Fanning the flames

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Fanning the flames

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This story has two versions, the sweet innocent version for those of you that dont like it too 'hard', and the badass version. I like both fantasies, but I would only want to live the softer one!

Thumper this is female chastity, and then only the baddass ending. Feel free to moderate if you feel it's inappropriate. 

Hope you enjoy.

Fanning the flames

I was excited, it had been over a week since I had seen my husband and he was due back tonight. This had been a tough week for me, barely married a year we were very much in love and lust. We made love at least once a day and we were rarely apart. Ben's trip had been unexpected, and although he was excited about it I was somewhat nervous, first time apart and all that. It didn't help that most nights when we called each other conversation soon turned naughty, leading inevitably to play.

It was on the third night that things changed a little. As I started to approach my orgasm his voice developed an hard edge, one I knew well, something that in itself almost made me cum. 'Tease yourself babe, touch yourself the way I touch you. Imagine my hardness inside you, its going to be a while before you feel it again!' God I loved when he was demanding. 'Don't cum, save it till I get back' he breathed, 'I want to surprise you, I want you needy'. Days to go and I was already dripping, well I could cope with a few days couldn't I?

The days passed like decades, hot, wet, lonely nights. How I coped I don't know, how I stopped myself night after night, edge after edge I can't say. My nights were sweat soaked erotic dreamscapes populated by succubae, I abandoned myself to it. My days were easier though my clit burned and throbbed, especially at work where colleagues flirted, wondering what had got into me as they enjoyed my reactions. Evenings were the worst, we chatted and flirted and masturbated, he talked dirty, he cajoled, encouraged, enthused and still he waited. He came while I wept tears of lust.

I was due to meet him at the airport in an hour, and wanted to surprise him with something special. I came out the shower and dried myself off, enjoying the sensation of the rough towel on my skin. As it passed between my legs I whimpered quietly, tempted to rub some more. It wouldn't do me any good, I had promised to keep myself for him and anyway I was trying to dry off not get wetter. Looking through my wardrobe I chose a sheer knee length skirt, very tight fitting. Beneath this I pulled on a pair of pale hold-ups, savouring the feeling as they encased my legs, compressing and teasing the soft skin of my inner thighs. I had intended to go without panties but thinking about the state I was in I thought that wouldn't be such a good idea, my skirt would be soaked before we left the airport. Instead I chose one of my cutest thongs, lemon yellow and sheer at the front. It cupped my swollen lips closely and I traced my finger along the line between them, enjoying the way my panties transmitted the feeling. My lips were shaved bare and I could see them clearly through the material, I knew that my husband would appreciate that! Finally I pulled on a matching yellow camisole trimmed with lace, and a low cut fitted shirt that displayed too much décolletage and accentuated my narrow waist. A dab of perfume, a hint of makeup, my highest heels, and a very aroused woman left the house.

An hour later he came through the gate and I threw myself into his arms. This was meant to be a loving reunion, but I confess that as I felt his chest press against me and his arms circled me my libido overtook me. I kissed him passionately, grinding myself against his hardening cock and was honestly in danger of cuming when a discreet cough at my side alerted me to someone's presence. Looking very amused Ben introduced me to Liv, one of his colleagues. As I held out my hand to her she grinned and I felt the blush rising up my chest and heating my face, to my horror my embarrassment making my nipples erect. Liv looked down, grinned again and kissed me gently on both cheeks. Her breasts brushed against me and her perfume was intoxicating. Her presence was making me burn and I had the distinct impression that she knew it. Fortunately she said her goodbyes and left while Ben guided me firmly to the car.

I felt his hand on my hip, then cupping my arse. As my pussy gushed into my panties and my head swam I felt him teasing my buttocks while his tongue played wetly in my ear. Finally when I could stand it no longer, when I was about to fuck him right there in the car park he whispered 'I'm hungry darling, aren't you hungry? Let's have dinner."

The Bastard! What the hell was he thinking?

"Oh before I forget he said" by now we were in the car, "pull your skirt up to your waist, close your eyes, no peeking". I felt his hands stroking my soft thighs, caressing the junction between them and my aching lips, enjoying the smooth velvet skin near my pussy. I was whimpering now though I tried not to, as his fingers crept into my panties teasing my frothing pussy, circling and squeezing my clit and bringing me to the point of my much needed climax. I felt the beginning of a monster orgasm, building up and rising inside me. Careless now of the wetness spilling down my legs I slipped forward on the seat, spread my legs wide and pressed my pelvis up into his hand crying for more. Then he stopped, smoothing my panties back in place, and as I panted is desperation he told me I must wait till after dinner but not to worry he will make sure I have plenty to distract me. With a growing sense of horror I looked down to see the tiny vibrator in the gusset of my panties, pressed between my lips just below my clit, the remote in his hand. It was going to be a long night.

