The Misunderstanding

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The Misunderstanding

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Dear Reader, comments, especially positive comments, fuel my fingers on the keyboard as I write more stories.More comments help ensure more stories.

Phil cinched the rope tied around his knees, immobilizing them. He always loved the first rope, the beginning of the process. Next he wrapped another rope around his ankles and cinched that as well, leaving an extra 6’ of rope. He could just wiggle his feet, no more. He passed the end of the 6’ section of rope through a D ring on the wide leather collar he was wearing, pulling his head towards his feet. He couldn’t straighten out. Phil then passed his arms through a loop of rope behind him that he had prepared beforehand. The last two things to do were the blindfold, which he slipped on. He couldn’t see. Then his hands. He was wearing smooth leather cuffs on his wrists. One had a short piece of rope with a snap attached to it. The very last thing to do was to reach over with his right hand, straining against the loop of rope behind him, and fasten the snap onto the ring of his left cuff. When he did that he would be totally bound, just how he liked to be. He pulled against the rope, snapped it on and he was done. He couldn’t move his hands. Phil relaxed into his bondage, luxuriating in the compression and feeling of helplessness in the darkness provided by the blindfold. He rolled a little on his bed, testing, pulling against his bonds. He loved the strength of the rope; he was strong but the ropes were stronger. His bondage was good; he was helpless. He would lie there, bound on the bed, straining against the ropes until she decided to release him. That is, If she decided to release him. She might not. She might leave him there, helpless.

He knew he wasn’t really helpless. When he wanted to get out he would unsnap his wrist and reverse the process. This was as close as he could get to the real thing alone. He often fantasized about what it would be like to be tied by someone else. She would be a woman, a sexy woman, a strong, sexy commanding woman who would force him into total helplessness and then tease him sexually, hurt him and soothe him. He would be the sole focus of her attention as she played with his penis and balls, ultimately masturbating him to a powerful orgasm. She would then release him and hold him tight like a baby. Phil dreamed his dream as he lay on the carpeted floor.

He knew exactly what he wanted her to do.

He didn’t have a clue what would happen next if his fantasy ever came to life. He had fantasized about “his woman” for such a long time; he no longer held out any hope that she would ever be real.

He felt terribly awkward around women. He never knew what to say to them or how to say it.
Sometimes, when he was thinking about his situation, he would describe himself as a loner. It sounded more romantic than lonely. But however he described himself he was alone.
Mary looked at herself naked in the mirror. She posed for herself, trying to look like the seductive, sexy women in magazines. She was ready for her evening. She first put in her ball gag, tucking the strap under her pony tail as she tightened it. She had leather collars on her legs, at the very top of her thighs. Her wrists had cuffs with snaps on them. She snapped each wrist onto the leg collar closest to it. Then, with one hand, she held the end of a long rope that was tied with a thread to a door at the other end of her long room. She slowly turned, while maintaining tension on the rope. It enveloped her as she wrapped herself, turn by turn. When she got to the very end she was tightly bound, like a fly in a spider’s web cocooned for a future meal. She had sewn a piece of Velcro to the end of the rope and to the mating piece of Velcro to the rope a few feet up. When she broke the thread that had held the rope it stuck to itself, held by the velcro. Her plan for her eventual escape was to catch the rope onto a metal hook she had attached to the wall. The hook was to pull the Velcro apart, releasing the rope that would then fall to her feet. But that wouldn’t be for a long time.

Mary tried to move her arms. They were held firmly at her sides. She could just wiggle her fingers, nothing more. Her gag prevented her from speaking; she could only make little moaning sounds. Not that she wanted to say anything. There was no one in her apartment; she lived alone. She was delighted with her plan so far. She loved the feeling of the rope. She loved the squeeze; it felt like a hug that wouldn’t stop. She walked around the room. She closed her eyes, wishing she had a blindfold on; she would do that next time. She fantasized herself as the prisoner of a handsome man in a remote mansion. He would be ruthless, a strong man who had captured her and would use her for his pleasure when he wanted. He would put her in bondage to break her will. The thoughts made her wet. Mmmm. She would struggle against him but he would force her. He would grow to love her. She would love him as he continued to dominate her. Or because he continued to dominate her. The thought of being helplessly bound as his strong hands fondled her was delicious.

