; I want to understand you. I’m recording this on video.”

Ms. Elektra knew why he was there. She required all her potential clients to write what they wanted to do, in detail, but she wanted him to tell her to her face. She knew that would be more meaningful for him. When Alan started to talk he looked down. Ms. Elektra lifted his chin with the crop.

“Look at me.” She ordered.

“I started hanging and strangling myself when I was a kid. I had a lot of close calls. I don’t know how I survived; just dumb luck, I guess. I remember the first time I saw a hanging scene in a movie. ‘Witches’ were being hung and I just stared at them hanging there with their feet twitching, struggling to touch the ground. I imagined that it was me up there, hanging. It was so exciting. I couldn’t wait to try it on myself.

Alan looked at Mistress Elektra with a question on his face. Should he continue?

“You’re doing very well. Please go on.”

Mistress Elektra listened attentively, sometimes asking questions but not interrupting Alan’s narrative.

“I like to imagine that a beautiful woman is doing this to me. My elegant, sensuous dream lady loves to get me hot sexually. She also loves to exert her power over me by whipping and hanging me. I just love the way my dream lady blends sex and power and hanging. I don’t want to really die and my dream lady manages to keep me alive even though she hangs me.”

“How does she hang you?”

“The way I dream it she firmly but lovingly ties my hands behind me and then, maybe, caresses my cock and balls. Then, sometimes, she takes me over her lap and spanks me, letting her hand wander down between my ass cheeks. She doesn’t do these things to me mechanically and for sure not in a ‘mean’ way. The spanking over, she leads me to her gallows. When I am in position she ties my knees together. She places her noose around my neck and adjusts it so it won’t crush my Adam’s apple. After all, she doesn’t want to hurt me! Then she takes up the slack in the rope. I have to stand on my tip toes. She ties off the rope so she has both hands free and lovingly strokes my face, my chest, my cock. She says how much she loves me and gives an extra tug on the rope. I can’t move an inch. I can only receive her loving, harsh attention, totally in her power.”

“Is that where it ends, in your fantasy?”

“No, when she gets tired of this she unties the end of the rope and slowly pulls. I gasp as my air is cut off and the blood to my brain is constricted. She lets me struggle until I black out and then she lowers me down. I lay there, still bound, my mind spinning and buzzing. She lies next to me kissing and caressing me and telling me how much she loves me and what a good man I am.

“Sometimes I imagine that she totally suspends me in the noose. I fantasize about the intense experience that must be, what the pain of the rope must be like. It scares me but, I got to say, I’m drawn to it too.

“Ms. Elektra, you’re the first person, the only person, I’ve ever told any of this to. I’ve been ashamed of this my whole life. I’ve been so afraid of what people would think of me.”

He let out a deep sigh and cried softly, not from sadness but from the emotional release he was experiencing.

Ms. Elektra kissed Alan gently on his forehead. Then placing her hands on his neck she kissed him on both cheeks, pausing to lick the salt from his tears. She squeezed his neck, just a little. Alan relaxed to her gentle touch.

“Thank you for sharing your story. I’m not judging you, I understand you. You know, I have your life in my hands. I could kill you now, if I wanted.”

Alan’s penis hardened. Was it from her gentle kisses, her sudden harsh words or the straps that bound him? Or all three? He didn’t know.

He didn’t see it coming when she whipped him across his thighs with her crop, three times, next to the straps. The sudden pain shocked him.

Alan’s mind was in a whirl of intensity. He was whipsawed by the emotions he had opened up by talking about his dream lady, the intense physical feelings of the gentle caresses and now the sudden, harsh whipping. All this was while he was bound to the chair, unable to move.

“Your ‘dream lady’ isn’t here. I control your pain and pleasure. I decide what you get, how much, and when.”

Alan slumped in the chair, held up by the straps. He understood. She was absolutely in charge.

Ms. Elektra fastened cuffs to his wrists and then unbuckled all the straps, except for those on his ankles. She stood him up, holding him with one hand to steady him and clipped his hands behind his back. Only then did she release his ankles.