Dinner was a most incredible experience, the food was, as ever, excellent, and half a bottle of wine went down very smoothly leaving a mellow buzz. On the other hand I couldn't sit still, squirming with need and having to concentrate on enjoying my food. The waiter was rather solicitous and very flirtatious; a fact Ben took full advantage of by turning up the vibrator every time he was near. I am sure he guessed something was up as he kept grinning whenever my voice cracked, in fact I think at one point he even smelt my arousal, his nostrils flaring. I was thoroughly humiliated but desperately aroused. By the time I was half way through the meal my panties were soaked and I was worried about the state of my dress! I had been close to the edge several times already. I squirmed in my seat, clenching my thighs together and tensing for extra pleasure, savouring the buzz in my swollen clit and slipperiness inside me. Ben was smiling at me, lovingly, but like a man up to serious mischief. Little did I know!

We walked into the house, at last, I hurried wanting privacy, wanting to throw off my clothes and fuck my husband senseless. Ben took his time, strolling in, carefully hanging his coat up and totally ignoring me as I tried to make myself and my needs known. In frustration I unzipped my skirt letting it pool at my feet, stepped out of it slowly, pointing my toes and exaggerating the length of my stockinged legs, then climbed the stairs to our bedroom swaying my hips and showing Ben my panties peeking beneath my shirt. He groaned, finally a reaction, and I felt his tread behind me, his hands reaching up and resting on my hips beneath my shirt, smoothing over my skin and raising goose bumps all over me. Finally my handsome husband was going to fuck me.

We tumbled into the bedroom and onto the bed, kissing each other hard, his tongue flitted into and out of my mouth, teasing and fucking me, a promise of pleasures to come. I could feel his erection trapped against me bare thigh and his thigh ground the vibrator into my clit. I ripped his shirt open exposing his broad chest and ran my hands over it, holding back a moment before I buried my face in it. I felt his muscles and hair against my cheek, smelt the musky smell of man, then began softly kissing his nipples grazing them with my teeth. 'tell me what you want' he demanded roughly, 'beg me for it'. I did, like a harlot I begged and pleaded, 'fuck me, shit fuck me any way you want. Use me, I want you, need you inside me. Please!'

As I begged he moved, pinned my arms above my head and secured them with ties I hadn't even noticed. I gyrated and thrust my hips up at him, begging him, pleading with my eyes, 'use me fuck me abuse me' I thought as I slipped steadily deeper in my submission. He tore open my shirt, buttons flying and scattering to the floor, the air was cool against my skin, shocking. I thrust my chest out raising my breasts to him and waiting for his mouth. I knew he would be rough, he loved tormenting me with my sensitive nipples and he didn't disappoint. Sucking one hard into his mouth he clamped down with his lips until I cried out in pain, then repeated it on my other nipple. I looked down at them, slick with his saliva and red, swollen. The sight of them so lewdly alive, and the way they throbbed, went right through me provoking another wave of arousal. His hands were at the waistband of my thong, I raised my hips and he pulled them off freeing my pussy at last. He groaned and like a starving animal he ate me, no subtlety or gentleness he simply pressed his tongue deep into me, tasting me, fucking me, pulling me open and letting his lip rub against my clit. i knew that anything he did would send my flying. I could smell my arousal, normally that would embarrass me but in the state I was in it just made me hotter. I revelled in my body, my sexuality, almost as though in a trance I let the feeling wash over me.

It wasn't long before I was ready, the contractions were starting, a fluttering deep inside myself, clenching in my pussy. I knew I had to be careful, Ben was in a teasing mood and I had to hide my reaction from him if I wanted to cum soon. I knew that if I didn't he would torment me for ages. I closed my eyes and tried to calm the impulses until it was too late but unfortunately he was too in tune with me, using it as a sign to help him keep me even closer to the edge. Up and down for what felt like hours, I begged him, promised to do anything for him, be his slut, his slave, suck him off daily, just to be allowed to cum. In reply he simply grinned, tied my legs wide apart to the ends of the bed, blindfolded me, and sank his length deep inside me. His cock felt like hot steel as it sank into me, almost tipping me over the edge as he bottomed out, his wiry pubes grinding against my swollen clit. He pulled out slowly leaving me gaping, aching and empty. "Darling I have a surprise for you" he said as he walked out.

