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Re: Cuckolded

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Though I would not go so far as to say that watching Murray fuck my wife was becoming 'hum-drum', but it has certainly developed into a regular weekly occurrence. It's simply a given that he'll show up for at least a few hours on Saturday or Sunday (occasionally both days, and sometimes mid-week) to take his pleasures. I know my place...during such visits, I am no more than a sexual accessory....used for preparation, sexual enhancement, and cleanup. was with considerable anticipation (and no small degree of worry) that I looked forward to our upcoming anniversary, the first one that would occur under this new 'arrangement'. For many years we had celebrated the date by staying in same landmark hotel, suite, and bed that we'd consummated our union on our wedding night. A tradition.

While I very much hoped that Beth would wish to continue the renewal of our marital commitment, I had learned tht such presumptions could be dangerous. Our world was now 'upside-down'.....and I was on the bottom, so to speak, so it was with considerable trepidation that I broached the subject.....could we spend our anniversary evening as we always had, or should I cancel our longstanding reservation?

Beth's response was reassuring, "Of course we will, silly....we're still a happily married couple. It's our special night; just like every year. He'll be out of town with his little family, so it will just be you and me, Sweetheart!"

My heart rose at the thought of an entire evening alone with my cage, and no Murray. He hadn't allowed me to come in weeks, and my caged cock instantly expanded to the limits of the JB. Beth smiled at my obvious discomfort and said, "Just a little while longer, baby....I can see you're really hurting", and gently stroked my trapped and painfully engorged testicles (though her sympathy wasn't sufficient to stop her from pinching the hell out of my nipples...something that drives me crazy).

The morning of the big day arrived, and Beth took her key....unlocked and removed the padlock....gently pulling the cage, and baserings off my cock. She lovingly caressed my rapidly hardening penis, and remarked, "Murray said this could be off for the weekend." I was so very grateful....and almost ejaculated.

I hadn't been 'uncaged' for more than 20 minutes in a very long longer than was necessary for Beth to enjoy riding my hard cock, and then place my frustrated little friend back in lock-up....with the aid of some frozen peas. A tease that was generally rewarded with an opportunity to suck and lick her to orgasm as she roughly fucked my face. Even when released and rewarded with a 'sloppy seconds' opportunity to come to orgasm during one of Murray's visits, time unlocked was never more than long enough to empty my cock.

I 'swung free' for the entire day. What a glorious feeling! An afternoon of accompanying Beth to Victoria's Secrets, and body lotion shops.....the only unsettling spot when she'd ask me if I thought "would Murray like this?" after the purchase of a leather bustier that didn't quite manage to cover the tops of her rather large areolas.

Dinner was torture. I had earlier taken a cialis.....I had every intention of making as much use of my unfettered cock as possible, in the brief time available. I'm sure I was continually dripping many throbbing erections, Beth's hand resting lightly on my thigh....several vodka martinis....and finally, up to 'the room'. Just the two of us in the elevator, Beth's hand inside my trousers, stroking my leaking member. She smiled, and said, "My, you're an eager little boy, aren't you?" as she licked a finger wet with my cock-drool.

Once in our room, she began to undress, and suggested that we shower.

I had not been allowed to shower with Beth for months....that was now Murray's perogative...but she beckoned me into the stall, where I fell to my knees....gratefully suckling at her breasts, clit, and gently tonguing her anus as she helpfully spread her buttocks apart....moaning with lust. I was in heaven.

We toweled off, and sat on the edge of the bed, kissing like newlweds, her cunt fragrant and juicy as I fingered her swollen clit.....her hand slowly milking she moved her head towards my cock, enveloping its tip with her lips, swirling my glans with her tongue.....and suddenly there was a gentle tapping at the door.

I looked at Beth, and asked, "Did you order room service?"

" No" she responded, "but you'd better see who it is."

I grabbed my hotel robe, and opened the door.....and there stood Murray, smiling, with a bottle of champagne in one hand, and a wrapped present in the other. You could have picked my jaw (and my heart) off the floor.

"Why, it's Murray....what a surprise! Aren't you going to invite him in?"

