What It Means to Give and Not Receive Chapter 4

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What It Means to Give and Not Receive Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 The Training Begins

I'm lead up the steps and she stops at the bathroom tells me she needs to freshen up, and why don't I go and turn the bed down, and light the candles she set out. I agree, seems like a good way to start the nights events anyways.
I'm sitting on the edge of the bed when she comes in still wearing the teddy.
“Glen, Honey, why don't you go and brush your teeth and get all freshened up for me. Oh and dab on a little of the cologne I left on the counter, I just love the scent it has.”
“Ok, Sweetie.” And I dutifully walk down to the bathroom. I did need to take a piss anyways and I did need to brush my teeth. It seemed like a normal request. I'll have to see about the cologne. First I pee and put some paper in the hole. wash my hands and face, brush my teeth, damn still no comb, brush my hair, then I decide to pull the paper out, figure its been long enough for everything to drain out by now. Rewash my hands. Now for the cologne, Bottle doesn't have a name on it, looks like it was rebottled, strange. I take a sniff, doesn't smell bad, dab some on. Actually smells pretty good. Rewash my hands to get the cologne off. Look myself over in the mirror, looks ok except for this stupid nightgown.
I enter the bedroom and close the door, doesn’t have a lock on the door, I thought it had one two years ago, oh well maybe not. She is already in bed with only candles to light the room. I hear soft instrumental music playing it's a love song I recognize but without the vocal.
“Honey, take that silly nightgown off and get into bed.”
I quickly remove the horrid gown and climb in the right side of the double bed. She turns to me and says this is going to be a long night and hopefully a very satisfying night. Lying on our sides, we start kissing, our tongues start the battle dance to see who is superior and can dive deeper into the other's mouth. She evidently removed the teddy as I'm feeling the soft bare skin of her back with my left hand, my right arm is pinned under my side. I slowly move it in between our bodies and palm her soft luscious breast. As I start with a rhythmic massage keeping beat with the music, I hear her start to moan. We continue this for the next few minutes all the while she continues to moan and mew. I on the other hand, while enjoying her kisses and feel of her boob am fighting off getting to hard. The pain seems to be under control as my body fights off an erection which is constantly distracting. This thing is turning into a type of torture device, and is playing with my mind. She decides to shift positions and rolls on to her back, I follow her lead and roll on top, she pushes my head down, I think I know where she's leading me, and kiss her neck and chest on my way to her sumptuous breasts. I kiss and the start to suck her left breast while, softly massaging the other, I hear her breathing deepen, as I suck her tit, and gently nip at it.
"Oh, honey, yes keep that up." After a couple of minutes I decide her other breast is being neglected and I switch sides. My left hand is now free and she takes it and puts it between her legs, and tells me I need to rub her until my hand is soaked, I didn't quite understand about getting soaked, maybe she knows how to get me out of this thing and wants to be well lubed. So I start rubbing her, I notice she is completely shaved and smooth, she wasn’t two years ago. It does fell nice, although some hair down there can feel wonderful. I start to stick my finger in her she says not yet, to keep rubbing her up higher. I comply and her clit starts to get bigger and longer, so I decide to rub there and pinch it softly between my fingers. Now I have no idea what I'm doing, I've rubbed pussies before, but only until they start getting wet to help with getting in, but never for this long, but she seems to be enjoying it. She is getting drenched along with my hand. Then she takes both her hands and pushes against the top of my head. And says lower. What does she mean by lower? She keeps pushing my head down, so I start to kiss and lick stomach, she says lower, now I'm kissing her belly button and the top of her waist, she says lower. At this point I object. Then she shoves my head down.
“Glen I need you to start licking me.”
“Jan, Sweetie, I can't, I mean that's where you pee from and everything else a woman does.”
“Honey.” She says in her softest sweetest voice. “You guys think it's perfectly acceptable to suck you off with our mouth and shoot your spunk in our mouth and want us to swallow it, but you can't even lick my pussy. Honey I need this right now, Mom says it will put me into orbit, so please just start. NOW!” Crap what am I going to do, if nothing else, the thought of this got me soft. I start to lick, hell this isn't too bad, actually she taste fairly nice, and her smell is becoming quite pleasant, I don't know why, but I'm starting to get hard and the pain starts up again. I keep licking and decide to suck her clit into my mouth and give it a few soft nibbles, I guess this put her over the edge and she started bucking and screaming. Oh hell what have I done, and I stop. She screams don't stop now keep going. So I start up again I'm having a hard time keeping contact while she's bouncing and gyrating. This goes on for what seemed like an eternity, but I'm sure was only a minute or so. Then she settles down and is taking long labored breaths.
I just lay there with my head between her legs wondering what just happened, I've never seen a girl do anything like that before.
“Oh, Honey, that was terrific I didn't know an orgasm could feel so good.”
“You had an orgasm?”
