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One step closer Pt.2

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:05 am
by AdoringHerAlways
The morning after I had blindfolded her and fucked her with a sheath on my cock making her think it was someone else she woke up and started stroking me. I asked her if she enjoyed last night as much as I did and she said yes. As her talented hand stroked my erection she took me from 0 to the edge in just a few minutes. She told me her pussy was still sore from his big cock. I said I want this to be your sexual awakening. I'd like it if you were horny for big cock, that you'd get wet at work thinking about it or when you go to the gym next time wondering which stud was yours. Marco and I agreed that I'd be the go-between that when you are ready to be fucked again you tell me and it's my job to contact him and ask him to come service my wife. She said that sounds good, as she continued to edge me with just one single finger working my frenelum. Occaisionally she would put that finger in my mouth allowing me to taste the precum and wet it with my saliva for more lube.

After taking me to the edge several more times and causing me to convulse and beg to come she rolled over onto her back and said, "you need to lick me". It seems as though teasing and denying me has become quite a turn on for her now. In the past she would never be so directive and vocal and I am happy for the change in her demeanor. Unfortuneately she does not sleep nude so I am required to remove her jammies and panties. She says it's like opening a gift. I went down on her starting by slowly fucking her with my tongue. Her arousal was evident by the wetness my tongue found inside. I thought she may be reliving last night's activities. She confirmed it as I heard her begin to moan, "Marco, oh I love your big cock, yes fill me up baby". As her writhing hips started to move that was my que to head north and start slowly circling her clit. Usually it takes her several trips building slowly towards her climax however with last night still very fresh in her mind she came quickly and I held my tongue flat against her as she ground her pussy up and down riding my face calling his name through her peak. Finally she lowered her hips and relaxed and I was still in place against her but not moving. There I stayed until she said, "I'm done", which I hate hearing because it means "we" are done and I must find her panties and jammies and put them back on her. I am always sad when I see her beautiful pussy disappear behind the fabric of her panties as I pull them up her hips. However, it is another reminder that she is in charge. As we get into the spoon position and relax a bit she says, "you got pretty worked up, I think you need to be locked". I had to get up quickly and retrieve my chastity cage before I got too hard because her being so direct is a pleasant departure from our normal routine (I'd like to be locked all the time and she is beginning to warm up to the idea especially on weekends). After getting the device in place I left the key in the lock and the lock undone and she reached over and secured the lock and took the key. "That's much better", she commented, "after all, Marco owns my pussy now so I know you won't be able to stop playing with it thinking about that". got that right I thought. As we settled back into spoon cuddling I made sure to thank her for not letting me come again and for locking me.