Her face openly revealed that his arrival was anything but a 'surprise', as her eyes took on a cruel glint. I was speechless, but moved backward from the doorway as he entered, and closed the door behind him.

My wife stood nude before him, and he gazed at her with obvious lust...his cock visibly hardening against the light fabric of his trousers. He moved towards her, caressing her erect nipples before they engaged in a passionate kiss....his tongue probing where mine had been only moments hand gently exploring the cleft of her ass.

Finally, he looked me and said, "Joe, drop the robe....we want to see if you're enjoying your anniversary."

I reluctantly did so, and they gazed at my rock hard penis, ever so slightly bobbing with each beat of my breaking heart....a thin streamer of pre-cum running from its tip.

Murray laughed...."I'll take that as a 'yes', Joe!"

They broke their embrace, and my wife retrieved her purse from the sofa....and pulled out my Jailbird. She held it in the palm of her hand, and said,"Joseph, put this's time we got down to business here...there's only one unlocked cock when Murray's around...and it isn't yours."

Though I could get the baserings over my cock and testicles easily enough, the cage presented a serious erection wasn't going away, and between the effects of the cialis, and the humiliation of of their enjoyment at my plight....I was in a very bad way....and extremely aroused in my shame.

Beth giggled and said, "Murray, you're still about going down the hall to get a bucket of ice....we're going to need it to get that silly boner of his under control....and for the champagne as well."

Murray headed out the door to the icemaker, and I took the opportunity to ask Beth why she was doing this to me......wasn't this to be our weekend together?

Beth began, "Your look when you opened the door, and saw Murray, was simply priceless. You need to get one thing straight....Murray always 'gets first rights of refusal', so to speak....his needs comes first....and he truly does come first...pun intended." Any hint or trace of her earlier affection for me was gone.

"You'll have your time alone with me, uncaged, if you perform as expected...but first you're going to spend some time pleasing us....with that mouth of yours. And Murray has a little anniversary surprise just for you."

Beth grew solemn as she said the following words,"I know you're hurt...that was the plan. Being a cuckold is supposed to hurt. It's your duty to suffer while I enjoy myself with Murray. All during dinner I was soaking wet as I thought about what was in store for you this evening...and you know what? You enjoy the abuse. Your face says you're upset, but your cock tells me the truth....that you're looking forward to helping Murray fuck me tonight...on our anniversary".

Murray knocked lightly on the door, and Beth sternly said, "You're going to let him in, thank him for coming, get that nasty cock of yours iced, and into its cage....then you're going to undress him...starting from his shirt, working your way down. And when you've removed his socks, you're going to stay on your knees...and suck his cock hard. Just like always".

Red faced, and filled with shame, I opened the door, shook Murray's hand, and thanked him for joining us. With a wink, he handed me one of two ice buckets, placed the champagne in one, and said. "Lock it up Joe....don't fuck around, I'm horny as hell".

I took the ice, and started to head to the bathroom, when Beth said "we'd like to watch", so I sat on the leather desk chair, and started to rub my swollen cock with a cube of ice.

My wife sat there for awhile, finally wrinkled her nose, and exclaimed, "Jeez, at this rate you'll be all night", and got up, grabbed a large handful of ice, and slammed it onto my penis. I gasped at the cold, but my erection began to subside rapidly....and I quickly slipped my cock into the Jailbird....Beth fitting me with the padlock, and snapping it locked. She gave it a good pull to check it for fit, stretching my entire package outward.

Murray stood up, unbottoning his shirt, loosening his belt, and dropping his trousers to the floor. I carefully hung the shirt, and draped his trousers on the back of the sofa, and returned to kneel before him as I pulled his briefs down, helped him slip out of his loafers, and peeled off his socks.

He stood before me, his cock semi-erect, the tip oozing precum, I gently retracted his foreskin, and took it into my mouth, suckling gently on its rapidly growing bulbous head. His musky unwashed cock gave off the acrid smell of a day's ballsweat.