“God yes Glen, it was so much better than anything you did to me before. Start licking me again I want to see if I can have more of these.” I start licking again. It was only a couple of minutes and she started panting, I decide to try and fit my finger in her, I push my middle finger up into her soft velvety fold, god she feels great, and I start to move it in and out while pressing against her insides. I start to work on her clit again. The bucking and screaming starts again I just keep pumping my finger, and sucking her clit all the while trying to keep my mouth in position, I feel her legs wrap around my head and squeeze me so I can't lose contact, It was still hard, with all the bucking and thrashing, this time it lasted twice as long, before she settled down. After a very short period with her legs still clenched around my head she says “start again, this time don't stop until I tell you to.” So up I started again this time I managed to get three fingers in her, and the bucking just kept on going she would settled down for a few seconds and the start up again, I just kept on licking, sucking and fingering her. I had my right hand free, so I reached up and started playing with her breasts, squeezing and pinching her tits. She just kept screaming “Oh god yes, don’t stop Glen, Oh my god!” My neck was starting to get sore after an hour of this. I think she came ten to twelve times, I lost track through it all, and then she told me to stop. She released my head.
“I... think... I've had.... enough.... for now.” She says through each intake of breath. I laid there for a couple of minutes before moving back up to be face to face.
“Glen stop don't kiss me.”
“Uh what do you mean?”
“You need to wash your mouth out and brush your teeth first.”
“Because I'm not going to taste myself, that's just gross.”
“But you said.”
“Doesn't matter just go get your face and mouth cleaned up, and use some mouthwash, it's in the cabinet.”
I get up and quickly walk to the bathroom naked, hoping her mom doesn’t walk down the hallway. What the hell just happened, I guess she just had the time of her life, orgasm after orgasm. I'm starting to feel used, what about me, how am I supposed to get off with this damn cage on. Now she won't let me kiss her until I wash my mouth out. So I wash my face, brush my teeth, and use the mouthwash. I hurry back down the hallway and climb into bed.
“Oh, honey that smells much better.” Then she starts kissing me, her hands reach down and start squeezing my ass, I manage to get one hand between us and start on her breast while moving my other hand to her ass, I push my hand between her legs and start fingering her pussy. She starts to moan again, do I want to continue this or not, I think to myself. She breaks our kiss and says that feels good just keep it up but go real slow. I guess that answered my question. She lifts her leg and puts it over mine, giving me better access, and I slip in a second then a third finger. Now she starts panting again and presses her mouth against mine harder and harder, her tongue, starts moving at a rapid pace, her breathing gets shallow and fast, then comes the bucking, I don't know why but I decide to speed up my finger strokes, just seemed like the right thing to do. She hits her plateau and starts to come down. I stop fingering her but still have them in her. After a few minutes she rolls onto her back, which forced my hand out of her.
“Oh Glen, that was incredible, but I'm exhausted now, I think I need to go to sleep.” She turns over with her back to me. “Glen Honey, why don't you scoot up behind me and hold me.” Well, I'm not passing up the invitation and quickly spoon her and cup her breast. Now my cage is pressed up behind her ass, and after a couple of minutes, she says it’s bothering her and we have to figure something out.
“Glen I want you to hold me, but that metal is poking me all wrong. I need to find something to put over it.” She gets up and turns on a low light on her nightstand and heads to the dresser. She comes back and says to put these on, and hands me PANTIES.
“Jan, I can't wear your panties.”
“Sure you can I accidentally bought a package of these that were too large, the store wouldn't take them back once the package was opened, So I just kept them in the back corner of the drawer. They should fit you, I really want to feel your bare skin against me, but the metal hurts me.” I get up and put them on, they are still a tight fit and I'm hoping they don't dig into my waist. In the dim light it looks like they're a floral print. We climb back into bed. We spoon again.
“Oh that feels much better. Thank you, Honey.” Five minutes later I hear long, soft breaths, she's asleep. I lay there for a half hour, wondering what just happened, frustrated and in desperate need to cum. I wake up and I'm in agony, my balls feel like there on fire and being ripped off. I quickly roll out of bed.
“Glen what’s the matter?”
“My balls really hurt. I need to go and try to pee, Frank said this could happen and that's what I needed to do.”
“Ok then go down to the bathroom.”
I hobble down the hallway enter pull down the PANTIES and sit on the toilet, trying to relax and piss. Slowly I start to dribble and then a stream, the pain starts to lessen, after a couple of minutes I'm starting to feel ok. I wipe myself off and stand up, oh shit I'm dripping grabbed a piece of tissue and stick it in, pulled up my PANTIES, I now see they have a pink and red floral pattern, God I am not that kind of person, I like men’s clothes not women's. When I return she’s lying on her back asleep. I look at the clock on her nightstand 4:20. I quietly slip back into bed and fall asleep. I wake up to a woman kissing me.
“Glen Honey it's time to wake up, I want to have some more fun.” I'm groggy and glassy eyed. I think, where am I, oh it's Janet, in her bed and it comes back in a flash.
“What did you say Sweetie.”
“I want to have some more fun, last night felt like nothing I have felt before, and I want some more so I won't forget the feeling.”
“Ok Sweetie.” She starts dueling with my tongue and grabs my panty covered ass. I cup her breast and move my hand between her legs, then she pushes my head down, I know the routine now, I suck on her tits and rub her pussy for a while, then she pushes my head down. I oblige, she smells and taste different this morning, more musky, not quite as pleasant but not horrible. I decide just to go with it and start licking and sucking, I get three fingers in her again and she starts bucking and screaming, I know her mother has to be hearing all of this, breakfast is going to be embarrassing. She gets off 3 times and has me stop. “Honey, I think that will do it for now, maybe we can do some more later on today. Its 7:30 mom will be getting up and making breakfast. “

She sits up on the edge of the bed
‘Glen I need to explain a few things about mom before we get up, ok.”
