What it means to give and not recieve Chapters 1 and 2

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What it means to give and not recieve Chapters 1 and 2

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This will be posted in 5 parts 2 chapters each.
This is my first story that I actually put any time into. Hope you enjoy it, comments either good or bad will be appreciated.

What It Means to Give and Not Receive

Chapter 1 Chance Encounter

It was three weeks into summer vacation and I not being a great student have to settle for community college this fall. My mother got me a job at an architectural firm as a file clerk. You know clean up this, get me that, type of employee, the gopher. Oh well gives me something to put on a resume that looks better than I was a burger flipper at MickeyD's and some cash. It was Wednesday and I was coming home after work. Mom called and asked me to pick up a few things at the store. That’s when I saw her she was the girl of my dreams. I couldn't believe it; Janet was coming down the grocery isle I hadn't seen here since her mother sent her off two years ago.
"Oh my god, Glen, I really can't talk to you."
"Wait a minute what is going on I haven't seen you in over two years. Can't we just talk a couple of minutes?"
"My mom will kill me if she sees me with you. You’re the reason I got sent off to a private girl’s school."
"Is she here?"
"No I'm just picking some stuff up for her on my way home."
"What do you mean it was my fault? One day we're making love and the next day I can't get a hold of you and you just disappeared. Can't we just meet somewhere and talk. I missed you horribly and no one would tell me anything."
"Oh god Glen it was so hard and I missed you, but I can't, mom will throw me out on the street."
"We’re both 18 now and our parents can't tell us what to do anymore."
"That's easy for you to say I still live at home and she's paying all the bills and for my college expenses so I have to go by her rules."
"Yeah I know, I got the same problem, but my mom doesn't tell me who I can see."
"Tell you what Glen, I'll talk to my mother and see if I can work something out. She's kind a settled down in the last year or so, and she knows she has give a little more freedom. I still have your number I'll call you. I really have to go now."
"Ok, please call me I've been worried sick about you."
"I'll try, bye."
Oh my god she was my first lay, and I really wanted more of her. I don't know why, but she was always on mind these last two years. I just hope she calls me. That night I couldn't help myself just thinking of her got me so hard I jerked off three times that night.
It wasn't until late Friday night when she called. "Mom said I could meet you at the mall tomorrow but we have to stay in public areas at all times."
"Ok Jan, what time do you want to meet up?"
"How about noon, and you can buy us lunch, I'll meet you in the food court."
"Ok Jan, can we talk a little longer."
"No, not now, my mom is real upset and I need to try and calm her down."
"Ok I'll see you tomorrow, bye."
Shit now what do? I can't tell her the truth about my love life the past 2 years, after all my heart was crushed. If she finds out I started dating 2 weeks after she disappeared I'm sunk. 3 virgins and a 4 other girls. Couldn't stay with anyone after the third or fourth night in bed with them. I just had to move on, except the last one Mary she had a lot more experience, if you know what I mean. After the first time we had sex she called me a loser and dumped me. I thought the sex was terrific, I guess she had other ideas.
I had a hard time sleeping just thinking about Janet. I couldn't control myself again if I keep this up I'm going make myself sore.

I drove to the mall got there about 11:30 and waited. At 12:15 I thought I got stood up, when she walked in. Oh shit did she look great. Big brown eyes, and auburn hair that had those natural curls that went to the middle of her back and cutest pug nose, she had on bright red lipstick that accented her puffy lips, and hair. Then there's her smile so big and natural. Her dress was a light peach colored summer dress with spaghetti straps that showed off her breasts, with just bit of cleavage. Damn those grew a size in the last 2 years man does she fill out that dress. Semi short ended about 3 inches from the knees the back flowed over that nice round ass that I remember. She was wearing what looked like 3 to 4 inch platform heels that toned the muscles in her legs that seemed to go on forever, and put her even with my height may be slightly taller. She spotted me and I waved and walked over to her, went to give her a hug but she backed away.
“Glen I'm starving I could hardly eat breakfast. Why don’t we go over to the MacDonald’s?” Now she knew I didn't care for McD's, but what was I going to say. “Sure Jan what would you like?” I took hold of her hand as we walked the 100 feet or so and she gripped my hand back. I ordered our food and found a booth.
“So what happened with you I mean we were getting along great and then you disappeared? I tried calling and your mother told me you left town and not to try and contact you or her again. No one at school knew anything.”
“You know the last time we made love and you didn't use a condom. Well you leaked into my panties, and when my mom picked up the laundry, she knew what it was. I didn't know mom's check there kids dirty underwear. Well she was pissed, and after grueling me for hours, I had to come clean. I told her everything that you took my virginity 2 days after my birthday and you didn't use anything then either, but I told her you did the next two times. She didn't care she was mad. She said I was not going to get pregnant like she did at 17. And I was going to an all girl’s catholic school, and I didn't have a say in the matter.”
“But you’re not Catholic.”
“My dad was, and she kinda became catholic so she could be married in the Church, and I was baptized as an infant. After I was a year or so old we just stopped going to church, so in a sense I'm catholic, but not really. I was a baby, now I'm an adult and I"ll make my own decisions on what I want to be or not to be. So that Sunday off I went.”
“Oh they called our number, be right back.”
“Here you go, got you plenty of ketchup that you like.”
“Thanks Glen. At any rate I argued with mom for hours this morning and she agreed to let us date on two conditions.”
“What's that?”
“I don't know she says to come over if we decide to date again and she would tell you. All I know is she has this fear of me getting pregnant. So what did you do after I left? I'm sure it didn't take long for you to hook up with someone new, I mean you are so damn good looking and you can charm the pants off almost any pretty face, you certainly did me.”
“Oh no, after you left it took me 3 months to start getting normal, I was good at hiding how upset I was, but my mom could tell. I did go on a few dates but nothing ever clicked, after you no one could add up, I mean look at you. You’re gorgeous, smart, funny, and we could carry on conversations for hours. There is no one like you, and I missed you so much. I really want to go with you again. Please?”
“I did miss you and thought of you all the time. But I’m not going against my mom and she has the final say.”
“But your 18.”
“I live at home, she pays the bills, and all the college expenses that my scholarship doesn't cover, which is about half of it. Oh I didn't tell you I was accepted and given a half scholarship to the University in town. That's what a strict Catholic school and NUNS will do for you. I have to say if I didn't get sent off I probably would be going to community college or working here flipping burgers. What about you where are you going?”
“Oh, um well, community college for 2 years and then hopefully off to the university.”
“Well, mom said to come over by 1:30 if were getting together, because she needs to talk to us, mainly you.”
“So are you saying that we can date again?”
“I really want to, but you have to get my mom's permission.”
“Well it's a little after one now, I guess I should get this over with.”
“Ok I'll meet you back my house, give me a 5 minute head start ok.”
“Ok and you have no idea what her conditions are?”
We stood up and I walked to her car all the time holding hands. Just before getting in her car she gave me a huge tongue invading kiss.
“Whatever mom wants please, please agree to it. Bye.”

