Hotel encounter

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Hotel encounter

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Two people whoever they are and from wherever they come from, can fall in love. You see, love doesn’t know who or what you are. Love doesn’t take sides or judge, it is just love. Its a connection, a drug, a whole different world if you can find it. You cant see it, you cant hold it, but you can feel it more than the brightest sunlight or the strongest gale.
My story of love begins where all great love stories start. With two people meeting for the first time.

I was in a hotel bar much the same as any other I had been in, over the last 10 years. Where it was, was not important. But where, is- 3am. My work had kept me racking up the air miles and my body clock was completely broken. The skeleton staff at the hotel were quietly cleaning up for the mornings rush. I however was wide awake, propping up the bar nursing a single malt. I was desperate for sleep but nothing came.

Then she walked in. And what a walk it was, confidant, classy and with purpose. She came right up to the bar and ordered vodka, straight up.

“Cant sleep?” I ventured.
“You guessed it” she replied.
“Care to join me? I’m desperately trying to take the edge off” I said lifting my glass.
There was that walk again deliberately provocative but without effort. This woman was overpowering in her femininity. Tall, lithe and striking rather than beautiful but with a presence I had never felt before. Her long strawberry blonde hair was on her shoulders in an effortless classical style. Perfect skin and bone structure. She looked back at me with quizzical brown eyes.
“So what’s your story” she purred.
“Jet lag. You?”
“I live here, for my sins. I’ve just been to my favorite club to meet some friends. Thought I’d take a night cap before bed.”
She let out a laugh at this. “Yep not you normal night cap is it? So what’s your poison?”
Without waiting for a reply she reached across and took my glass. Her hand rested on my arm as she did so. She swirled it suspiciously under her nose, and sniffed. She was close enough to smell her perfume.
“Coco mademoiselle?” I enquired.
“Your good, very good.” Are you an MI5 agent or something?
“No. Too much time at airport duty free!”
“Ah ha, I get the picture. Lonely business man, hotel bar. You’re a living cliché”.
“That I am” I admitted. ”Your not, well, not in that dress!”
“Why thank you, where were you, two hours ago when I was at the club?”
“Tossing and turning in bed” I flirted.
“Mmm, I bet you were you little hound”.
She was intoxicating, my heart jumped a beat when she spoke, my palms were sweaty but my lips were dry. I could feel an invisible connection. I looked back into those piercing eyes. Eyes that seamed as if they could mind read. We stared at each other for a long moment. As if each one of us was playing a game to see who would look away first. It went on, we both began to smile at exactly the same time.
“Cant take your eyes off me, huh?” she whispered.
I just smiled even wider in response.
“I think you’re the most beautiful thing I have ever seen” I blurted out.
She just threw her head back and laughed. I deep dirty laugh that was full of fun and promise.
“God, what a cheesy line”
“Its not a line, it’s the truth. I’ve never used a line on anyone. Believe me. I I just couldn’t help myself”. I was starting to stammer a bit.
“I believe you actually”.
She lent over and we kissed gently on the lips. A full bodied vintage kiss with fruity after notes. My free hand reached round her lower back and hers came around my neck. Nothing else existed in that moment.
“Wow, did you feel that” she whispered in my ear.
Yes. Yes I did feel that and I wanted more. It felt as if, during that first kiss, our DNA had combined. We had mingled and merged at the very core.
“Take me to bed”. Was her simple request.
We held hands as we crossed the hotel foyer, heading for the elevators, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I pushed the ‘up’ button. I smiled to myself. The meaning wasn’t lost on her either.
“Your place or mine?”
“Mine I think”. She said with a smile.
The doors opened.
“Ladies first” I offered.
I recognized a cloud in her eyes then, just briefly but it was there. She pushed the button for the top floor. I was impressed and a little intimidated at the same time. To live on the penthouse floor of this hotel would have cost thousands a night.
“Are you OK?” I asked, just a little worried now. We had only just met but here we were riding an elevator with one thing on our minds.
“Mmm, yeh.” She said distractedly. “Do you believe in love at first sight? I mean all consuming, cant do anything about it. THIS IS IT, kind of love?”
“I do now, why?”
“Would you love someone no matter who they were or what they were? Could you love someone even if they were disfigured?”