My breathing ragged, thighs clenching for stimulation (which wouldn't come as my legs were so wide apart), cool air on my wet pussy and thighs. I must have looked every inch a wet dream. I was so absorbed in my own world that I didn't notice the footsteps, didn't realise something had changed until I smelt her perfume. Liv's perfume? I wriggled frantically and heard her chuckle. I could get used to this she said as she was pulling off my blindfold. Ben said something I couldn't hear and I opened my eyes to see Liv's beautiful chocolate eyes looking at me. I took in her long dark hair, wavy, lying over her tanned shoulders. I gasped, she was stunning, she wore a waspie but was bare breasted, and had on black panties and dark stockings. Her breasts were fantastic, full and heavy though as pert as could be expected given their size, tipped with hard dark nipples. Just the kind of girl I had told Ben I liked. She sat by me on the bed idly toying with my pussy as if she owned me. I was to put it mildly, gushing. On seeing her state of dress my embarrassment had changed to utter and complete lust for her. I tried to lean my head over and kiss some part of her, in vain.

--------- Badass ending -----------

Ben walked over and started to play between my legs. I couldn't see what he was doing as Liv leant in to kiss me while he did it. I dimly heard and felt things being put onto me but was mostly lost in the kiss. You taste wonderful Liv told me, sweet honey lips, I hope you like kissing me because I will want much more. I only groaned in reply. Ben started to speak.

"Meet my new subbie darling, I know we have been looking for a while but I have found her. She is my toy, but to you she is Mistress, you will do whatever either of us tell you from now on. I have put a chastity belt on you to protect you from yourself. If you agree it will be locked and we will have the only keys. Liv will be having all your orgasms from now on, starting tonight. She will enjoy my cum inside her while you will endure unbearable torment and denial. You may not have me inside you very often so I hope you savoured it tonight.". I was shaking my head, deep in subspace but shocked to the core, nonetheless my body told me clearly what it wanted. "You will be expected to give her as many orgasms as she wants, and your pleasure will be to taste me inside her. Your orgasms will from now on be at our whim, just enough to maximise your frustration, but keep you crying with need. If you agree you will lick Liv to the first of many orgasms. If not then we will have fun tonight and nothing more will be said of it." as he said this Liv lowered herself over my face, her musky smell driving me mad with need, obviously swollen and already parting I could see moisture on her smooth lips. There was only one option, my body demanded it. Almost despite myself my tongue reached out and traced the line of her pussy from her perineum to her clit. She dropped down, driving her pussy into my mouth and crying out her pleasure as Ben closed the cold front panel of my belt over 'their' burning pussy and clicked the lock shut.

"Best wishes darling, your fantasy is coming true. I hope you like it because there is no turning back now and it may be a long time before you cum again."

--------- Innocent version -----------

Ben walked over and started to play between my legs. I couldn't see what he was doing as Liv leant in to kiss me while he did it. I felt things being put into me, things that stretched me and made me spread wide, but I was mostly lost in the kiss. You taste wonderful Liv told me, sweet honey lips, I hope you like kissing me because I want much more. I only groaned in reply. Ben started to speak.

"Meet my new friend darling, I know we have been looking for another girl for a while, well I have found her. as he was speaking I could see Liv rubbing herself, spreading her wetness over her lips with one hand while teasing me with the other. "she likes you darling, a lot, and I am sure we will both like her. I met her at the conference but lucky for us she only lives a few miles away. She is a very naughty girl". I was shocked to the core, had Ben been with her? Did i want this? Was i ready? Nonetheless my body responded, it knew what it wanted and it sung to me. I writhed with pleasure. "If you agree you will lick Liv to the first of many orgasms. If not then you and I will have fun tonight and nothing more will be said of it." as he said this Liv lowered herself over my face, her need was obvious and it drove me wild, obviously swollen and already parting I could see moisture on her smooth lips. There was only one option, my body demanded it. Almost despite myself my tongue reached out and traced the line of her pussy from her perineum to her clit, the taste searing into me. She dropped down, driving her pussy onto my mouth and crying out her pleasure as Ben drove his steel cock into me.

With that one thrust my first orgasm crashed over me. I bucked against the restraints and moaned into Liv's pussy as Ben continued to drive into me, igniting smaller orgasms as he did. "Best wishes darling, your fantasy is coming true. I hope you like it."
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