Oh crap I walked to my car and sat for few minutes thinking, She wants to make sure she can't get pregnant, but she must know it won't take long before were having sex. Janet could take birth control, but she has conditions for me. Well I'll just have to go and find out what they are.
Their house was only 10 minutes away, about 8 blocks from my house. So I took a deep breath and rang the bell.
“Good afternoon Mrs. Watson.”
“Come on in and sit down at the kitchen table.” She tells me in a let's get this over with voice.
“Glen, my daughter has expressed a strong desire in dating you, I think it is very bad idea.”
“Mrs. Wats....”
“Don't say anything yet young man.”
Yes Ma’am.
“First of all when I found out you took my babies virginity when she was barely 16 and then didn't use any protection on 2 of the 4 times that you seduced my child,. I was very angry, but time has a way of settling you down. It seems you can still charm my daughter’s socks off, socks are fine, but her panties are not. So if you want to go out with her I have to make sure she doesn't get pregnant, or get a disease. The problem is no matter what you or she promises, you two will probably end up having sex. Even when using birth control pills along with the pull out method it sometimes fails, Janet is proof of that. Condoms have their own failure rate and we know you won't always use them. So if you get tested and the results come back that you are clean and agree to wear a device to prevent this, I will wholeheartedly give my blessings and let you two do whatever you want. As long as it's not illegal, and definitely no alcohol or drugs period.”
“Mrs. Watson there is no way I would do drugs period and I don't drink.
So what do I have to do?”
“Here is an address, you need to be there at 3PM, ask for Frank Upton and he will take some measurements. I know it sounds strange, but it isn't that abnormal in these situations. His business is about five miles on the other side of town. The drive should take you about a half an hour. Here is the address of a clinic. I made an appointment for you at 6:15AM this coming Monday, so you can be there before work. They will take blood and urine samples and test you for STD's, I will pay for the testing.”
“Exactly what is this device?”
“You don't need to know at this time, you just need to get it done. Until it is on you will not see my daughter, you can call and talk to her on the phone, but no physical contact. Agreed?”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“Janet, you want to walk your young man out to his car?”
“Ok, mom.”
“Glen whatever it is please just do it. I’m going nuts, ok?”
Then she gave me a very long wet kiss.
“Alright I'll do my best.”
“Say you WILL, not just your best, ok?”
“Alright, whatever it is I'll do it.”

Chapter 2 The Fitting

I Pulled up to what looked like a machine shop. The sign read Upton's Machine and Fabrication. Walked inside and was surprised at how clean it was. Most machine shops I've seen were full of engine parts and generally a mess this place was clean.
“I'm Glen Havert, I’m here to see Frank Upton”
“Let me see, oh Mrs. Watson sent you, just a minute please.”
She pushed a button on the intercom and said your fitting appointment is here. “I'll have him fill out the form.”
“I need you to fill out this form and sign it at the bottom.”
Ok standard information name address, birth date, sex male, female, transsexual. Transsexual that's odd oh well checked male, phones numbers home and cell. And the bottom paragraph said I was giving permission to measure every part of my body including sexual organs. What am I getting into, oh well I promised. Whatever it is I can change my mind later.
A couple of minutes later a huge man stepped up to the counter, had to be 6'6" and 250 plus pounds shaved head looked all muscle. I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley.