Mary stumbled over a shoe. She fell heavily to the floor, unable to break her fall with her hands. She lay there, stunned, breathing heavily. This wasn’t in the plan. She rolled over to the bed, tried to push herself up with her feet but her feet slipped on the floor. She fell to the floor again, landing hard on her hip. She needed sneakers on her feet. She rolled over to where she had left hers and managed to get her left one on, then her right. She pushed herself back to the bed and this time managed to get up onto it. She lay there, panting from the exertion and also fear. She knew she was on her own; nobody was coming who would help her. After resting a few minutes she was able to slide off the bed onto her feet and to walk over to the hook. The hook undid the Velcro as she had planned! She was able to wriggle out of the rope, unclip her hands, remove the wrist cuffs and leg collars and, finally, the gag.

Mary looked at herself in the mirror again. She wasn’t the sexy thing she saw in the mirror earlier in the evening. She was disheveled; her hair was a mess, her torso bruised by her falls and marked by the rope. She needed a shower and she needed to think.

As the water cascaded down her she thought about her experience. Normally at this time she would masturbate but tonight’s misadventure took her out of the mood. She loved the feeling of bondage and loved her fantasy but she had had a narrow escape. She had been lucky. Things could have gone differently. She could have died in her apartment and no one would have known.

She decided on a plan. She was a modern woman, this was 2001. She composed an ad to go into the back of the local handout paper, where the raunchy classified ads go.

It read: “Adventurous woman wants to tie one on. If you know your way around cordage be in touch”
She waited.
Phil was at the laundromat doing his bi-weekly laundry. He picked up the local rag while his clothes were in the washing machine and looked at the back where the personal ads were. He scanned down; he always looked at the ads although he never responded to any. He read Mary’s ad. He read it again. And again. She was talking to him. His mental fantasy machine went into high gear. She would be the one. She would be his dominant lady! When he got home he immediately composed a response.

“Adventurous man knows his knots. Are you the woman who wants to tie one on?” He included his name and phone number, put it into an envelope and sent it off to the newspaper who would forward it to the advertiser, Mary.

He waited.

May got only one response to her ad, from a man named Phil. She wasn’t sure how to interpret his short message but she got her courage up and dialed his number.

He answered on the second ring.

“Hello is this Phil?” she asked.

“Yes, who is this?” he answered

She hesitated but pushed on “My name is Mary and I put an ad into the paper. Are you the one who answered my ad?”

“Yes, I am. I’m so glad you called back.”

There was silence on the line; neither of them knew what to say. Phil spoke first

“This is hard for me on the phone. Do you think maybe we could meet at a café and talk about our mutual interests?”

Mary thought that was reasonable. They agreed to meet at a quiet place near where both of them worked. They described themselves so they would recognize each other.

When they met Phil spoke first, commenting on the weather. It was a beautiful day, warm for the season, maybe it would rain next week. Mary agreed that, yes, it was a beautiful day and, yes, it was warm. She delicately shifted the conversation to her ad, saying that she was hoping to find a man who shared her “restrained interests”. Phil appreciated her bringing up the subject of why they were together in the café and replied that he had wanted to find a compatible woman with whom he could explore the joys of rope work. Neither of them was comfortable speaking at any length about what they wanted to do so they smiled happily at each other and didn’t offer or ask for more information. They were both relieved that the awkward part of the conversation was out of the way. Each was very happy to have found someone to enjoy their passion with. Mary agreed to come to Phil’s apartment the following evening. “Just to talk.”
Phil was beside himself with excitement. He cleaned every inch of his apartment. He bought a bottle of good wine. Actually two bottles, one red and one white, not knowing what Mary might like to drink. He neatly arranged his extensive collection of bondage equipment in its box. He bought flowers and put them into a vase. Finally the doorbell rang. He welcomed Mary in, took her coat, offered her a seat, and asked her if she’d like a glass of wine. She accepted the seat but declined the wine.

They were both very nervous. Mary, in line with her fantasies, was expecting Phil to roughly order her to strip. In a loving way, of course. Or maybe he wouldn’t speak but would hold her hands behind her with one hand and kiss her possessively while fondling her with his other hand.

