My Dreams - #5

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My Dreams - #5

Post by attentive_husband » Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:14 pm

My wife wants to make love but she had told me I wasn't getting out for another week. So she got up on her hands and knees and had me use a dildo on her from behind as though we were doing it doggie style (one of her favorites).

I can't do that myself for too long, too fast, or to well because the angle is difficult. But kneeling there using the dildo, that I could do very fast and full movement for as long as she wanted. She cums over and over and over yelling that she loves feeling me in her.

She then puts her hand over the end of the dildo when it is fully in her and rolls over on her back. She is shaking with aftershocks and I hold her as she lets the shocks roll on.

She then slowly moves the dildo in and out looking right at me and saying again that she loves feeling me in her. That this was one of the most incredible orgasms she has ever had. She has a blissful look on her face as we stare at each other.

She then looks directly at me and says:
I don't think I ever need you out of that.
What does this mean?
This obviously turned me on as I woke from this dream incredibly turned on. But it is also my greatest fear, what if she gets to the point where I can make her cum harder and more with a dildo than I can with my penis. Then there is no reason for her to let me out.
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