“I'll take the form. I need an ID please. Pulled out my wallet and showed him my driver's license. Take it out please I need to make a copy for my records.” He stuck it a in a copy machine and handed it back. "Follow me."
We walked through a door and down a hallway. “I need you to remove your clothes and put this gown on, open in the front, and these underwear. I'll be back in a couple of minutes.”
The room looked sort of like a doctor’s exam room but without the pictures of the spine and warnings about getting your flu shot ect. Had 2 chairs, a scale, and a large locked wall cabinet, two trash cans one marked hazardous medical waste. I strip and put the underwear on. They are on the small side and have a very snug fit. I put on the gown, open in the front.
Knock at the door. “Can I come in.”
“Sure, I'm changed.”
“Well let's get you weighed and measured. Step up here 148 lbs, 5'8" ok step over here.” He unlocked and opened a deep drawer and took out a tape measure, some kind of box with a couple of buttons on it, a laptop and usb cable. He turned on the laptop connected the usb cable to the device and laptop. I didn't know what was going on. He put on a pair of doctor’s exam gloves, took the tape measure, measured my waist, around my ass, my upper thighs and from somewhere on my back between my legs to the just below my belly button entered everything into the laptop. “Now I need you to remove the underwear. Then spread your legs and hold this straight up and stick your penis in the end here and then hold it tight against your body and try to stay as soft as you can.”
“Wait a minute what is it going to do.”
“Don't worry it just takes measurements. Here I'll show you.” He stuck his arm in and pushed the green button then clicked something on the computer. “See it took measurements of my hand and arm, nothing else.” This black box was about 18 inches long 5 inches wide 8 inches deep had two handles on the end of it to hold it. Three lights green, orange and blue. The end I'm supposed to stick my penis in had an opening and on the bottom of it a part stuck out about 3 inches that would fit under my balls. I took off the underwear.
“Ok, let me see it.” I reluctantly did as he asked. It fit over my balls and all.
“Are you a soft as you would be just walking around?”
He pushed one of the buttons on the box, I felt something pressing up against my balls and dick, then it backed off, and then blue light started flashing and the green light came on. I heard him mumble. “Let see 1.6 inches by 5 inches. Mr. Havert, now this is going to feel a little weird but won’t do any harm, it’s just going to push on the end of your penis so I can get a measurement of how far your penis can be pushed back.” He clicked something on the laptop and I felt my dick being softly squeezed and pushed back towards my body. “Good 3.7 inches. Now I need you to get hard as possible.”
“There is no way I can do that, this is just too weird, I just can't.”
“Uh Hmm, ok just wait a minute.” He got on his phone and said to have Pam to come to exam room 2. Less than a minute later in walks what looks like Daisy Duke same kind of cutoffs and all. Shit was I in trouble.
“Damn, Uncle Frank, He is cute, I'll just warm him up a bit.” She grabbed my head the large one on top not the one I'm thinking with at the moment in the box. She planted her lips on mine. I was lost and hard as a rock.
“Ok Uncle Frank that should do it. Oh and don't bother with the ten. I'll do him for free anytime, he is sooo cute.” Then she walked out the door. He clicked something on the laptop. “2.2 inches by 7.6 inches” and said I could remove it now. “Ok that's it, you can get dressed. This box is something I developed makes taking measurement much more accurate and less personal if you get my drift. It will take two weeks to make it. I'll see you in two weeks on Saturday at 9 AM.” Then he pulled out what looks like a large oversized condom from the opening at the end box and stuck it in the container marked medical waste along with his gloves. Then he put everything but the laptop away and locked up the cabinet.
“When you’re done dressing just go out the way you came in.”
“Can you please tell me what you’re making?”
“You'll find out in two weeks, or you can ask Mrs. Watson.”

Well if that didn't beat all, takes all those measurement for what I haven't a clue. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. I left, didn't see Daisy Duke aka Pam, Darn. Well now what, I went home and called Jan, her mother answered the phone.
“Well how did it go, any problems.”
“I guess it all went ok I mean he measured me up and said to come back in two weeks. What is he making I don't understand?”
“Well in two weeks you can start seeing Janet until then you'll have to be content on talking on the phone. I'll get her for you. Oh and thank you for being this caring of my daughter.”
“Hello Glen how did it go.”
“I don't know I am totally confused as to what happened. Your mom says after two weeks we can see each and be alone as much as we want. Do you know what it is yet?”
“I have no idea what it is, she's won't tell me either, so until then we'll just have to use the phone.”
“Ok, I guess, I don't seem to have a choice.”
We talked for another hour and then hung up.
That night my head was reeling, what is this thing? I tried a google search on how to prevent getting pregnant. All I got was the typical condom, the pill, abstinence. Then devices to prevent pregnancy, same thing only now with using IUD"S, nothing seemed to fit.
The next two weeks were agony, went to work everyday and just kept thinking what this thing could be. I couldn't tell anyone not knowing what I was getting into and didn't want the embarrassment in case I went through with it. My mom could tell something was up by the way I was acting and being all antsy. My mom bless her heart had it pretty tough the last 14 years. My dad had gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd and witnessed something he shouldn't have. Being in the position with this group he knew how to just skirt the law but sometimes he didn't quite stay in bounds so to speak. Anyways the district attorney wanted him to testify and go into witness protection. My mom told me that we would all to go into protection, because this group would kill us all. He didn't want that to happen so he gave my mom two bank accounts. Said the money had been cleaned and taxes paid on it. It should get us through a couple of years if she scrimped. Last she heard he was somewhere in South America, that was 10 years ago. Once every month or two an envelope would show up in the mail slot at the front of the house, with a couple thousand dollars in it. My mom thought it was from the gang as a pay off for him to leave town, we never knew for sure it could have been sent by my dad. She got a divorce 4 years after his disappearance. When they got married at 24 she was pregnant with me and one year away from having a bachelor's degree in Business management. With the help of her parents, watching me she finished her degree in the next two years and started working at a small company. Now she heads the business office and is making a decent living.

