Aaron and Melissa #1

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Aaron and Melissa #1

Post by happilylockedman » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:18 am

“Honey, I need you to do this.” Aaron trembled as Melissa looked into his eyes. She was holding his face with her two hands so he had to look back at her. “We’ve worked hard for this. This is our moment”. There was urgency in her voice. Aaron nodded his head and looked down. With that assent Melissa continued with her preparations.

Aaron was naked except for his steel chastity cage. Melissa used a thick, well used leather strap to bind his arms to his sides and metal clasps to attach his wrist cuffs to collars at his upper thighs. A second strap pulled his arms back. Posture was important; she used her crop to gently remind him to stand up straight. “OK, now the leash” she gently said as she clipped her leather leash to the ring that was welded onto the ball ring of his cage.

The final item was the blindfold. It was soft leather and fit his face perfectly, blocking out all light and vision. Aaron always felt better when the blindfold went on; he was now in his own private world. When he could see he felt he had some responsibility for himself, even when bound and helpless. Sightless and bound, he surrendered completely to Melissa. He loved the feeling of being completely in her hands.
Melissa surprised Aaron with a soft kiss on his lips. She reassured him that they were well prepared and that she was sure he would do well.

A light came on. It was time. She gave Aaron’s leash a gentle tug and he started walking, following her out the door into the small arena. Five hundred women started cheering. Aaron couldn’t see them but there were four other men being led into the center. This was the final event of obedience school for men. Each of the men and women had worked hard, trying to perfect their technique and showmanship. They were the best but there could be only one winner.

Aaron and Melissa were to go third so she tethered Aaron’s leash to the post that was there for that purpose. The rules required that he wait alone so she gave him an affectionate squeeze on his left buttock and walked away. Now Aaron felt alone and a bit scared. It was different when Melissa was holding his leash. He knew she was there. Now she could be anywhere. She could be far from him; he started to panic and breathe faster. He realized what was happening and caught himself. His training kicked in and he took control of his breathing. His panic subsided.

Melissa had been just a few feet away watching him as he dealt with his fear. She was proud of him for how he had mastered himself and how she had mastered him.

The crowd cheered for the first contestant. He was skilled and was doing well. It would be difficult to beat him and his mistress. Then the second pair went. They were also very good but made a small error that Melissa was sure would cost them points.

Finally! Their turn!

The first event was the obedience trial. Melissa removed Aaron’s leash from the post and unclipped it from the loop on his cage. He was completely untethered but still bound and blindfolded. His job was to follow Melissa’s commands. Exactly. Walk ten steps forward. Stop. Turn right. Stop. Walk backwards five steps. Aaron couldn’t see them but he knew the traps were there, waiting for any error or misstep. If he made a mistake he would fall into a mud trap and have to continue the course covered in slime. Melissa wasn’t permitted to touch him with her hands or her crop. Step by step he went, quickly because he was being timed and if he took too long he would be disqualified. The crowd roared as he entered the circle in the middle. He had completed the first trial. He stood proudly as Melissa came up to him, kissed him and re attached his leash. She stood next to him, maintaining a little pressure with the leash.
The fourth contestant started but got confused and went left when he should have gone right. He fell into the mud, had difficulty getting out and ran out of time.

The final man did very well, striding with confidence, and completed the course in record time.

The mirroring contest was next. When it was their turn Melissa started walking slowly while maintaining gentle pressure on the leash. Aaron had to follow her lead, having only the feeling of the leash to guide him. She turned left, he turned left. She stopped, he stopped. The judges were looking for more than mere obedience. They were looking for a merging of the two people into a single entity. Aaron’s job was to understand what Melissa wanted him to do by the gentlest pressure on his leash. He excelled! It was like he could read her mind.

For the final contest the four remaining men were led up onto the stage and tethered there. Closed circuit TV cameras were focused on each of their genitals. Four men, four mistresses. This was the arousal contest in which the audience was the final judge. The mistresses had two minutes to bring their men to maximum arousal within the confines of their cages. But the rules were No Touching The Genitals. The audience would judge which man was bulging the most from his steel enclosure. The mistresses knew their men intimately, of course, but this was a high pressure situation and it was difficult to know how the men would react.

Melissa felt that Aaron wasn’t focused so she struck his buttocks with her crop once. And then again. That is what was needed. He thought of nothing but her. She pressed her body against him as she gently scratched his lower abdomen with the nails on one hand and caressed his inner buttocks with the other. She explored his ear with her tongue as he bulged in his cage. He felt like he was going to break the cage. The audience was going wild. The bell rang. The contest was over. The audience was asked to vote by cheering for each pair in turn. Number one, number two, number three, number four. Aaron and Melissa got the loudest applause.

They won!

The three other men were led sadly away as Aaron was led to a platform on the stage where he and Melissa were to receive their prize. When they were up there Melissa told Aaron to bend his head so she could remove his blindfold. It was time for him to see. He blinked at the sudden light and was suddenly embarrassed when he saw all the women staring at him. He had been spared that by the blindfold and wanted to bury his face in Melissa’s neck but she wouldn’t permit that.

The head judge approached them with their prize, a beautiful hand made leather collar for Aarons neck. The judge presented it to Melissa who proudly fastened it onto Aaron. She kissed him passionately to raucous applause and led him away.

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Re: Aaron and Melissa #1

Post by mrrigid » Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:07 am

Very arousing! It would be quite a thrill to be paraded around naked like that.
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Re: Aaron and Melissa #1

Post by curiouscaged » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:39 pm

Pretty great story.
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Re: Aaron and Melissa #1

Post by Rachel13 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:49 am

Exciting and interesting story
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