My Dreams - #3

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Re: My Dreams - #3

Post by TwistedMister » Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:54 am

femdomstel wrote:How do you guys feel about drinker her urine by force, i can sometimes talk myself out of it.
But not always.
Mrs. Twisted has done it to me a few times. I have no desire to just do it, it's 'nasty' and there is a certain amount of humiliation involved in being 'used' in that manner...but being *forced* to do it makes me hard as hell...which is more than a little 'embarrassing'.

Mrs. Twisted has some mental blocks, likely created by her repressed Catholic and Greek Orthodox upbringing. Although she has for the most part abandoned religion (and considers herself a 'recovering Catholic') many of the blocks regarding sex remain. Even though she *knows* that she enjoys some 'unusual' activities, her inhibitions sometimes prevent her from enjoying them fully.

However, recognizing my arousal at forced participation in 'unusual' activities, I wanted to explore this further. A while back, for my birthday, Mrs. Twisted agreed to enact a 'fantasy' scenario of my devising, to the best of her ability. So, I created a scene that included this idea as part of it. The scene I wrote had her tying me naked in the bathtub, where she would keep me for some time while she consumed her Sunday morning coffee (a lazy morning in front of the TV). When she needed to pee, instead of using the toilet the script called for her to come to the tub, don a rubber glove and tease me to erection and then deliver a 'golden shower' (an experiment in Pavlovian conditioning to create an arousal response to both rubber gloves urophilia).

I expected that being restrained in a bathtub would be rather uncomfortable, and a little chilly (even with the heat turned up). In fact, I expected that I would be *so* uncomfortable that it would be *necessary* to apply manual stimulation to get me erect. This proved not to be the case. As I expected, having my hands bound behind my back and my ankles bound to the water spout, unable to move or adjust position, resulted in significant discomfort after only a few short minutes. I had specified that she was *not* to release me, no matter how uncomfortable I appeared to be and no matter how much I might complain, until *she* was fully satisfied with the length of this portion of the scene...she had done a very good job with the knots and it soon became clear that I was, in fact, completely helpless- I couldn't move very much at all and it was *impossible* to escape, she could keep me there as long as she wanted and do it as many times as she wanted...and I got a hard-on that just would not go away. Really, it *would not* go away. Manual stimulation was totally unnecessary. I lost track of the number of hours that I was there, and the number of times she 'used' me, more than three hours and at least four or five visits...and I stayed rock-hard the entire time. (And since I had been locked and without orgasm for more than a month at that point, I really, really wanted to do something with it, but I *couldn't touch it, and she *didn't* about frustrating...)

The 'icing on the cake' was her final visit, when she grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her crotch and insisted that I drink. I would have expected that more 'force' would have been needed, but, somehow, some way, I guess between the fact that I [knew I] *was* helpless and couldn't escape, that she had already 'used' me so many times, and that I had been so hard and horny for so long...she was filling my mouth and I was gulping and swallowing before I even thought to protest. (Which certainly says something about the effects of mind-fuckery and submission.)

Then I got another surprise. My raging boner was clear (and somewhat humiliating) evidence that *I* was 'turned-on', but after she was empty she continued holding my head to her crotch and insisted that I eat her out...and she was as wet as I have ever seen her, she was completely 'turned-on' too and reached orgasm in a very short time. Her inhibitions prevent her from admitting just how 'turned-on' she was, but she quite obviously was.

Hmmm, maybe I should turn that event into a story...that wasn't the end of the scene...
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