I talked to Jan every night for an hour or two. She kept telling me how much see missed me and missed having sex. How much she wanted my bare skin against hers. Told me that whatever this thing is to please do it so we can be together and wake up together after a night of lovemaking. She wanted me to make love to her in the worst way. She wanted to take long baths with me she wanted to feel my hands caressing her body. I was going nuts just thinking about all the things I wanted to do with her in bed. By then end of the first week I was getting sore from all the times I was jerking off. I couldn't help but to daydream of making love to her. Couple of times I asked her to meet me somewhere. She just kept saying, No I can't I'm not sneaking around on mom again, She'll find out, and will ban you from here. After having sex with Janet I was hooked and felt I needed more. When Jan disappeared I went nuts. So I went on the prowl, and started dating two weeks later. It took about 2 to 3 months to convince a girl to give me her virginity and then we would have sex 4 or 5 times over the next the month then it just wasn't satisfying me anymore. I needed a conquest. Sara my last virgin gave great blow jobs, the first date she started almost immediately with one. Then she told me if we continue dating I could get one anytime I wanted as long as we had the privacy, but with conditions. I was never to touch her breasts or between her legs, there would be no sex. She took the Clinton approach that blowjobs were not sex. Kissing, smooching a little necking above the breasts would be great along with neck and back rubs, also foot to knee rubs would be appreciated. It took me six months to break her cherry then two months later I left crying and upset. After that I decided virgins were just too much hassle and started dating girls with some experience. Problem was after we slept together they would dump me and say I was lousy in bed. I don't know what their problem was. We kiss and neck a little, suck on her tits, rub her a little till she started getting wet, stick myself in and pump vigorously for 2 to 3 minutes and finish up and roll off. I thought it was great.
Word seemed to get around school to avoid me because I couldn't quite perform to these girls’ super standards. I couldn't seem to get a date, even for the prom. I had to settle for Harriet, she was a little overweight not real popular and wasn't all that pretty although by means ugly. She said she would go with me to the prom only and not to expect anything more. If I was really nice and a complete gentleman I might get a kiss from her when I drop her off at home. Of course she expected me to pay for everything, including corsage, prom pictures ect. My life had seemed to turn in the wrong direction. Maybe college would open up other opportunities so to speak. That was 2 months ago and no dates since. So when Jan turned up, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I really did miss her and thought of her most everyday but as the old song goes "If your not with the one you love, love the one your with." I mean what's a guy to do. I got a call on Friday said everything was made and to come in at 9 AM.
I nearly wore myself raw jerking off that night.
Got up at seven, showered, shaved for the week, made breakfast and headed over, got there at nine. I walk up to his secretary to tell her I’m here.
“Good morning Mr. Havert I’ll call Mr. Upton.” A couple of minutes later Frank come through the door.
“Good morning Mr. Havert, how are you today?”
“Fine, I think.”
“Well I need you to sign some forms and an agreement between Mrs. Watson, her daughter, and yourself.”
“What agreement?” I ask.
“First sign these release forms. There just standard forms saying you can't sue me if you don't take care of yourself, and gives me permission to install the device, and then I'll get the agreement.” He hands me the forms.

The first one says that neither the company, the owner, suppliers, nor retail sales outlet can be held responsible for any personal injury whether physical or emotional from use of the Fidelity Enforcer. Although it is made so it can be worn full time and have had reports of up to 6 years of continual wear without doing any harm, the device is to be considered a recreational adult sex toy. It is up to the wearer and key holder, which can be the same person, to determine whether any injury is occurring and if necessary to remove the device and return it for any necessary adjustments. This is a custom made device and should properly fit the person it was made for, and should not be used by anyone else. If any adjustments are required, it is up to the wearer and Keyholder to make arrangements for any modifications. The undersigned wearer accepts these conditions.
Then it has a place to fill in my name, date, and signature.

The second one states:
I give permission for an employee of Upton's Fabrication and Machine to install a custom built Fidelity Enforcer on me and once signed, permission cannot be rescinded. Also the undersigned has been informed that neither the owner or its employees are attorneys and cannot give legal advise and any information conveyed should not be considered legal advise. If the undersigned desires legal advise he should contact an attorney.
And a place for name, date, and signature.

What the hell is this thing? These last two weeks have been driving me nuts, I've never got so worked up over a girl before. She pleaded with me last night and wants me to hold her and kiss and caress her body. The only way to see and have her is to agree to this thing.
I sign and hand him the papers.

He then hands me what looks like a contract written up by a lawyer. Then tells me not to sign anything until I come back up with it. Also the Mrs. Watson and her daughter signed it this morning and had it sent over.

The Agreement and contract between Mrs. Joyce Watson, and Mrs. Joyce Watson's daughter, Miss Janet Watson, and Mr. Glen Havert.

This binding contract is being made for both the benefit of Mr. Glen Havert subsequently to be referred to as the wearer and Mrs. Joyce Watson subsequently to be known as the Keyholder and her Daughter Miss Janet Watson.
As it has been established that unprotected sex has occurred between the wearer and Miss Watson, and an unwanted pregnancy could have resulted, and it is the responsibility of the Keyholder to ensure that an unwanted pregnancy resulting in further sexual intercourse is to be avoided. It is also understood that both the wearer and Miss Watson want to continue their romantic involvement. In order to insure that an unwanted pregnancy won't occur between the two, and for the wearer and Miss Watson to have Keyholder's continued blessings of this romantic involvement. The wearer agrees to the following terms and conditions.

1. The wearer agrees to wear a custom built Fidelity Enforcer subsequently to be referred to as the device.
2 The device shall be worn 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
3 The wearer shall wear the device for as long as Miss Watson wants to stay in a relationship with the wearer.
4. Miss Watson feels she would be better off with a full time dependable boyfriend while attending college for the next 4 years to avoid male distractions and it is therefore essential that the wearer agrees to a 4 year commitment. The wearer agrees to a 4 year commitment.
5. The device will be removed once every two weeks during the first year and once every four weeks there after, in order for the wearer to have sexual release. Once that release has happened, the device will immediately be reinstalled.
6 The length of time between releases can be lengthened if the wearer incurs any penalties which are outlined in section 2. Penalties and Forfeitures.
7 The Keyholder will control all keys to the device and neither the wearer nor Miss Watson shall ever have control or see the keys.
8. As long as the wearer agrees to accepts all the conditions of this agreement the wearer shall have full access to Miss Watson including sleeping with her if Miss Watson so desires. Miss Watson is to have the final say.
9. The wearer shall perform whatever sexual acts with Miss Watson that she desires, within the constraints of the wearer, wearing the device.
10 The wearer will give his utmost respect, and love to Miss Watson at all times.
11. In order to keep harmony in the family, the wearer agrees to also give the Keyholder his utmost respect and love.
12. The device was bought and paid for by the Keyholder and remains her property. The wearer agrees to keep the device in good condition and will not damage the device in any way. The wearer shall never attempt unauthorized removal, except for medical emergencies; accepted emergencies are listed in Section 2. Wearer shall not tamper with the lock mechanism or try to circumvent the device's intended purpose. Any violation of these conditions will result in severe penalties. See section 2. Penalties and Forfeitures.