“Now you’ll get to see my facility.”

She opened another door and led him into a BDSM fairyland. There were bondage chairs, replete with all the straps that could ever be needed. There was suspension equipment, with chains and collars hanging, ready to be used. Whips and paddles were neatly organized on the walls. Finely crafted leather harnesses gleamed. Alan had never been in such a beautiful facility and wanted to run his hands over the equipment but his hands were locked. He imagined how the whips and paddles would feel against his flesh, imagined being bound in the harnesses, imagined the collars locked around his neck with the chains holding him in place.

There, in the center of the space, was the gallows. Ms. Elektra explained that not everyone was fully suspended by their neck. There were many factors that she considered, including the person’s physical build. Sometimes she would use a suspension harness. This permitted her to have the person’s feet off the ground but not all of their weight on their neck. She sometimes used that method because it permitted her to draw out the experience, increasing and decreasing the tension on the neck as she wanted to provide the fullest experience possible for her client. Other times she wouldn’t use a harness but would simply force her client to stand on their tip toes while she did whatever she wanted to them. This could include whipping, caressing, pinching …whatever she wanted, for as long as she wanted.

Make no mistake, Ms. Elektra enjoyed her work. She loved holding her clients’ lives in her hands; she loved the power and she loved the trust they placed in her.

Alan’s eyes were fixed on the noose hanging from the gallows.

“Do you like what you see, Alan?”

“Oh Mistress, this is wonderful.”

Ms. Elektra smiled. She had put a tremendous effort into designing and building her dungeon and she liked for it to be appreciated.

“You’ve seen enough for a while.”

She strapped a blindfold over his eyes and spun him around several times to disorient him. She refastened his wrist cuffs in front of him. Then she picked up a very small collar and buckled it around Alan’s balls and cock. She snapped a light leash to it that she used to lead him around on a sensory tour of the dungeon. Ms. Elektra played with Alan, lightly flicking different whips against his skin, describing the kind of whip it was. On a whim she fastened a heavy steel collar around his neck. She locked the collar to a sturdy ring in the floor with a very short piece of chain, forcing him to kneel.

“Put your ass in the air.”

Ms. Elektra affectionately put her hand on Alan’s back as she stroked his buttocks with a smooth leather paddle. The leather was cool, for the moment. She smiled as Alan moved against the paddle like he would to a lover’s caressing hand, keeping the sensual contact for as long as possible. He gasped when she struck him. Fire seared his ass cheeks as she hit once, twice. He had no idea how many times she would strike. Alan struggled to keep steady against the pain. He did his best to keep still, and not try to evade her blows. He wanted very much to please her. Finally, after hitting him eight times, she paused, put the paddle down and gently stroked the flesh that a moment before she had been tormenting. She spread soothing lotion on his hot, red skin and let her hand drift down between his buttocks. Her wet fingers explored his hairless anal area and then went further, grabbing his cock that was hard with his excitement.

“You seem to like this. Would you like to kiss my breasts?”

“Yes, Mistress, I would love to, if I may.”

Ms. Elektra removed the collar but left the blindfold in place. She knelt next to him, close enough for him to feel her warmth and smell her sweet scent. But she laughed and slapped him hard across his face.

“Not now. Maybe later, if you earn it.”

“Up we go,” as she pulled up on the cock leash and took the blindfold off.

Ms. Elektra led Alan over to a very sturdy chair.


She strapped Alan to the chair, spreading his legs apart and fastening his arms out to either side. He was totally helpless, totally vulnerable.

“This is a special garrote that I designed. Most garrotes are operated from behind. I designed this one so I stand in front, right here. I can look into your eyes as I increase the pressure. Or decrease it, if I want. I’m going to watch your face as I choke the life out of you … or permit you to live. Do you understand the power I have over you, right now?”

Alan nodded, unable to trust his voice.

She looped a wide leather strap around his neck and attached it to a lever apparatus. Standing in front of him she pulled on the lever to see if the neck strap was where she wanted it. The strap tightened around his neck but wasn’t quite right. She adjusted it a little and was satisfied.

