Chastity Anniversary Surprise Part IV

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Chastity Anniversary Surprise Part IV

Post by carolina cyclist » Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:22 am

Becca could not figure out in her mind what was happening. Yes, she was having a great time! Yes, Dylan had already given her more orgasms in one fucking than she had ever had. Yes, she LOVED Adam and was excited he had embraced tonight’s activities. But she sensed something was amiss. She knew Dylan was the dominant one in his marriage but couldn’t figure out why he was being so nice and downright submissive.

She lovingly stroked Adam’s hair noticing how he had lost himself in the moment. She had moved out from under him and was sitting beside him on the bed. She bent over and whispered in his ear, “Are you sure you are enjoying this and do still LOVE only me?”

“Yes…Princess…Thank….You…” Adam said in between each aggressive thrust by Dylan inside his ass. He felt pre cum oozing from his Steelheart; after all of the mental excitement and that monster cock being driven over his prostrate. Within moments, he felt something similar to an enema but knew it was Dylan’s massive cock depositing cum deep inside him.

Based on Dylan’s moans, Becca knew what was happening so she gently moved Adam’s face to hers and gave him a long passionate kiss. “Again, be nice to our guest and go get him a warm washcloth and a towel. I don’t want to suck on his cock after he has fucked you…” As Adam got up and left the room, Becca grabbed Dylan by the balls.

“That was awesome. I have only had two or three orgasms with Adam inside me in our entire marriage…26 years. I had five or six just now with you in me for 25 minutes!”

“I am glad you enjoyed it, Princess.”

Becca squeezed his balls and gave Dylan a stern look: “What the hell is going on here right now? I mean I thought you wanted to have sex and play with me and Adam…but you are acting like you want to be submissive! And, there is only ONE PERSON that calls me Princess…understand?”

Dylan melted. His inner sub bubbling to the surface. “Yes, Becca or can I call you Mistress?”

Becca liked the sound of that coming from Dylan’s mouth. Adam had tried to call her that in the beginning but it didn’t feel right. “Yes, call me Mistress from now on!”

“I have a present for you in my car, Mistress, if I may be excused to go and get it?”

Becca ordered Dylan to go get his present and sat down on the bed. She was getting wet again from the excitement as the thought of how she was going to play with her submissive husband and her new submissive boytoy the rest of the night…..

Dylan slinked past Adam grabbing the linens out of his hand as he was coming back in the room. Becca looked at Adam and smiled:

“It looks like I have two toys to play with tonight…I could not be more excited! It appears that Dylan wants to be a bit submissive..."
Adam just smiled.

After a brief absence, Dylan returned with a velvet bag in his hand that was jingling. He knelt down in front of her, reached in the bag, and produced a shiny new Steelheart…

“Please lock me up, Mistress?”

Dylan’s cock was still semi hard so she turned to Adam, “Go down and bring up a bag of ice. I want to get Dylan locked up now!” As Adam walked out of the room, she turned to Dylan and ordered him to come clean.

“Mistress, I have been dominant all of my life and with Trent; however, I have this overwhelming desire to be submissive right now. This desire is to owned by a woman. Trent and I have talked about it and we both think it is a great idea. I want to wear my Steelheart for you from the time I leave my house to come for visits until the time I get home. When I am here with you, I am yours to play with as you wish.”

Becca’s mind was racing a thousand miles an hour:

What am I going to do with a submissive husband and boytoy?

How do I keep both of them happy….wait…they have to keep me happy!

I am not sure I can be a domme to someone other than Adam…

Adam came back in the room with a bag of ice and Becca motioned him to set down beside her on the bed. He was unsure of what was happening but his cock was throbbing inside his Steelheart.

“Dylan, where is my key for Adam’s Steelheart?”

“On the nightstand, Mistress” never looking up from the floor.

“Is this how Trent has been taught…never looking his Master in the eyes? Well, that won't do around me. You look at me when I am speaking to you!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Becca leaned back and grabbed Adam’s key from the nightstand. “Standup” she said to Adam. She grabbed the tube of Adam’s Steelheart and pulled him in close. “Looks like you are going to have a little more fun than I thought, Adam”. She inserted the key and removed the lock. Adam’s cock instantly popped the tube off the base ring falling on the bed.

"Let's get our guest all secure, Adam. Give me that ice while you go wash up." Becca took the bag of ice from Adam and ordered Dylan to lay down on the bed. She placed the ice on Dylan's still semi erect cock then climbed on top of him and sat down on the ice...making sure it was fully covering him.