Section 2. Penalties and Forfeitures

1. If it has been determined that the wearer has removed or attempted to remove or circumvent the device. The relationship between the wearer and Miss Watson will be severed at the sole discretion of the Keyholder. If the relationship is severed, the wearer will be required to wear a replacement device, if necessary, to be paid for by the wearer and will remain attached for a period of no less than 4 years without being removed for any reason other than a medical emergency. The wearer also shall pay a sum of 100,000.00 US Dollars to be split by the Keyholder and Miss Watson, to compensate for their emotional distress.
2 Medical emergencies shall be limited to the following. Necessary removal for a medical procedure that would require its removal. An accident requiring removal. Any serious skin problems that can't be cleared up without removal.
Once the medical emergency is corrected the device will be reinstalled and any penalty time restarts form the beginning.
3. If the wearer wishes to break off the relationship with Miss Watson, prior to 2 years of the start of this agreement, he agrees to the following conditions.
A. The wearer agrees to wear the device for the remaining portion of the 4 year term plus 2 additional years continuously, and will not be removed except for a medical emergency.
B. The wearer shall pay a sum of 100,000.00 US Dollars to be split by the Keyholder and Miss Watson, to compensate for their emotional distress.
4. If the wearer wishes to break off the relationship between the second and forth year he agrees to the following conditions.
A. Wear the device for the remaining portion of the 4 year period plus an additional 2 years continuously, and will not be removed except for a medical emergency.
B. The wearer shall pay a sum of 100,000.00 US Dollars to be split by the Keyholder and Miss Watson to compensate for their emotional distress.
5. It is the wearer’s responsibility to keep Miss Watson happy and sexually satisfied. If the wearer does not do so, she may make a complaint to the Keyholder. If the Keyholder accepts the complaint and a resolution between the wearer and Miss Watson can't be resolved the wearer authorizes the Keyholder to lengthen his release time up to an addition 4 weeks. More penalties can be added for other complaints.
6. If Miss Watson wishes to break off the romantic involvement with the wearer, due to her own feelings and desires, the wearer will be required to leave the device on for a period of 6 months before its removal.
7. If the wearer is found to be flirting with another female, wearer’s release will be extended by 8 weeks.
8. If it is found that the wearer is having or attempts to have a romantic involvement with another person without the express permission of both Miss Watson and the Keyholder. The relationship with Miss Watson and The wearer will be severed and the following penalties will apply.
1. The wearer shall pay a sum of 100,000.00 US Dollars to be split by the Keyholder and Miss Watson, to compensate for their emotional distress.
2. The wearer will be required to wear the device for 5 years continuously, before it is removed.
9. If the relationship is terminated and there are penalties requiring the wearer to wear to the device. The wearer gives permission to inspect the wearer at any time and any place without prior notice, to insure that the device is properly attached, and has not been altered or damaged. Inspections not to exceed three per week. These inspections may be performed by either the Keyholder or Miss Watson or a designee.
10. If it is found the wearer is not incompliance with the terms of any penalty, either the Keyholder or Miss Watson can bring forth a court proceeding to force compliance and all legal fees shall be paid for by the wearer.

Section 3.
Should any part of this Agreement be rendered or declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction of the United States of America, such invalidation of such part or portion of this Agreement shall not invalidate the remaining portions thereof, and they shall remain in full force and effect.
It is further agreed that if part of the Agreement is determined invalid, either party may open negotiations solely with respect to a substitute for such section, or portion, within two (2) weeks after a ruling has been made.
This contract maybe renewed for another 4 years with the same terms and condition if written notice is given to the wearer no more than 60 days or less than 30 days prior to the end of the 4 year contract by the Keyholder and Miss Watson.
Section 4
All parties to the agreement states that he or she has read the entire agreement and understands the term of the agreement and is over the legal age to accept and sign this agreement. Also states that the signor is not under any threat of personal or financial threat if the party does not agree and sign this agreement.
Then it has places to initial the clause and has the initials’ of Janet and her mom already.

Then a place to sign and date and notary seal. They have already signed it and signatures were notarized.

Oh my god, what the hell is this, Frank is standing behind the counter waiting.
I walk up to the counter and asked what this is.

"It's pretty much a standard agreement between a Keyholder and a Wearer, I've seen much worse than this. Other than a third party the mother as a Keyholder this is a fairly standard and is fairly easy on you. You just stay in line and I think things will work out great for you. I knew of one that was a 3 year contract which had up to a ten year penalty and 5 million dollars. The guy was fairly rich but it does give one a sense to stay on the straight and narrow so to speak."

"Yeah but this thing talks about this device being on me for up to 5 years and me paying $100,000.00. I mean come on."