“Well as you know my dad was killed by a drunk driver 5 years ago, my mom fell apart and for weeks, she would get up and not put anything on, I mean totally nude at the most a pair of panties. If someone came over she would throw on a robe. She would walk around the house all day like that. I don't know why, but on the weekends and after school I started to do the same. It now has become normal for us, and we enjoy being nudists. What I'm saying is she may not have anything on. Don't take it the wrong way that's just the way we are now. Also she hasn't dated either and I know she's pent up sexually. That's why she did that last night. I think it really helped her, I really don't mind her kissing you, as long as it doesn't go to far. After all the keys are locked away. Just let her try and have a little fun, Ok.”
“So you’re saying you want to share me with her?”
“Not completely, just enough to help her get her confidence back, then maybe she'll start dating again.”

Now her mom did look great 5’6" about 125 lbs. boobs a little bigger than Jan's and a great ass. I could see a lot of Jan in her. I didn't mind her kissing me last night, just felt uncomfortable.
“You don't mind helping her out do you, Honey.”
“If that's what you want, I'll try and accommodate her.”
“Great I need to pee and take a shower, I feel all sweaty and sticky, you want to join me?”
We walked out the bedroom door just as her mom came out of hers. She was wearing panties nothing else. I just gulped, she had to be a D cup at least, didn’t have much of a sag either. God she is gorgeous.
“Hello you two, it sounded like you made by daughter quite happy last night and this morning, young man.”
“I hope so Ma’am.”
“Well good, that is your job. Oh I like the panties, seems to suit you nicely.”
I could feel the heat in my face, I had to be turning a bright red.
“I'll have breakfast made in about an hour, so take your time.”
Then she walks by us and down the steps. That was just weird. We head into the bathroom, she starts brushing her teeth, so I do the same. Honey could you turn the shower on and get it hot, then step in so I can pee. I'm not comfortable having you watch me go to the bathroom yet.”
“Ok Sweetie.” I take off MY PANTIES and step in and close the shower curtain. Well I might as well pee now and let it go down the drain, so I do. I'm thinking her mom said that was my job. I guess it did say that in the agreement, but what about me, I'm horny as hell and can't get off.
“Move over Honey so I can get in. Honey can you wash my back.” Sure I say as she turns her back to me, I grab the soap and soap up her neck, back, and her nice round ass. As I'm washing between her ass cheeks I decide to see what would happen if I stuck my finger up her asshole.
“Glen what are you doing.” I stop with my finger just past my first knuckle in her.
“I though this might feel good.”
“I don't know just take it slow, and I'll see.” So I start to move my finger around slowly while going in deeper I finally got my finger in all the way and start stroking her, then with my other hand I start rubbing her clit. She starting to moan, I continue while speeding things up. She starts shaking and panting, I just keep it up. I lightly squeezed her clit while ramming my finger in her ass. She explodes and starts yelling and shaking. Finally she settles down and collapses to the bottom of the tub and just sits there panting. She's sitting with the shower steaming over us and I'm standing above her with my cage dangling over her head.
"Are you ok?"
“I don't know that was unbelievable, I need to sit for a while to get my strength back, ok.” A couple of minutes later she holds out her hand and has me help her up.
“I think I need to finish washing myself I don't think I can handle you touching me right now. Glen, why don't you finish washing yourself and dry off while I finish, Ok.”
“Ok Sweetie.” I quickly finish washing my cage didn’t need much cleaning as I just showered 10 hours earlier. I get out and dry off, grabbed the blow dryer and started the drying process. Jan walked out and asks what I'm doing. I explain to her that it's the best way to get dry. I put some lotion around the ring. Jan finishes drying herself off. I offered, but she refused saying we need to finish before breakfast gets cold. Well I decide to put the panties back on I'm not ready to run around their house with nothing but this cage showing. Jan says that she'll get me a clean pair and not to put dirty panties back on. We head to her bedroom. She hands me another pair of nylon stretch panties this one has a light to dark blue floral print.
“Glen you don't have to wear anything you know, I'm not.”
“I not ready to be parading around your mom naked.”
“Ok you can always wear the nightgown.”
“No, that thing looks horrible on me, panties look really weird, but not horrible.”
“Ok, Honey your decision.”
I put the panties on.
We walk into the kitchen, holding hands.
She grabs three towels at the end of the counter and takes them to the dining room and puts them on the chairs. The dining room table has the center leaf removed making it a short oval table now with 4 chairs around it. The other two chairs are up against the far wall.
“Janet, what are all the towels for?”
“With us being naked, we need the towels so that our body secretions don’t get on the fabric.” It’s just more hygienic”
“Glen how do you like your eggs.”
"Over medium Mrs. Watson."
“Ok, breakfast will be ready as soon as the eggs are done.”
A few minutes later were sitting at the table with Jan sitting between me and her mom, with me facing her mom across the short width of the table. I couldn't help but look at those boobs of hers, man they looked great.
