Trapped in Chastity, Girls got my keys. No way out!

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Trapped in Chastity, Girls got my keys. No way out!

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Four days ago I got my hands on a CB-6000S and tried it on for the first time. Same day my girl friend was leaving for an two week long Africa safari with her parents so I decided to go there to help her pack and drop them to the airport. For safety I took the keys to my cage apparently with the box in my back pack. By accident she has taken my back pack with her and now she is in Africa with my keys for two weeks.

She called me and asked me to explain what a chastity box with keys are doing in my back pack. I denied knowledge. She said then she will throw away the keys so later told it belongs to a friend of mine, I was stammering. She got so angry at me, she told that she believes that I'm wearing it. I accepted later. She requested that I send some pictures of me wearing it! So I did.

Later she texts me tells me that she loves me so much, and that I will never get my keys back from her because she likes it that way. I explain to her that its my first time wearing such a thing and its really uncomfortable but she says I will have to learn to live with it. She also threatens me that if I disobey her request and remove the cage or try to masturbate she will give those pictures to my friends. I ask her that I need some release from time to time to maintain my health, but she says no such thing will happen and that I am "Trapped in it forever until we have sex after marriage" and that there is to be no discussion about it any further.

I feel so turned on by the set events that I'm trying to stop the pre-cum from staining my pants. Yet the chastity cage has been a bit painful time to time because I have used the smallest base ring (strong pain at erection). I had to stop wearing underwear because its painful when wearing them for a long time. On top of this there are several burning sensations at my ball sack at the base ring (well its not THAT tight). But the only way out now would be to cut the padlock. Which then she doesn't want. I have a funny feeling that I won't be having sex during my honeymoon.
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Re: Trapped in Chastity, Girls got my keys. No way out!

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This could be a great start for a story... especially if she has kinky plans for the wedding!
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