Four Friends (Revised & even better!)

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Four Friends (Revised & even better!)

Post by happilylockedman » Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:06 pm

Steve was using the bicep curl machine when the man walked by. Steve glanced at him and noticed the “necklace” he was wearing. Except it wasn’t a necklace; it was a chain, the kind of chain you buy at a hardware store, with a small padlock. This definitely piqued Steve’s interest.

He said “Hi, I’ll be done with this machine in a minute if you want it. I’m Steve, by the way”.

The other man’s name was Alan. When Steve was done with his set he commented that he hadn’t seen Alan at the gym before. Alan replied that he was a regular but he and his wife usually came at a different time. Today they changed their routine and came before work.
Steve casually mentioned the chain, saying it was an unusual necklace. Alan looked a little uncomfortable as he acknowledged that it was. Steve knew it was rude but felt he had to know and asked who had the key. Before Alan responded a woman came next to him and put her arm around his waist possessively. It was Susan, his supervisor at work!

Susan was a trim woman with beautiful curves who looked like she was in her late 30’s. At work she was cordial and efficient. Steve enjoyed working with her but had never had a personal conversation with her. As he looked at her now in her gym clothes she looked even better than usual. He felt the stirrings of an erection but knew it wasn’t going to show because, as usual, he was locked into his cage. The he noticed that Susan was wearing a delicate gold chain with a key hanging on it. He stared. He didn’t mean to but he stared at that key hanging between her breasts. Susan noticed his stare and felt uncomfortable.

“Uh, Steve, you’re staring”, she said.

Alan asked “You know each other?”

“We’re co-workers”, said Susan.

“I’m sorry Susan”, Steve said, “it’s just that … uh, I couldn’t help but notice the key that you’re wearing. It, it looks similar to one that my wife has”.

Her eyes sparkled “Really?”

Steve looked down, embarrassed. This was happening too fast.

“No, actually, I’m sure I’m mistaken”.
Susan reached over and grabbed his arm. She was strong!

“Steve, tell me about your wife’s key” as she looked into his eyes.

Steve surrendered and said that his wife’s key was to the lock on his chastity cage and that he was wearing one now. She smiled broadly as her hand casually brushed against his crotch to confirm what he had said.

“I’d like to meet your wife”, Susan said. “What’s her name?”

Steve had introduced chastity into his marriage three years ago. His wife, Marie, hadn’t been keen on it at first but over the course of several months had come to appreciate how such a simple device had improved their marriage. Now she was enthusiastic about his being caged and enjoyed talking with him about the characteristics of different devices. They had six and Marie liked picking different ones for Steve to wear. It was a secret, of course, but Steve sometimes wondered what it would be like to share that secret with someone else.

That evening Marie was horrified when Steve told her what had happened at the gym.

“No”, she said, “I’m not going to meet her. She and I don’t have anything to talk about”.

Steve said “Honey, do you remember how opposed you were to chastity at first? ... And how you’ve changed your mind? I think this is a similar situation”.

Marie hesitated. “OK, you can invite them over for drinks”.

Next Saturday afternoon Alan and Susan rang their bell. They chatted over wine and cheese until Marie asked Susan if she could talk to her in the kitchen. Once the kitchen door was closed Marie said that Steve had told her about their encounter at the gym and that her private life with Steve was …private. Susan smiled and agreed that was not a problem but she would like to talk about her life with Alan, if that was OK. And that she would like that conversation to take place with the guys, if that was OK. Marie took a deep breath and said OK.

Back in the living room Alan and Steve were talking about the football season when Susan and Marie returned. Susan told Alan that they were going to talk about themselves now and that probably Steve and Marie would just listen. Alan’s demeanor changed as he agreed. He seemed almost obedient.

“We’ve been married for ten years and are really compatible”, Susan said.

It was always important to her to be in charge, she explained, and Alan didn’t mind. In fact he seemed to like her to make the decisions and to tell him what to do. She was always nice about it, never mean. Well, usually not mean. Sometimes Alan got a contrary idea in his head and she had to discipline him to bring him back in line.

“What kind of ideas?” Marie asked.

“Well, for example, he might not want to do the yardwork. Then I might spank him a little”.

Marie was shocked. “Spank him?”

“Well, sure, don’t you sometimes use domestic discipline on Steve?”

“No, I don’t”, replied Marie.

Susan continued, “When I say spank him you have to understand that there are different kinds of spanking. Mine hurt, I’m sure, but I know that Alan appreciates how much I care about him. I know that he wants to please me; the spankings are motivational. When I spank him he understands that I want him to improve his behavior and that I care enough about him to go to the trouble to spank him”.

“Couldn’t you just tell him?” Marie asked.

“I’m sure I could but spanking is so much more immediate and difficult to forget”. “Also”, Susan said with a smile, “I like spanking him. I like having him over my knee and being in control.”

As Susan was talking Alan was looking carefully at Steve and Marie. He wanted to see how they would react, with shock or with interest. He saw interest on Steve’s face; he wasn’t sure how to interpret Marie.
Marie had heard about all she could take in at one time. She offered her guests more wine and cheese. Susan understood that Marie felt overwhelmed, thanked her for her hospitality and said it really was time to go.

After their guests left Steve and Marie turned to each other.

“That was intense”, said Steve, “Can you imagine spanking me?”

“Well, sometimes you frustrate me and I don’t seem to be able to get you to see how right I am. I wonder if a spanking would help convince you”. Marie was smiling as she said that.
Steve felt sure she was kidding.
Next Monday at work Steve greeted Susan as usual but, not surprisingly, there was an extra something going on between them.