“That seams a strange question for someone who I have just told is the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, but yes I think I could. You can tell me anything. I will just love you more for it”.
She reached up, smiled again and held my face in both hands. There she was again back with me and my heart was singing again.
The elevator doors opened, breaking the trance. Before me was a contemporary space, sunken in the middle with stylish leather seating all around. The room was dominated by the window across the whole of the front however. The city twinkled far below. Like a magnet we were both draw across to look out at the landscape beyond.
“I love to stand up here and watch the world go by. Its as if anything is possible. I can imagine a different world down there, one of kindness, joy and love”.
“I don’t even know your name” I said. The question seamed strange as I said it because it was as if we had spent the whole of our lives together.
She turned from the window. “Gabrielle”.
“Nathan”. I stuck my hand out with a smile.
“Very please to meet you”.
We shook hands in an exaggerated moment of comedy. I didn’t let go and neither did she. That cloud across her eyes again.
“I need to show you something. Something that has handicapped me my entire life”.
“Tell me anything”.
Her grip on my hand tightened. She looked deep in my eyes for some kind of reassurance. I gave it back with everything I had. She gently pulled me closer, her eyes never leaving mine. Then shoulder by shoulder she slipped off her dress and peeled it down over her breasts, hips and then down her legs until it lay in a pool around her feet. Our eyes never left each others. This was no time for looking any where but those eyes.
“I want you to look at my body now”.
She stepped back two paces, as if to put distance between us not only in space but emotionally. I swallowed hard, and slowly took in every detail of her shoulders, the curve of her neck, the perfect skin of her chest and arms, I was looking for the flaw she was so worried about. Her breasts were covered in a blue and black mesh bra. I could clearly see her pert breasts and nipples beneath. OK I thought maybe she has silicon enhancements but I don’t think anyone would have such a hang up about that. My eyes carried on down to her belly button. Nothing. She wore matching garter and stockings. Then I saw what she was so worried about. The bulge in her thong was obvious. I looked in her eyes, a single tear had formed. Such a picture of vulnerability I had never seen before. My heart leaped out to her. I walked over and took her in my arms, crushing any negative feelings she may have. We kissed a salty kiss of joy. Tears flowed between us but our passion was on fire now. Quickly she had me naked before her. I knelt and slowly pulled the hem of her thong down, little by little revealing her to me. I lent forward and kissed the head. I grasped the shaft and began to swirl my tongue around the head, coating her in a layer of my saliva. She was perfectly formed with not a trace of hair on her body. I was in heaven. I guided her member into my mouth and went as deep as I could. She reached down and took my head in her hands running fingers through my hair. She was delicious.
“I want to return the favor, I need to taste you” she pleaded.
“I cant stop. Don’t make me stop now” I was desperate for her.
“Lay down on your back”
She turned and laid 69 on me. The feeling was powerful. She was matching her gentle thrusts into my mouth with her head. The harmonization allowed me to feel exactly what she did. The connection was deep and strong. I wanted to stay like this forever, linked in this ying yang way. I ran my hands up the back of her thighs, the silk stockings feeling delicious under my touch. Her firm buttocks in my hands felt like a giant peach. I encouraged her to thrust deeper by pulling her down to me time after time. I was close, so very close to the edge of oblivion.
Then without a second thought we came in great spurts, both of us in perfect harmony filling each other with hot juice. I drank greedily, lapping all I could. After we were both sated, we just laid in each others arms in silence, thinking how lucky we were to be up here above it all.
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Re: Hotel encounter

Post by justplaying »

Great of my fantasies actually...thanks for sharing.
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Re: Hotel encounter

Post by happilylockedman »

That's a beautiful story Nat. I'm not gay or bi but ... several months ago I had my first homo-erotic dream and it was really powerful. In my dream my experience with an erect penis was moving, like your story. They have such a powerful connection. I wonder where it will lead? Also, that's an interesting story to put on a chastity forum. :-)
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