"Mr. Havert, can I call you Glen."
"Sure Frank."
"Well it also says you can be with your girl have full access to her body, and with her mother's permission and blessings.
You know that rich guy, I heard ended up having a problem and hired a good attorney and got out of the whole thing. Almost anything can be gotten around with a good attorney. Now I'm not a lawyer so I can't give legal advice, I'm just saying what I heard. Do you think this girl is worth a shot, after all if things don't work out you might get the court to see it your way?"
I think what am I going to do, I really want her, but what is the device, no one will tell me.
"Can I see what you’re going to put on me Frank?"
"Sign this and will get on you, It won't do any physical harm and once removed your completely back to normal, that's all Mrs. Watson will let me say."
Why so secretive, I did promise Janet last night I would do this, but this agreement, shit what to do.
Frank got on the phone and called someone and said to bring their notary stuff.
While my head was spinning in walks Pam.
Oh shit.
"Oh the Cute man, what are we signing, an Agreement let me look it over. Ok, I need to see your driver's license.” She opens her book and writes down my name, address, driver's license number, and says to sign here. I just keep staring at the cleavage as she talks and writes.
I look across at those gorgeous breasts of hers, wanting to see all of them, then I look at her eyes and am lost.
“Pamela you know you have the most beautiful eyes. Has anyone told you how gorgeous you are?”
“Oh, Mr. Havert that's so nice of you to say that, and yes I've been told that many times. You are sweet though and I'm going to wave my customary $20.00 fee for you.”
I take the pen and sign her book.
“Ok now I need you to sign the document above your name and initial here.”
All of a sudden reality hits me. Oh hell I'm only 18 in four years and I'll be 22 , which is how long it will take me to get through college, if I have a steady girlfriend to keep me from being distracted, maybe can I get better grades. I'm bent over the counter with my elbows on the counter and hand on my forehead, trying to think what to do.
I suddenly hear Pam.
“Mr. Havert you need to sign and initial this. Hey it's only a 4 year contract and this one is pretty easy on you compared to some I've seen. Hey it gives you sleep with your girl, with her mother's blessings, that's a whole lot more than my parent's would have given me at eighteen. Hell even now at 22 they get pissed at the way I am, right Uncle Frank.”
“Alright let's get it done.” I sign and date it and initial the clause saying I have read and understand it.
“Ok, Mr. Havert let’s go in the back and get it installed.”
“Uncle Frank, remember you promised me that the next time you would ask.”
“Pamela now's not the time.”
“I don't know when a better time would be. You promised, a promise is a promise.”
“I'll ask, but it is up to the client.”
“Come on back and I explain it to you, once were done.” Pamela leaves. “I'm never going to hire a female relative again.”
His receptionist groans.
“That of course would never apply to the smartest most efficient secretary a company could ever have, Joan.”
“Flattery is nice but doesn't get you off the hook.”
“What will?”
“Dinner and dancing at the country club tonight would be a good start.”
“Have my brilliant secretary make reservations for me and my absolutely stunning and gorgeous wife the sexiest and most alluring woman I ever laid eyes on.”
“Well that's the kind of flattery that could go to a girls head.”
“I'll make reservations for six pm.”
We enter the hallway. "My big mouth just cost me over a hundred bucks, I was hoping for a quiet night at home. I guess you figured out, Joan is my wife.”
I guess he's like most married middle aged men, hen pecked and pussy whipped, maybe he’s human after all.
We enter the same room as the last time, but has what looks like a doctor's exam table and only one chair. The same two waste baskets, locked cabinet on the wall and nothing else.
He unlocks and opens a drawer and hands me the gown like before and tells me to change. Then hands me this metal ring that's about 2 and a half inches in diameter. It has three holes on what appears to be the top and is flatter on the top with a large groove on the top and one side of it.
“This Mr. Havert is what’s called a base ring. It fits around you genitals, after you change into the gown I need you to put it on. The best way to do this is first put your testicles though the opening one at a time and then push you penis through, you need to stay as soft as possible until you get it on. The deep ridge goes on away from your body. When you’re done push the green button on the intercom and I'll be back. Any questions?”
“Only the one's you keep not answering.”
“Ok then, push the button when you’re ready.”
He leaves and closes the door.
What the fuck have I gotten into? Too late now I've signed and agreed to this.
I take off my clothes and put the gown on, open in the front. This ring is almost round on the outside but has a slight oval shape, and a lot more oval on the inside it has three small holes drilled through what appears to be the top. A large V shaped groove on the top and front of it. The groove on the front is circular matching the curve of the ring, the one on top just goes across the top. It looks like it's made out of stainless steel and had a bright high polished finish.
He said the groove goes away from my body and put my balls though first, let’s get it over with.
I kept trying to keep both my balls in while pulling back my cock push it through but one of my balls keeps popping back out before I could get everything in. Well let see I need to stretch my sack out a little maybe that will help. I try stretching things out and try again this time I made it. Then it just hung there I'll be damned balls aren't falling back out, shit, then I start getting hard. Oh crap I can't let this guy see me with a full erection, this is embarrassing enough. Ok, settled down, thinks of chess moves that always worked in the past. Oh that's better, I guess I'm ready. I push the intercom button.
A minute later Frank knocks on the door I tell him to come in.
“I need you to hop up on the table and lay down, and we'll get this on you. Could you put your hands under your head?”
“Sure but why?”
“Just to help you from trying to grab at things. This is going to feel strange at first, but only takes a couple of minutes to get used to.”
“OK.” I put my hands under my head. He opens a box, slides something under the ring that pushes everything slightly down and I feel something going over my cock, and then hear a loud click. Then I can feel him twisting and pulling on it, and then he pulls the plastic depressor out from under the ring.
“OK you can sit up now.”
He picks up the phone and tells Joan to send the package.
“That's it, you’re done?” I ask.
“I just need to go over a few details on what to expect, how to keep everything clean and how to maintain the lock mechanism, and a strong warning about not tampering with the lock.”
I sat up and I look at a highly polished metal cage on me, oh shit.
“Mr. Havert, let me explain a few things to you. First this is what is commonly called a male chastity device, this particular one I named a Fidelity Enforcer as the name applies it is used to make sure the wearer's Fidelity is insured. It is made out of High grade surgical stainless steel and has been hardened, which makes bolt cutters impossible to use, there is only three ways I know of to remove it.”
“First is obvious use the key, second cut off your balls and it will slide right off, I’ve never known of anyone taking this option, and 3 use a high speed diamond cutting wheel, but one must be very careful, due to the proximity of your organs, otherwise you can end up with option 2 again. Of course some men can pullout the back of it and have it just hang on the balls, in order to get access to themselves. In your case, your anatomy is not going to allow this. Although I'm sure you will try in the next few weeks. Of course that would violate your agreement not to circumvent it intended use.”
He then opens a drawer and pulls out a complete lock and cage assembly locked together.
“The way this is made the two pieces fit perfectly with each other over a highly polished mirror surface and will not bend like a lot of plastic devices which can cause the testicles to get squeezed causing pain or skin to get pinched and doesn't split in two or have pieces that will break. Plastic is great for getting though security gates with metal detectors though. There maybe times when your Keyholder will let you wear one, if the need arises. It is very important to keep all hair away from the two parts when installing the cage. That is what this plastic depressor is for, it goes under the ring and pushes everything down and away from where the two parts match up. A lot of Keyholders and some wearers prefer to be shaved, that I will leave up to you and your Keyholder.”