As were eating, her mom starts the conversation.
“It's obvious that you now know how to satisfy my daughter. With all the moaning and screaming I heard last night and this morning. Jan did he satisfy your sexual needs?”
“Oh, mom did he ever I never knew something could feel so good. His tongue worked wonders for me, nothing like he did before.”
“Well Glen it seems that you’re not very good with your cock, but you have found your calling with that silver tongues of yours. Glen I'm going to tell you what the house rules are so you know what to expect around here. First of all since your not an occasional date of Jan's but her steady boyfriend who she's sleeping with, I don't intend on changing my lifestyle or how I dress around the house. I'm sure that Jan has explained to you we both go nude most of the time around here. I'm not going to change that and obviously Jan's not either seeing as how she's naked now. You can wear anything you want or nothing at all, but your Fidelity Enforcer, doesn't matter to me. I never told Jan how I got this idea to go nude. She was too young to be reading erotic stories, but she’s eighteen now. So I'll tell you both. I read a story by Karen Wagner called Naked in school and then several other similar stories. Basically it involved a high school district project where a boy and a girl would be picked once a week and had to be naked for all classes and school activities for the week. They were allowed and even encouraged to go nude all week including shopping going to restaurants, and so on but were not required to, just for school and all school activities. The stories just captivated me. After Jeff died, I fell to pieces and getting dressed in the morning just didn't happen and then I started to like the feeling of being nude and free. Between the stories in the back of my mind and my depression this is what happened. Then Jan trying to help out, keep in mind she was only thirteen, decided to try and support me by going nude. Now it's become a routine that we both enjoy. That sound about right, baby.”
“Yeah, pretty much, but about the stories, I've never heard of such a thing as being naked at school, that would be just bizarre.”
“Look them up there on the internet, it was interesting reading. With the go ride on the subway, trains, and bus in your underwear days in New York, Paris, Japan and elsewhere popping up I could see something like that happening. Also a high court in Maine ruled a transgendered boy who identifies himself as a girl, has to be allowed use of the girl’s restrooms, gym lockers, and showers. California passed a law allowing any student from kindergarten through 12th grade to have access to whichever restrooms, locker room, and showers the persons identifies themselves with and play school sports with the opposite sex. All the person has to do is say they feel more like they should be the opposite sex. In New York the court ruled since men can go topless women have to have the same right and can go topless in public and can't be cited. So I could see a place like San Francisco doing that in 10 to 20 years. So who knows what's next.
Well, back to the rules everyone dresses or not as they feel. Since your staying here on the weekends and eating here, I expect you to help out with household duties, mainly the dishes and the kitchen cleanup and occasionally other household duties, this is not a free ride and your not just a guest here but part of the family. The weekends you can stay as much as Jan wants you to, but on work nights or school nights, I expect you to go home at a decent hour, 10PM at the latest. If homework has to be done then much earlier. Lastly I don't mind you looking over my body once in a while it's natural for a young man to look, just don't keep staring at me.” “Now do you have any questions?”
“Well a couple. You say I can spend the weekends here but not weeknights. How come?”
“I'm not having you move in if you stayed most nights or every night that would be you moving in. That's not happening I still need my privacy and solitude. No more discussion on this matter. Next question.”
“I, um well, this cage on me, it keeps me from even touching myself or letting me you know get off. I'm starting to get real pent up. How am I supposed to get relief?”
“That is the big question isn't it, and the short answer is you don't.” My heart started to sink as reality set in. “Here's the deal I have one key in my safe deposit box at the bank to be used only in a medical emergency. One other situation would be if you are required to go through a security metal detector. If you give me enough notice I will switch out your metal device with an all plastic one for the day and the switch you back as soon as possible. If I don't have enough notice, you will have to explain to the security officer that your girlfriend's mother requires you to wear this. I’m sorry but that is the way it is. The other key is in my floor safe that has a time lock on it and can't be opened for another 13 days. So you will have to tough it out until then. You will find that after two weeks of denial, and after enough stimulation you will have the best orgasm in your life. After a while you will start to look forward to that 14 day release. It will get better after a few months. Any more questions?”
“No I think that's it.” Holding my head in my hands looking like I just lost everything in my life.
“Glen, think of it this way. If you didn't agree to the terms in the contract then you would not be here, you wouldn't have slept with Janet, You definitely wouldn't be looking at me in the all all. I wouldn't have kissed you last night. You wouldn't have a girlfriend. Instead you would be at home, hoping to find someone to ask out. I think that's a nice compromise.”
“I guess that is one way to look at it.”
“So what are your plans today.”
“I don't know Mom, we haven't discussed it.”
“Well why don't you two hang out here. It's supposed to be a warm day and the pool is warmed up, so you could go swimming later on then hop into the Jacuzzi.”
“What do you think Honey, sound ok? We could play Mario Cart on the Wii, or maybe some other games.”
My head was swimming and I just said “Ok, sounds ok to me. I love Mario Cart and I'll beat the pants off you, Oh wait they're already off.”
“Well you two need to pick things up here. I need to go and freshen up.”
“Mrs. Watson, they way you look and smell, I can't imagine any reason why you have to freshen up anymore, you look and smell very fresh to me.”