She waited.

Phil expected Mary to order him, perhaps, to kneel at her feet or maybe she would slap him to establish her dominance. Or she would speak to him in a commanding voice.

He waited.

Finally Phil couldn’t stand the suspense. He asked Mary if she would like to see his collection of bondage equipment.

“Absolutely” she replied. She admired the rope and the chains and the cuffs and the collars and the riding crop. Phil gently asked if she would like to try the equipment out.

“Finally,” she thought. “Sure, where do you want me to be? Do you want me to stand or to lie down?”
Phil was confused. How would she tie him up if she was lying down? She certainly wasn’t taking charge like he expected her to.

Phil asked, “Which rope do you want to use first on me?”

Confusion clouded Mary’s face. “On you? You’re going to tie me up! Aren’t you?”

They stared at each other. “Oh Oh. I think there’s been a big misunderstanding” Phil said.

He slumped down on a chair. He realized what had happened. Mary did too. They were both terribly disappointed and terribly embarrassed.

Phil spoke first. “I’m so sorry. When I read your ad I thought you were looking for a man who you would tie up.”

“I understand” said Mary. “I was looking for man to tie me up. You seem like a nice guy, though. Can we talk?”

“Oh yes, I’d like to” said Phil.

They sat together for several hours, sharing the bottle of red wine. Bit by bit they opened up to each other. Each spoke more and more openly about what they did in private, what they enjoyed about it, what their hopes had been for the meeting they had with each other. This was the first time that either of them had voiced to another person what their passions drove them to do in private. They each found it very ‘releasing’ to be able to express these hidden, secret longings. Their shame had driven each into hiding and it felt really good to come out from the shadows. Finally, Mary observed how very similar they were to each other. She shyly suggested that maybe they could experiment a little with each other. She hastened to add that she knew that, of course, she wasn’t the dominant female that Phil was longing for and he wasn’t the dominant male that she was longing for, but still …

Phil considered for a moment and shyly agreed, “Sure, we could do that. Who goes first?”
When Mary had first gone to Phil’s apartment her judgement had been clouded by desire. She had so wanted to be bound that she hadn’t stopped to think about safety considerations. Although she had a good feeling about Phil she felt more cautious than before. She said, “I’ll tie you.”

She asked Phil to take off his shirt, shoes and socks but to leave on his T shirt and pants. Mary picked up a short piece of rope and asked Phil to put his hands behind his back. Mary had learned knot tying as a Girl Scout and was, of course, very experienced tying herself up. She skillfully tied his wrists together and then added a second rope, gently pulling his elbows together. Tying someone other than herself was a very new experience for her. As she tied him she was visualizing herself being bound. She did to him what she would like to have done to herself. She kind of liked it.

She glanced down and saw a bulge in his crotch. “Why Phil” she smiled, “I think you’re enjoying this.”
He was embarrassed by his erection. “Um-m, I’m sorry.”

“Phil, that’s OK. I’m kind of glad you’re enjoying it. I mean, I know that I’m not the woman you’ve been with in your fantasies.”

“No, you’re not, but I’m really enjoying being with you, and what you’re doing is great!”

Emboldened, Mary reached down and gently squeezed Phil’s bulge through his clothes. He moaned in a contented way. She directed Phil to sit on his bed and proceeded to tie his knees together and then his ankles. He tried the ropes, pulling this way and that. He couldn’t move. He was truly bound, without hope of escape. To enhance his experience Mary wrapped his chest and arms around and around with a long rope, compressing him a little more with each loop. She lay Phil down on the bed and left him alone for a while to enjoy his predicament.

Mary playfully pointed out that she could just leave him here, alone. She asked him how long he thought it would be until someone found him. Especially if she gagged him.
Phil knew she was just kidding. He thought she was kidding. He hoped she was kidding because it would be a long, long time until someone thought to look for him. Mary rummaged in Phil’s “bondage box” and found a gag. How interesting! She picked it up, showed him, saw the concern on his face and decided to put it on him.

“Open up” she said playfully, as she pushed it in and strapped it behind his head.
Mary found a blindfold in the box and decided to go all the way. She put it on Phil. He was now completely at her mercy.