“As to the lock, it requires two pieces to unlock it. The key which fits on the side and is custom made and complex. There are two of them and if both are lost or destroyed they can’t be replaced. I don't keep any records or templates of them for integrity reasons. The second piece is fairly simple and can easily be made. All it does is go through this slot at the top.” Which he shows me, “and you push it in. Now here's the problem if the wrong key is installed and turned to the first position and the depressor is used instead of being able to turn the key further it will jamb the lock mechanism and the key will be locked in place and nothing at that point will unlock it. Never under any circumstances put anything into this slot at the top without fully inserting the correct key. I've taken this lock to several top Master Locksmiths and all they could due was jam the mechanism. If they don't get it right the very first time it will jamb, it always takes several attempts at picking a good lock. Your Keyholder already has possession of the first key and the second one with the original signed agreement was sent to her a couple of minutes ago by messenger. You need to insert a couple drops of oil every couple of weeks to keep everything lubricated and free of corrosion. You need to lie on your side and put a couple of drops in and let it soak in for about a minute, then you done. The only part of the entire cage that isn't stainless steel is the lock which has all lot of brass pieces. If you go in the ocean or expose it to salt water such as a salt water swimming pool you need to thoroughly wash and rinse it out and apply oil as soon as possible. Also here is some lube you need to apply between the base ring and yourself. This will allow it move all little back and forth and keep you from getting abrasions and you will feel better. Here go ahead put some on the end of your finger and push it in. He hands me the bottle and says I can keep it. This is a silicone based lube which works just fine. Some men prefer using hand lotion. This way they can keep it out at work, and no one says anything about hand lotion being on someone’s desk. I understand Aveeno works well and doesn't have a fragrance.”
“Now on to what to expect wearing this device. It will take a couple of days to get used to the feeling of something around your genitals, but after about a week you'll get to the point of hardly noticing it, most of the time. If you should try and get an erection what happens it is the cage is pushed outward from your body and your testicles get pulled up against the cage and the base ring. This will cause discomfort and some pain, just calm yourself down and it will quickly subside. The cage as you can see is curved and the inside is smaller than your erect penis, this serves two purposes one is for concealment under clothes, the other is to prevent the you from being able to get a full erection, this way it will reduce the pain. The first few nights it is common sometime around 4 AM, why 4 AM I'm not sure, but I think that's when most people are in their deepest sleep called REM sleep. At any rate your penis tries to have a full very hard erection, when this happens you will wake up in a lot of pain. Don't be alarmed, get up and go and try to pee this will help settle everything down and the pain quickly goes away. This usually only happens the first 2 or 3 nights then the body adjusts and the brain stops sending the signal to get a nighttime erection.”
“If you should have any problems with abrasions or soreness tell your Keyholder who can inspect you and determine what remedies are necessary. You can call me if you are having a serious problem and I may be able to help with modifications, although that is unlikely, being this was made to fit your body. Do not call me just because you can't stand to have it on any longer or are in desperate need of sexual release. I have no way of removing the device and I‘m not authorized to remove it. All of this information has been put into your package which Joan will give you on the way out. Also you might want to go on to one of the many forum sites that deal with chastity. Some of them are way out there and deal in a lot of fiction one of the better ones is chastityforums.com. Any questions?”
“Well, how do I pee with this on?”
“Oh sorry I forgot to cover that. There is an opening on the end of the cage, try to line the end of your penis up with it and then sit down on the toilet. You maybe able to stand at a urinal, but you have to be perfectly lined up or it will spray and drip everywhere. If your only option is a toilet you pretty much have to sit down. You will need to use some toilet paper to wipe off what gets on the cage. Some men I'm told they will take a piece of toilet paper and stick it through the end to catch anything that you can't squeeze out and then take it out the next time they have to go.” Then he picks something up off the counter. “I have one last thing, after you wear this for a month or two your sack will usually stretch which leaves more room between the device and your body in order to maintain security a spacer needs to be installed. This part is made out of polycarbonate in order to reduce weight it simply slides into the three holes at the back of the base ring once the cage is locked on it becomes locked to the base ring. Until I saw your contract I wasn’t aware that you would be locked long term. I’m going to have you give this to your Keyholder, Mrs. Watson. I will email her on how to tell when it needs to be installed it and how to install it.”
Shit, I think I'm screwed or in this case never to be screwed again. He hands me the piece it’s curved like the base ring has three pegs with notches in them is about a half inch deep, if nothing else it’s lightweight
“Glen I have a personal request from Pam, it is entirely up to you. She has bugged me to see one of these on someone, and at the counter that's what she was asking about. If you wouldn't mind her coming in and having a look, she would really appreciate it, also it would get her off my back, again it's entirely up to you.”
Well if that doesn't beat all. I wouldn't mind looking at her cleavage and legs again. What the hell.
“Sure, ok, maybe you could ask her to loosen her top a little more. Oh, sorry I know she's you niece it just slipped out.”
“I can ask, but you maybe sorry.”
I wondered why I would be sorry.
He gets on the phone and tells her my request.
Two minutes later there was a knock on the door.
“It's me Uncle Frank.”
“Come on in.”
She definitely loosened her top, you could see everything but the nipples and she has taken off her bra.
I'm standing there and she looks.
"Oh my, Uncle Frank, he's getting hard."
“Well you better make it quick because he's going to start to have some pain.” She comes over and grabs the cage and pulls it up, my balls are starting to hurt with her bent over her tits are almost fully exposed. I don't care about the pain I'll block it out. She looks under it and tugs a little then lets it go.
“Wow this is great and he can't get out of it can he.”
“No Pamela that is the idea.”
“Uncle Frank, I need you to make me one for my next boyfriend. I'm tired of dating a guy and then after we have sex a few times he dumps me you know the Fuck her then Dump her routine. If I had one of these I could keep him teased for a long time and maybe he would stick around a lot longer. Hey if I was your girlfriend you wouldn't do that to me, would you.”
“Oh, um, um, absolutely not, I can't imagine anyone doing that to you.”
“Well looks like you have a girlfriend already anyways.
”Uncle Frank how about it, will you make me one.”
“Maybe your Dad could keep the keys.”
“Uncle Frank, don't you dare tell him.”
“Better yet your Mom.”
She stood and looked like she was thinking for a minute.
“Now that could be just wicked, I'll think about that one, of course I need to find the right boyfriend.”
“To bad Glen you’re taken.” Then she comes over puts her arms around me under the gown, with her hands grabbing my bare ass and gives me a huge kiss. I'm in instant pain.
She lets go takes another look and says “Sorry, I think I better leave now.”
“God Frank, this hurts.”
He opens the drawer and pulls out a cold pack and breaks the center seal and tells me to put this on my balls.
Oh fuck, this is cold, but the pressure starts to go down, and I get back to normal.
“I told you about getting too excited, I didn't know she would do all that. Pamela is hard to control. Well that’s about it, you can put your clothes on. See Joan on the way out.”
He then locks everything back up and tells me good luck as he walks out.
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Re: What it means to give and not recieve Chapters 1 and 2