“Oh that's sweet of you to say, but use your charm on Janet ok.”
“Why don't you just call me Joyce from now on ok.”
“Yes Ma’am, err Joyce.”
“Ma’am also works whichever is the most appropriate at the time.” She gets up and heads upstairs.
“That was nice of you to say that to her. She needs to hear that from a man. Well let's get some aprons on to do the dishes.” She leads me to the large pantry and grabs a couple of aprons. I just stare at her with the apron on and nothing else. She turns away from me and I see her ass god she's got a great ass. We go back out to the dining room and pick up everything and start rinses them off and putting them in the dishwasher. "Glen why don't you finish up the dishes while I set up the Wii, ok?”
“Oh, ok.” She kisses me then removes the apron and heads to the living room. Well I guess I get to clean up the kitchen again. Cleaned the pan and griddle and put them away wiped down the counter and stove, cleaned out the sinks. They have a container of antibacterial wipes at the end of the counter. So I grab one and wipe down the countertops and stove with it. Now I'm not a clean freak by any means, but the kitchen I'm kind of a germaphobe. I don't mind other rooms being messy as long as it doesn't involve old moldy food or look like something from a hoarder's show. But where you prepare my food that has to be clean. I remove the apron and hang both of them back up, and head into the living room. The women are getting in some practice in order to get one up on me I guess. I noticed Joyce was now nude, and had her legs spread a bit and was shaven except for a small patch just above her lips. I sat down between them and grab a controller. We played for about an hour and a half. They were good and would gang up on me. They didn't care which one of the two beat me as long as I didn't win. That worked about half the time, but I'm good at this game. It was about 11:30 when we put the game away and decided to go swimming. I still had the panties on, I found that they kept the cage and everything pulled up nicely and kept my balls from rubbing against my legs with the material between them. Well we were all getting in the water and I decided that I was going to have to ditch the panties since they were naked. So they came off and into the pool I went. The three of us had a blast they would take turns climbing up on my shoulders and make me walk around the pool while they played catch with a beach ball. Bare pussy against my neck felt great and here is two women vying for my attention. We played keep away and I got to kiss and fondle whoever I could catch. It seemed Joyce let me catch her a lot. Damn did her tits feel nice. After an hour of this they decided it was time for lunch. Joyce said a gentleman would wait to get dried off and would help the women dry off first. So I grabbed a towel and dried them off then dried myself off. If this is being a gentleman I think I could get used it. The women made sandwiches and put out some chips. Joyce pulled out some clam dip and bean dip from the fridge. Took everything out to the patio on paper plates. Clean up will be a breeze.
“Well Glen, are you having fun with us girls giving you all this affection.”
“This has been the best weekend of my life, I've had so much fun. I am a little embarrassed though.”
“Why's that Glen?”
“Well I'm Janet's boyfriend, and you’re her mother and it's just a little awkward doing all these things with you while she watches.”
“Glen, Honey me and mom discussed this earlier while you were doing the dishes, and I felt it would be good for her and you seem to care about her a lot now.” “Mom has this helped you with maybe thinking about dating again?”
“I was reluctant at first, but now I can see where it is helping me. I feel so much more like a woman again. Glen I really appreciate what you’re doing for both of us. This would not have been possible without the device.”
“Joyce, I'm willing to help as long as Jan doesn't object or later on has a change of heart and gets mad at me.”
“Honey that's not going to happen, if I get angry at anyone it would be mom for going beyond what I approve of.”
“What have you approved of?”
“Kissing, fondling body rubs, but that's it, and I come first, if I want you all to myself I get you, period. Speaking of body rubs, do you think you could give us both rub downs?”
We went back inside and up to Joyce’s bedroom. Her room was huge at least 25X30 foot. And her bathroom had a large double sink, a large tiled shower could fit three easily with dual shower heads and one of those rain heads in the center of the shower, and a large corner tub mad for two.
The walls were a soft green with white trim and a sliding door to the balcony overlooking the pool and backyard. From here you could see into the neighbor’s yard. A family playing in their pool. Her closet was huge almost the size of a small bedroom. She pulled out a folding massage table and set it up.
“I need to pee so why don't the two of you go and do the same before we get started.” Then she headed for the bathroom and closed the door.
We headed down the hallway and went into the bathroom. Jan just sat down and peed, wiped herself off and got up. "Your turn."
I couldn't believe it, a girl just peed while I watched and didn't seem to think anything of it. I sat down and tried to pee. I just couldn't get started with her standing there. She turned the sink faucet on and started to wash her hands. The water running helped and I started to go. I finally finished, wiped the cage off and stuck some paper in.
We headed back to Joyce's room and heard the shower going.
“Mom you in there?”
“Come on in we need to get the chlorine from the pool washed off of us before applying lotion.”
We stepped into the shower and Joyce hands me a bottle of body wash and tells me to wash her up. Oh crap, I start with her neck and back, get to her butt and start washing her globes and in her butt crack. She turns around and says now the front. Again I start with her neck and work down spending way to much time on her boobs, before I continue downward. I hesitate at her pussy. She says come on now that where I need to be cleaned out the most, chlorine will irritate me after a while. So I start to wash making sure to get in between her lips, I again spend too much time there as she starts to pant.