Phil was fortunate. Merciful she was.

Twenty minutes later she was getting kind of bored and decided to release Phil. She reversed the process and ended with untying his wrists. He just lay there, breathing hard.

“So, how was it for you?” she asked.

“It was great! Thank you so much. You surprised me. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

“I surprised myself,” admitted Mary with a shy smile.

Two days later Phil’s doorbell rang again. Mary was back. They had agreed that she would return for Phil to return the favor; he would tie her up. Since she had tied him up she felt more comfortable with the prospect of being bound in Phil’s apartment. She was sort of looking forward to it. More than ‘sort of’, she was eagerly hoping it would be a good experience. Her concern was that since she had been living with her fantasies for so long anything she did with Phil would disappoint her. After all, he wasn’t the strong, dominant man of her dreams.

When she came in they hugged, awkwardly. They still hadn’t figured out what their relationship was. They made small talk for a few minutes until Phil asked her if she’d like to get started.

“Sure,” she replied.

“Take off as much as you’re comfortable”

Mary was wearing a blouse and slacks. She took off her shoes, looked at him, and said she was ready. Phil tied her left wrist to her left upper leg and her right wrist to her right upper leg, cinching each tie tightly. He then used a long rope to tie her arms against her torso. He tightened each loop as he placed it around her. Each loop of rope made it harder and harder for her to move her arms until they were completely immobilized. Phil wrapped the rope from the level of her crotch, loop by loop, until it was just below her breasts. The rope forced her breasts up, like a push up bra. He stood back, admiring his work. He picked up a large mirror and held it so Mary could see herself. She posed like she had for herself when she was alone, but posing with Phil watching was far better. His looking at her, bound, was very exciting for Mary. Phil then spread her legs apart, binding them to a spreader bar. Mary felt vulnerable and felt a little chill of apprehension. She was definitely his prisoner. Could she trust him?

Phil helped her totter over to his bed and lay her down. She wriggled around, testing the bonds, trying to see if she could possible free herself. No, she couldn’t. Phil left her alone for a while.
Five minutes later Phil came to the bed and tentatively touched her breast. She smiled at his gentle touch. As he stroked it her nipple hardened under his hand. She gasped as he flicked it back and forth. She moved towards him slightly, pushing her breast against his hand.

“Is this OK?” he asked

“Mmmm” she nodded.

He reached down, touching her gently between her legs. It felt like Phil’s fingers were little vibrators. Mary felt herself melting to his touch. She strained against the ropes. Their tension made her pleasure all the greater. She didn’t want him to stop.

“Is this OK?” Again, she nodded, not trusting her voice.
Phil alternated between her breasts and her pussy. He undid her pants as much as he could and slid his hand down, stroking the smooth fabric of her panties. He thought she was close to an orgasm when he stopped. He took his hands away and stepped away. She looked at him imploringly.

“Please” she moaned. “Please finish”

Phil smiled and came back. He reached under her panties and let his hand drift over her soft pussy hair, just barely touching it. He put his middle finger on her cleft and pushed ever so gently. Her lips opened and his finger entered her warm wetness. Phil penetrated her, feeling the walls of her vagina contracting on his finger as he found her especially sensitive spots. Her hips rose and fell, he timed his finger movements to hers until she arched her back and came in series of shudders. When she was still he withdrew his hand and gave her a few minutes to herself until he untied her ropes. They hugged, for real this time, and agreed that although neither one of them was the one they had been waiting for they had something special going on.

Phil and Mary continued to see each other. And they continued to switch bondage roles. As time passed they each developed a level of empathy for the other. When Phil was tying Mary he enjoyed topping her. It was almost like he experienced her pleasure in bondage as she was enjoying it. He introduced spanking into their activities; it was something that he wanted so he assumed Mary would like it too. He was right. She did like being hand spanked. Not too hard but hard enough to leave marks. Mary continued to prefer being bound but when she was tying Phil she got into it wholeheartedly. Sometimes she would daydream at work about different positions to tie him into and then realize that she would prefer to be tied that way herself.