Post by TwistedMister »

This story seems to have some promise, but...as written, it is much too hard to read. With all of the spelling and grammar errors, run-on sentences, inappropriate verb-tense shifts and lack of white space (paragraph breaks) I got bored less than 1/2 way through this first installment. It was almost painful. I ended up just skimming and racing through it just to get to the end. It was so torturous that any eroticism was lost

All of the installments should have been posted to the same topic stream rather than 5 separate threads. This could be a decent story, but you need a great deal of help with the technical aspects of writing and editing.
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Re: What it means to give and not recieve Chapters 1 and 2

Post by Sonicmerlin1 »

Well I didn't really mind whatever grammar errors there might have been, and white space or paragraph indentations weren't a problem for me. Overall I enjoyed the story.

You could probably save yourself a lot of effort though if you left out the details of every mundane action undertaken by the characters. So for example there's no need to describe the main character's trip to the bathroom, how he washed his hands with soap, dried them with a towel, walked into his room, took his shirt off, put on another one, etc, etc.

And on a personal note, I'd love to see some female foot domination in any subsequent story you write.
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Re: What it means to give and not recieve Chapters 1 and 2

Post by wrangler »

TwistedMister wrote:This story seems to have some promise, but...as written, it is much too hard to read. With all of the spelling and grammar errors, run-on sentences, inappropriate verb-tense shifts and lack of white space (paragraph breaks) I got bored less than 1/2 way through this first installment. It was almost painful. I ended up just skimming and racing through it just to get to the end. It was so torturous that any eroticism was lost

All of the installments should have been posted to the same topic stream rather than 5 separate threads. This could be a decent story, but you need a great deal of help with the technical aspects of writing and editing.
I'm sorry about the spelling and grammar I tried to correct most of the mistakes before posting. This is my first real attempt at writing and will probably be my last. I do thank you for your comments.
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Re: What it means to give and not recieve Chapters 1 and 2

Post by wrangler »

Sonicmerlin1 wrote:Well I didn't really mind whatever grammar errors there might have been, and white space or paragraph indentations weren't a problem for me. Overall I enjoyed the story.

You could probably save yourself a lot of effort though if you left out the details of every mundane action undertaken by the characters. So for example there's no need to describe the main character's trip to the bathroom, how he washed his hands with soap, dried them with a towel, walked into his room, took his shirt off, put on another one, etc, etc.

And on a personal note, I'd love to see some female foot domination in any subsequent story you write.
Well I thank you for your comments I probably did over due the bathroom routine. Things just went along as I typed. Some of the story is probably from my own experience, and frustrations, with a plastic cage.
Thanks, Wrangler
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