In a low voice Susan asked “Are you wearing?”

“Of course”, said Steve, “I always do”.

Susan smiled and walked away. Steve wondered how this was going to affect their work life together.
Susan invited Steve and Marie to their house the following Saturday. They exchanged some awkward small talk until Susan, being the take charge woman that she was turned to Marie and asked her what kind of device Steve was wearing right now. Marie colored a little but responded, saying he was wearing a nylon Custom Chastity device. Susan asked Marie if she could see it. Steve was a little shocked as Marie hesitated and then turned to him saying

“Please show Susan your device”.

“Honey …” he said.

“No, pull down your pants and show her”.

Reluctantly he undid his belt, lowered his pants and then his briefs and stood there in front of Susan.
Susan looked at Marie to ask permission and then smiled as she cupped his balls in her hand and poked her finger into the holes.

“It’s so light”, she said.

Steve tried not to get excited but couldn’t help himself. His penis strained against the sides of his cage.
Susan giggled and turned to Alan.

“Alan”, she said, “Please show Marie what you’re wearing today”.

Alan obediently lowered his pants and briefs and stood before Marie in his steel cage.

“Marie dear, go ahead and examine it”, said Susan.
Hesitantly Marie reached out and lifted Alan’s enclosed penis. It felt heavy in its steel cage but it too started to show signs of life. Susan thanked the men and asked Marie to come with her into another room.
When the women had gone Steve and Alan looked at each other.

“Have you ever experienced anything like that before?” asked Steve.

Alan shook his head. “I’ve often wondered about other men who are in chastity but I never met anyone until we met. I participate in some on-line forums but of course everyone is anonymous. This is extraordinary. I feel like my secret is out and I like that”.

“What do you like about wearing a device”? asked Steve.

“I like a lot about it”, Alan responded. “I like the reminder that Susan is in control. I like that I couldn’t masturbate even if I wanted to. I like the feeling of it as I walk around. I’m always aware of my cock and balls in a way that I wasn’t before I was locked”.

Steve agreed that he liked the same things and added that he loved how it kept his focus on Marie and how he loved to keep her happy.

“How about the spanking? What’s up with that?”

“Well, I hope you won’t judge me but I am very comfortable having Susan in charge. Her spanking me reinforces that and that’s fine with me. Actually I appreciate it. To me it means that she cares enough about me to go to the effort”.

Steve said “I understand. Thanks for being so open. It might be hard for you to talk about this with another man. And no, I don’t judge you. I understand. I wish Marie had some of what Susan has. I mean, the thought of being tied up and used sexually is a real turn on for me. I’ve mentioned that to Marie but she doesn’t want to go there. She says that ‘BDSM stuff isn’t for me’. I haven’t pushed it; what we have is great and I don’t want to upset her”.

Steve asked Alan if Susan ever put him into bondage.

Alan said “Sure, you remember the chain I was wearing when we first met? That was just a reminder for me. Susan and I love to play that game. I’m pretty handy and I enjoy fabricating things for her to use on me. Would you like to see some?”

“You bet”, said Steve.

Alan led him to a room at the end of the hall and opened a large chest. It had an assortment of finely made bondage equipment as well as paddles of wood and leather. Steve’s eyes popped out! He had never seen such a collection. Just then Susan and Marie came in. Marie’s jaw dropped when she saw what was in the chest.

Susan said to Alan “Let’s show them how some of this works”.

She took out a leather collar and fastened it around his neck. The collar had five D rings attached to it. Then she buckled wrist cuffs onto each of his wrists and snapped them onto the collars’ D rings. Simple. In just a moment he was bound and helpless. Steve felt a swelling in his cage as he imagined himself in that situation.

Susan must have seen his face because she next said “How about you Steve, want to try?”

He tried to sound casual when he said “Sure, why not”, but he felt flushed with excitement.

Susan said to Marie “How about giving me a hand?” Marie hesitated but agreed.

Marie’s hands were trembling a bit as she buckled a collar around Steve’s neck. Next she attached the wrist cuffs which she snapped together in front of him.

“Marie, let me show you something different”.

Susan took a long strap, passed it through Steve’s arms and around his back. When she tightened it his arms were pulled back snuggly, his hands helpless. Susan and Marie smiled broadly as they looked at their two men.

“Wow said Marie, this is fun”.

“It can get even better”, said Susan. “I’ll show you something else.”

She went back to the Toy Box and pulled out a leash with a small narrow collar on the end. She undid Alan’s pants and briefs which fell to the floor. His penis was bulging in its cage as she fastened the leash collar around his cock and balls, just above the cock ring of his cage. She proceeded pull on the leash and …no surprise, he followed. Apparently he didn’t follow well enough because Susan took a riding crop from the box and playfully hit his butt, urging him to follow her a little better. Alan was grinning as Susan led him around. Marie looked at Steve hungrily. She cradled his caged cock and balls with one hand as she kissed him passionately. Steve returned her kiss, thinking this must be heaven.

When Steve and Marie returned home she turned to him and said

“I think we’re moving too fast. I don’t know where this is going and I don’t know if I want to go there.”

Steve looked at her and replied “I love you and I know you love me. As long as what we do comes from love we’ll be fine. To me what we did today feels good. Better than good. Great. Everyone has many parts, we’ve been exploring parts that usually aren’t let out to play.”

He reached out his arm and Marie snuggled into it. He was still the strong, protective man she knew and loved.
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Re: Four Friends (Revised & even better!)

Post by jfenoffti » Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:34 am

Much better! Keep up the good work.
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Re: Four Friends (Revised & even better!)

Post by locked4her55 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:07 pm

I agree. Will there be more?
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