“Ok you two that's enough of that. That's going beyond cleaning.”
“You better stop Glen. She's right, could you do my legs though.” She spread her legs apart and I have to get on my knees to wash her legs and I'm looking directly at her pussy. I try to hurry with her legs as she just keeps with a slow and deep breathes. I finish and stand up. Ok Sweetie your turn. Again I start with Jan's neck and back and then at her ass I thoroughly washed her butt crack and slipped my finger in a little. “Oh god Glen, not here in front of mom.” I stop and pull my finger out. She turns around and I start on her front, spending a lot of time on her boobs, which I bend down and start to suck on. “Stop it Glen mom is here watching us.” Again I stop and continue my voyage downwards. When reaching her pussy, I wash her till her clit get engorged and she not thinking well. Then I slip a finger in her. I guess that's when she comes back to reality and sternly tells me to stop it. So I do. “Now get on your knees and wash my legs.” I willingly comply with her pussy staring me in the face. As I start to wash her legs I move my head closer to her and try and lick her. “Glen save that for later and just finish up.” Again I comply like an obedient servant. Then they decided to both wash me. With my ass and balls getting a double washing. I don't know why but I’m not getting as hard or hard as often. I would start to get an erection, start to feel pain, then soften again. I guess my body is adjusting. We all finished up rinsing off, we had all three heads spraying us with hot water. I thought this is great. As we step out the girls grab towels and wrap their hair in it setting on top of their heads. Then Joyce hands me a towel.
“Ok Glen, dry us off.
“Yes Ma’am.” I like a good gentleman and servant dry both of them off. I know it's a terrible job, but someone has to do it. I finish drying off and Joyce grabs the hair dryer and tells me to go and get the other one in the hall bathroom for Jan. Now I really do feel like a servant. I comply and get it for them. I still need to dry my cage off and wait. Joyce finishes first and I ask for the dryer. Now my hair is short and dries in five minutes and don't use a dryer on the hair on my big head that is. The other hair I guess I do use a dryer on now. I start to dry everything off and Janet says “Looks like your getting this all figured out. Are you going to need some lube or lotion.” I think, she knows about using lube on this thing, what else does she know about. “Yes I've been using hand lotion.”
“Ok there some in the medicine cabinet.” I finish, grab some lotion and put some on. I notice the paper in the cage was gone, I had forgotten about it till now, must have went down the drain.
I walk into the bedroom Janet is laying on her stomach with a bottle of stuff marked warm sensual body lotion for lovers. I think ok this is going to be interesting and I start massaging her neck and back, I decide I probably should spend a lot of time on her back, she keeps on moaning and purring, I start rubbing her ass cheeks and firmly squeeze and massage her there for a good 5 minutes, Then I start on her upper legs. She spreads her legs a little to give me more access. I start on her left leg and work down to her foot and then rub her foot for several minutes letting the lotion soak in. Then I start on her right foot and move up to between her legs. She has me stop and rolls over. Ok you can continue now, I start at her neck and work down to her breasts. Now her mom is watching all this and I'm getting really embarrassed.
“Honey, why is your face turning red.”
“Well I'm massaging your boobs with your mom watching it is a little embarrassing.”
“Well I'm going to be watching you do the same thing to her. So you might as well get over it. Now keep rubbing in that lotion. It feels so good and it gets nice and warm as you rub it in.” I continue with the massage and try not to think about the situation. My face starts to cool off. I work my way to her pussy and start rubbing the lotion on her upper thighs and then her pussy, she starts to moan and tells me to do her legs. I stop and do as she says. It takes another five minutes to finish her off at her feet. She sits up on the table and has me help her get off then gives me a nice deep kiss.
“Thanks Glen that felt wonderful. Ok mom your turn.”
I start the same way as I did Jan and work down to her ass. I rub her cheeks about ten minutes while running my hand under her and stroking her pussy lips. Then I know I have to continue with her legs as Janet keeps clearing her throat.
I work down one side then up the other ending at her crotch.
She turns over. Oh god does she have a body, I feel myself getting hard again and stretching out, Shit I hope Jan can’t see this. I try to clear my mind as I start on her upper chest, I know I have to go lower and massage those boobs of hers but keep hesitating.
“Glen I need you to massage the rest of me, they’re just boobs.” I started on them and kept going for a long time there. I hear Jan clear her throat several times so I continued downward. Once I reached her pussy I decided to just go for it. I started to rub in the lotion all though her pussy and felt he clit start to engorge, I figured I would just continue until someone complained or until I got her off. After a couple of minutes she started panting, so I just kept at it since I had both my hands on her I slowly penetrated her with my finger and started to pump her faster and faster, then I squeezed her clit and she screamed and started thrashing about. I just kept it up. I looked up at Jan and she had this deer in the headlights look with her mouth gaped open. Oh shit I knew I was in trouble but at that point I couldn't just stop. It lasted about a minute before she started to come down. I pulled my hands back applied some more lotion and started to quickly finish with her legs. I went down both legs at the same time trying to finish as quickly as possible and get the scolding over with. I figured I went way to far and was in big trouble. When I finished, she sat up and walked over to the bed and sat on the side of it.