"You are not allowed to touch me, boy!"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I think I am going to really enjoy the rest of this evening...who may stay all weekend at this point."

"May I please stay, Mistress?"

"Of course but you will not only be my will be Adam's sub as well, are we clear?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Adam walked back in and couldn't help but laugh. Here was this monster cock wilting under his Princess' beautiful ass. He couldn't wait to see a Steelheart on someone else.

With Adam returning, the laugh got her attention and she could feel Dylan's cock was now soft enough to get him locked up. "Adam, hand me Dylan's Steelheart get over here and stuff him inside it...I will of course apply the lock" Adam jumped at the chance and enjoyed Dylan squirming as he squeezed his balls through the base ring then stuffed Dylan's meat inside the steel tube. During this, Dylan let out a couple of yelps due to some intentional pinching being inflicted by Adam.

"He is ready for your lock, Princess." Becca walked over and clicked the lock shut.

“Be nice to our guest and get Dylan tied to the bed, Adam. Lock his arms above his heads and then lock his ankles to his wrists….I want his ass exposed.”

Dylan didn’t need any further direction. He put his arms up above his head. Adam cinched Dylan’s wrist to the corners of the bed then took great pleasure rolling him and locking each ankle to a wrist.

“Now isn’t that delicious?” Becca asked stroking Dylan’s balls and inserting a finger in his ass. I think I am going to enjoy this, sliding another finger in Dylan.

“Adam, get over here and return the favor and fuck our guest. I am going to sit here and watch my new Steelheart bite into Dylan's balls as my new lollipop tries to get hard.” Becca sat down beside Dylan as Adam climbed on the bed. She took Adam’s cock and guided it to Dylan’s ass.

Dylan squirmed and let out a huge yelp as Adam’s head passed into his hole. “What’s wrong Dylan…you can fuck a guy but you can’t take a dick yourself?” Becca demanded.

“No, Mistress. I have never been fucked…not even with a dildo” Dylan said between gasp.

“Well Adam, a real treat…you are fucking a virgin…what do you think of that my LOVE?”

Adam looked up and grinned, “it is an awesome chastity anniversary surprise, Princess.”

Adam’s cock was about an inch shorter than Dylan’s but you couldn’t tell that by the way Dylan was thrashing about. He was only about half way inside him when Dylan started begging for it to stop.

“No, there will be no stopping until Adam deposits his 2 months of pent up cum deep inside your virgin ass...or your mouth. Slow down a bit Adam so Dylan’s tight little ass can adjust.” With that, Becca started gently slapping Dylan's balls.

Dylan's cock was now straining against its new prison and his massive balls had drawn up tight turning a wonderful shade of purple. “Dylan, if you cum inside my Steelheart, I will send you home to Trent without a key, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress I understand.”

“Let me guess, you have probably never swallowed cum?” Becca asked Dylan as she increased the intensity of her slaps.

“No, Mistress…I have never eaten cum.”

“Well, in just a few minutes you are going to have your first taste of cum, understand?”

She looked at Adam and he knew instinctively to stop what he was doing. She reached up and unhooked Dylan’s ankles from his wrist and pointed to the corners at the end of the bed. Adam cinched Dylan’s ankles to the bottom of the bed.

“Now, get up here and let Dylan clean your cock Adam. Dylan you will lick it clean and swallow Adam’s cum, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress” Dylan sighed.

Adam slithered up Dylan’s tightly cinched body and placed the PA piercing on Dylan’s lips. Dylan opened his mouth and began eagerly licking the cock in front of him. Becca took Adam’s cock in one hand and put the other behind Dylan’s head…forcing him to take Adam’s cock deep in his mouth. Within a couple of seconds, Adam felt his groin tingling with the familiar surge of a gathering orgasm…

“Please may I cum, Princess?” Adam begged.

“You can cum as often as you want to tonight, my Love!”

Adam drove his cock in Dylan’s mouth backing off a bit as he gagged….then let out a long, low, soulful moan.

“Oooooh Yeahhhhh”, Adam said as the first pulse of cum shot down Dylan’s throat.

To be continued...
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Re: Chastity Anniversary Surprise Part IV

Post by TwistedMister » Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:53 pm

Got a little behind in the fiction section (pardon the pun), just now catching up. Good read.
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