Ms. Elektra had all the time in the world. She ran her hands over her captive and pinched his nipples, pleased with Alan’s grunt of pain. She scratched his inside thighs with her nails, leaving satisfying red streaks behind. Then she slowly pulled the lever, tightening the strap around his neck. She pulled the lever a little harder and Alan made a gasping sound. He pulled against his bonds, fearful, trying to escape but helpless.

“You see Alan, You can still breathe. I’m not stopping your air, yet. I’m stopping the blood to your brain.”

Alan felt himself losing consciousness. If he was doing this solo he would have released the strap by now but Ms. Elektra kept the tension on. He panicked but there was nothing he could do. He strained against the straps, trying to free himself but they held firm. When she saw he was about to go unconscious Ms. Elektra released the lever. The pressure was gone, instantly. She gently bit his ear and stroked his cock. The combination of her sensual play and his being in a semi-conscious state was delicious. He moaned his pleasure.

“I know you like this, Alan. I’m not half done with you.”

Ms. Elektra pulled on the lever again. As the strap tightened around his neck once again Alan saw her lick her lips, for just a moment. It was then that he understood how much she was enjoying this, how his pain was literally her pleasure.

Then, in the blink of an eye, he was out. Ms. Elektra saw that and released the lever. She held his head up, waiting for him to come back. After about a minute he opened his eyes and tried to move. He couldn’t, of course. The straps held him.

“How was that for you?”

“It was great, I think. My head is still spinning. I was scared. Oh my god, I felt so helpless.”

“You were so helpless. And you still are.”

Ms. Elektra buckled straps with D rings onto each thigh. Then, after unbuckling one arm from the chair she attached the wrist cuff to that thigh strap. Then the other. At no time was he free. She kept him physically bound at all times.

She walked him around a little to clear his head. When she was satisfied that he was fully recovered she walked him to the gallows and placed a noose around his neck. She took up the slack. She had his full attention.

“Alan, I’ve enjoyed our time together but now it’s time for you to die. But first, I’m going to punish you for the bad things you’ve done. You know what they are.”

Alan’s realized that his dream was now his reality. A beautiful lady had his neck in a noose and was going to hang him! His cock was rock hard, with a little spot of wet dripping from its tip.

His wrists were bound but Ms. Elektra wanted to immobilize Alan a bit more. She used a strap to pull his arms back, pulling his useless hands against his sides. She picked out a whip and lashed Alan. She methodically whipped his legs, his back, his buttocks, his chest. Each stroke felt like a red hot wire across his skin but he scarcely moved despite the pain because any movement increased the pressure of the noose on his neck. When she had whipped him enough she stopped. She tightened the rope a little, pulling the noose more firmly against his neck. Alan stood on tip toes, as she knew he would.

“You’re standing very tall. Maybe you can stand a little bit taller”.

She laughed as she increased the pressure on the noose. Alan danced around on his tip toes, trying to escape the rope. His mind was totally focused on the noose that was choking the life out of him. Ms. Elektra stood right in front of Alan as he struggled. She bared her breasts, wanting to feel his trembling, helpless body against hers, loving the knowledge that he had placed his life in her hands. She pulled him against her, feeling his taut muscles straining. She lived for this moment, drinking in the power she had over Alan, power that he had begged her to accept. She wrapped one leg around his thigh, rubbing her sex against it. His thick muscles were almost vibrating with the effort of keeping him alive. She shuddered as she came, humping against his leg that was wet from her excitement.

He could feel her warmth against his skin, could feel her soft breasts against his chest, could feel her hands on his buttocks pulling him against her. He was aware of all this for a minute or two until he weakened. Unable to support himself any longer he stopped struggling, sagged on the noose and passed out, and then he knew no more.

Ms. Elektra quickly lowered him down and loosened the noose. As Alan regained consciousness the first thing he was aware of, besides the roaring inside his head, was that Ms. Elektra was hugging him and gently caressing his face.

“You did really well Alan. You did really well.”

Alan cuddled against her, content that he had pleased Mistress Elektra. His Mistress.
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