“Glen, I'm really sorry I let you go that far, once you started it felt so good and I just couldn't stop you. It's the first time in five years I had a man touch me like that. I apologize to you and Janet. Janet can you forgive me?”
“I don't know mom I didn't think I would ever see my mom have an orgasm in front of me, especially with my boyfriend. But yes mom, I forgive you. You must of had a terrible time the last few years. I mean after last night, I don't know how I could go more than a few days without an orgasm.”
“Well I'm thinking I'm not in trouble.”
“Glen you on the other hand knew what you were doing and should have never done all that. We will discuss this later and see how you can make it up to me.”
“Well Glen I had planned on giving you a big kiss but I don't think Jan would approve now.”
“It's ok, I'm going to my room. I'll give you five minutes with him. Then he's mine for the rest of the day. Glen you keep your hands and mouth above her waist, understand.”
She walked out before I could answer.
“Joyce, now what?”
She patted the side of the bed and said to sit here. She put her arms around me and started kissing me. She laid back on the bed pulling me with her. We just kept kissing and for the whole five minutes and nothing else. Actually it was quite nice just kissing. Then she pulled away.
“Thank you Glen, were not going to be able to continue this you know. I think it’s time I found someone my own age. Now go and take care of Janet. Sorry for getting you in trouble.”
I just got up and walked out without saying anything and headed for the tongue lashing.
“Glen close the door and sit over here on the bed.” Oh I was in trouble. “Glen you’re not in trouble, but I don't want my mom to know that. Just before we go out I'm going to give you 20 swats on your butt to make you good and red. This isn't to punish you, but to make mom feel really bad. Sorry you have to get the brunt of it, but that's the breaks. Are you going to be ok with that?” I'm thinking 20 swats, I haven't been spanked since I was five. Then mainly to get my attention. I guess it could be worse and she really isn't blaming me which she should.
“Yeah that's ok.”
“Now come over here I need some real love and attention.” I got her off five times, when she said she had enough.
“Ok Honey, bend over the bed.”
Now I'm thinking she’s going to use her hand. What I felt was a wide leather belt, and she swung hard. When she was done, I was hurting, I mean it hurt like hell.
“Ok Honey, I'm sorry, but she has to see how this can affect us. I mean I can't very well spank my mom, so it's the only way to keep her from doing that again. Now come here and give me a kiss to make up.” I stand up and we kiss for a few minutes. Then she takes my hand and we walk downstairs to the living room.
“Glen turn around and show mom what she caused.” I turn around.
“Oh shit Janet, how could you do that to him that looks pretty severe.”
“Mom that's your fault he got punished, next time don't let it go that far.”
“Oh Glen, I am so sorry, can you forgive me.”
Now my head is swimming, she’s being blamed and I get spanked.
“Mom I grabbed some ointment I think you should rub it in.”
She tells me to lay down on couch and starts rubbing the lotion on my cheeks. My butt was burning, the ointment was cool and made it feel a whole lot better. I figured it would be several days before I could sit down for any length of time.
As she's rubbing in the ointment, she tells me how sorry she was to have gotten me punished for something she should have stopped. I ask her if she could remove this cage from me. She says, sorry, no.
It was worth a try.
When she's done she tells me my clothes are done and folded up in the laundry room.
“Glen it's 4 pm have you called your mother at all this weekend?”
“No, Ma'am. My phone has been in Jan's room since last night and I haven't checked it for messages or missed phone calls.”
“Well I think you should call her. I'm sure she would like to hear from you and probably wants to see you some time this weekend. Maybe you should plan on making it a day and have dinner with your mom.”
“I thought I was spending the night.”
“Glen I told you on work nights and school nights you are not staying here, remember?”
“Yeeesss Ma’am.”
“Joyce, I think the two of us needs a break from Glen. So why don't you two finish with each other, so he can get dressed and go home for the evening.”
“OK mom, come on Glen lets get your clothes and go up to my room.” We retrieve my clothes and head on up. She tells me she's sorry about the whipping, but had to convince mom that she means business and not step over the line again. I think hell I'm the one in pain, I still don't get it. We kiss and neck for a while then tells me too get dressed.
I ask if she has any other panties my size in white.
“Well they keep everything pulled up just right and if I wear them then I can put my regular underwear over them I thinks it would work better.”
“So you're going to wear two sets of underwear, why?”
“In case they show above my waistline like when I bend over, then men’s underwear will show not the women’s. I can't have anyone know I'm wearing panties or this cage.”
“That makes sense. Well I have one pair, but I don't know if they'll fit you.”
I try them on and they're too tight. She grabs the other pair like the one's I wore but a purple color floral pattern. I put them on, and then put my briefs on over those, and get dressed. Damn my butt hurts. I checked my phone found three missed calls and a text message from my mom wondering if I was coming home. I called and said I would be home in 30 minutes.
We went downstairs and said our goodbyes; both gave me a big kiss and hug. I got in my car and thought what a weekend and what the hell have I got myself into.