There was one thing she liked doing to him that couldn’t be done to her. She explored cock bondage, finding many inventive ways to tie his balls and his cock, alone or together. Once they were tied the most natural thing was to tease him. One time Mary had Phil’s hands and arms securely bound behind him. Mary picked up a ten foot long piece of thin rope and had Phil hold one end in his mouth. Holding his cock up and out of the way she started wrapping his balls with the rope. Starting at the top, closest to the cock, she wrapped his ball sack, neatly circling the tender flesh. Each wrap squeezed the sack a little more and after ten wraps his balls had nowhere to go; they were so tightly bound within their sack that movement was impossible. Mary tied off her ball wrap and moved on to his cock. She took the end that Phil was holding in his mouth and wiped the saliva off on his cheek. Circle the cock, tuck under and pull tight. Circle the cock, tuck under and pull tight. She repeated this twelve times until Phil’s cock was bound as tightly as his balls. She still had about five feet of rope left and did a final tie around the base of both his cock and his balls. She gave a sharp tug on it; it felt very secure. Mary put what was remaining of the rope back into his mouth and ordered him to pull upwards, putting tension of his bound cock and balls. She informed him that the lower he permitted his cock and balls to drop the harder she would strike him with the crop. She slashed his butt to help him understand. The higher he raised them the easier she would be on him. He pulled them as high up as he could and Mary rewarded him with a finger on his asshole. He moaned appreciatively, drool running down his chin.

“If you drop the rope you will become very unhappy very soon.”

Using the crop to guide him Mary had Phil walk around the room. Several times Phil slacked off and received a stinging reminder that left a red welt in its path. When Mary stood in front of him he stopped, of course. He pulled up on the rope as hard as he could, wanting to avoid more ‘reminders’. Mary tapped the insides of his thighs with the crop, spreading them. She put lube on a finger, reached under and penetrated his ass. She used her finger as a hook and pulled him close to her, kissing him on his mouth that was still holding the rope tightly.

Eventually she took pity on him, untied the cock rope and pushed him onto the bed. She grabbed a tube of lotion, lubed him up and started stroking his cock. Her technique had really improved in the months they had been together. She played with the ultra sensitive area just below the head. She kneaded the area between his ass and the base of his penis. Her fingers wandered into his asshole. His cock got harder and harder, he was closer and closer to coming when she stopped. Just stopped. Phil was desperate to come but Mary laughingly said “No”, and left him there, tied up. He was helpless as he lay on the bed, pre cum oozing out.

A few weeks before Phil had bought a small leather paddle. He gave it to Mary, who was a tech person, and asked her how to turn it on, he couldn’t find the switch. She laughed and put it aside. Now she thought of it and retrieved it from a closet. She rolled Phil over onto his stomach, and gave him a tentative little slap with the paddle on his behind. This came as a surprise to Phil; he couldn’t see the paddle but he knew right away what was happening.

“Couldn’t feel it” he said. He wanted more.

Mary slapped harder. This time Phil felt it. It stung. So did the rest of the flurry of hits that came. Phil’s mind was concentrated by the pain. It was a combination of erotic stimulation and pure pain. As Mary was striking him he both hoped she would stop soon and didn’t want her to stop. By the time Mary did stop the spanking Phil’s backside was bright pink. Mary decided to give him a treat. She rolled him onto his back and told him to bend his knees up. She now had access to his cock and his ass. She gently stroked his ass, soothing it after the spanking she had administered, alternating her gentle strokes with pinches between his thighs. She lubed her other hand and started stroking his cock. It didn’t take long. Phil was greatly excited by the combination of the bondage, spanking and hand job. He shot his load all the way up to his shoulders.
After Mary released Phil she held and petted him. They talked about the experience they just had. Mary had enjoyed the power she had over Phil. They both agreed that he had surrendered his power to her and that she had used it well. Phil similarly liked being in control when he bound and spanked her. They looked at each other contentedly. Six months ago neither would have guessed that they would both find the dominant of their dreams and be the dominant of someone else’s dream.
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Re: The Misunderstanding

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Very nice HLM. A very believable story, so keep those fingers on the keyboard.
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Re: The Misunderstanding

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Timing, characters, actions all well done and believable. Easy to visualize. Enjoyed reading your work. Keep it up.
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Re: The Misunderstanding

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Very interesting, enjoyed reading, thanks to the author.
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