I drive to Target and get two bottles of hand lotion. I decide to try the unscented aveeno. The lotion at Janet's house does have a definite scent. I had a thought on my way over about the panties, maybe speedos would work. I look for those and find a 3 pack for $14.95, 3 bucks a pair that outrageous. Oh well I grab a pack. I pass by the woman’s underwear section and take a peek. Now I'm nervous being seen in the women's underwear area, so I take a quick glance as I slowly walk past the shelves. Shit here's a pack like the ones I have on. Pack of 5 for $8.95. That sucks us men are being ripped off. There isn't much difference, same kind of material, same amount of fabric, except maybe a smidgen more in the front for the pocket part. I mean come on there almost 3 times as much per pair. I look for a hair dryer for the hall bathroom find one for 20 bucks. This thing is starting to cost me money.
I checkout and head for home. What is my mother going to say about me sleeping over at Jan’s?
I leave one bottle of lotion in the car for work.
“Hi mom I'm home. I'll be in my room for a few minutes.”
“Ok, but I need to talk to you.” I hurry up to my room I don't want to listen to the lecture just yet. I lock my door and try the speedos on. Well they covers the cage nicely fits around my balls like the panties do and holds the cage up and feels a little more comfortable. I decide these are men’s underwear so no need to cover them with more underwear. I get dressed. Now what to do with these panties? Stick them in the target bag and in the back of my dresser drawer. I go pee before heading down to the inquisition. Ok let's get it over with.
“So son, where have you been for the last two days.”
“Mom, I'm eighteen and should be able to spend my time where I want.”
“That's doesn't answer my question. Yes you’re eighteen. You live under my roof I pay for your living expenses and I expect at the least a courtesy call or an answer when I call you. I don't know whether to fix dinner for one or two. So where have you been that's gets you that distracted.”
“I was with Janet, mom.”
“So did you have sex, she's still lives at home I presume, what does her mother think about this? Did you stay at her house, a friend’s house or get a motel room?”
“Mom, come on please, it's my life isn't it.”
“I just want to know what kind of girl she really is and if her mother is approving of you sleeping with her.”
I figure she's not going to let this go and just tell her, well my abbreviated version of it. “First of all we didn't have sex, and yes we slept together. Her mom gave her approval, because she knew it would be a losing battle with her daughter. She said we could spend weekends together but had to absolutely agree no sex.”
“She really believes you're going to sleep in the same bed and not have sex.”
“Mom, were adults and neither one of us are prepared to raise a child yet and so we agreed not to have sex. We did other things mind you, but not sex.”
“So I guess you are taking the Clinton defense and calling oral sex not sex. Well that would not have worked with your father, of course he would have never done that anyways. I don't know how two young, just barely legal adults, with their hormones raging, are going to be able to keep from having sex while sleeping, probably naked, with each other for very long. At the least keep condoms with you and in her nightstand drawer, just in case. You do know pulling out at the last second doesn't work either, right.”
“Yes mom, you told me that before. We are not going to have sex.”
“Alright nothing I can do about it anyways. So tell me about your weekend and more about this girl of yours.”
I tell her about the going to the fairgrounds, and about swimming in the pool, leaving out the no clothes bit. She did ask about my swimming trunks. I told her I borrowed a pair that was Janet's fathers.
“So are you going to be here or there in the evenings this next week?”
“I'm probably going to be home, but will go and see her for a couple of hours after dinner.”
“Ok, just keep me posted so I know how to plan my evenings, sounds like I'm going to have a lot of time by myself. Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.”
“Ok mom I going up to my room to do some thinking ok.”
“Thinking huh, now that is probably a good idea, and use the brain on top of you neck.”
“Yeeesss mom.”
Gee mothers, I go up and try to work this out. Let’s see I'm in a cage, can't masturbate, which is starting to really get to me, I don't know how I'm going to handle 2 weeks of this. This is for 4 years, damn that now seems like a long time. What happens when I get tired of just giving her all the orgasms while I'm being held captive and get no relief of my own? I guess the tables are turned, I'm use to getting it all, while I left them wanting, no wonder they dumped me. Shit I guess I'm not a good lover at least not with my cock. I have learned how to use my hands and mouth though, so I just need to learn to use my cock better, but I’m locked up and can’t. This way we're all happy, but I'm locked up and can't get any relief. Shit I think I'm just fucked or actually can't get fucked. Shit. I walk back down for dinner, afterwards I get cleaning detail. Mom says since she makes dinner, I get to clean up. We sit and watch TV for a while. At 9:30 I tell mom I need to go and get some sleep.
“I'm sure you do you probably didn't get much last night.”
“Goodnight mom.”
”Goodnight Glen.”
My butt is still sore but getting better, I want to jerk off so bad. How can I last two weeks and what's going to happen then. The contract says as soon as I get off, it goes back on. I need a few hours to come at least twice. I got to talk to them about this. Maybe if I beg and plead they will give in and let me out in a couple more days. .
I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and climb into bed leaving the speedos on. I was exhausted but still took an hour to get to sleep, my head just kept going over and over everything. I kept wanting to jerk off but I can't even touch myself. I woke up in pain again. Shit I need to get to the bathroom, I hope mom doesn't get up. I make it down the hallway and sit down. This time seems much easier and the pain stops a lot sooner. I dry off and put a new piece of paper in, and go back to bed. Clock says 4:15. Only took a minute to fall asleep.
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