He moaned, grabbed the back of my head, and he always does, repeatedly thrusting his growing cock to the back of my throat, paying absolutely no attention to my gagging attempts to breath while he pleasured himself with my mouth.

Beth moved to stand next to Murray, lightly cupping his swaying ballsac as he fucked my face, her other hand on the back of my head with his....their lips locked, tongues probing.

Murray suddenly placed a hand on my forehead, and abruptly pushed me away, his hard cock wet with my saliva. He motioned towards the bed.

I knew the drill. I laid down, my head at the foot of the bed, and Beth quickly climbed over me....and squatted onto my face. Time to get her ready for Murray's rear entry.

There's nothing subtle about Beth's demands in such conditions. She grinds away with abandon, issuing commands like "suck harder" ..."do my asshole", or "use the flat of your tongue", and tonight was no different. She enjoys the feeling of domination, and knows it only fuels my my caged cock painfully attempts to expand...a futile effort.

My preparation of Beth's cunt for his cock is seldom about 'lubrication' (unless I'm expected to prepare her ass for Murray's this point her labia are always dripping with's about lust, and enjoying my complete submission to their sexual needs.

I know what she wants...sucking and nibbling on her swollen clit....followed by long licks up the crack of her lovely ass....and some 'tongue worship' of her pretty pink anus. Soon, I'll be holding her buttocks apart, and guiding his engorged cock into her vagina...if I'm lucky. If not, I'll be watching, at very close range, his cock slowly working its way into her tight asshole, with a likely request for more oral lubrication.

I have since learned that it isn't Murray that demands doggystyle penetration whilst I work her clit and's Beth. She's told me that there's no orgasm like the one's she experiences having Murray stuff his cock in her pussy and having her clit orally serviced.....a fact that she makes quite apparent by her cries of ecstasy, and encouragement, when being pleasured in such a manner.

To see your wife entered, at such close range, her lover's sweaty and leathery swinging ballsac slapping against your forehead, her breasts swinging across your chest and abdomen with each of his thrusts, is utterly humiliating. There's certainly no doubt about your place in such a position....she's whimpering, squirting in pre-orgasmic pleasure, cuntal juices running down her inner thighs and dripping from Murray's pendulous ballsac...their juices worked into a milky froth ......her repeatedly begging him "fuck me harder" and working back hard against each of his ball deep thrusts into her tight orifice.

You watch him doing her as you can't, as a man is truly meant to do a woman. In her kinder moments, Beth tells me "not to take it so personally"....that it's "no big deal"....which we both know is ludricrous. What is more 'personal' than another man taking your place in her sexual life? It's not like he's merely a better golfer or conversationalist....he's much more skilled in bedding your wife then you'll ever be...plain and simple. And you can see with your own eyes....when she's driven out of her mind with lust, that it really very much matters to her too. He has filled the empty spot in your marriage.

Their organs are locked in mutual pleasure, the smells, tastes, and sounds of their love-making so intense...the lips of her cunt or anus stretched tight and grasping his turgid cock like a greedily sucking mouth....while the needs of your own suffering cock is completely ignored....your need open and obvious, adding spice to their enjoyment. There's no denying your intense arousal; the cage is packed're dripping a steady flow of precum....scrotum swollen against the gap's cruel restraints....the device a very practical expression of your helplessness. It's like having the worst itch in the that you can't reach, that won't go away. You're praying they let you come this time...suffering silently, knowing begging is the last thing that will gain you don't care how, or what you have to do to earn their pity and the possibility of reward.

And you know 'cleanup time' is coming. You can see it approach, after he's given her at least one orgasm, with your rather degrading assistance. His balls tighten, tempo changes, and the pauses between thrusting become shorter. I try to hang onto her clit...if there's one thing that really irritates Beth is 'popping off' at the wrong time....I've learned to stuff a pillow under my head, and move in sync with their's not an easy task nursing her clit with the pounding he's giving her.

It's then only a question of where he comes...deep in her womb or anus, on her back, her breasts, face, or sprayed over the crack of her ass. Either way, it will be copious, thick, and you're going to end up swallowing most of it....including the remnants left upon his withering cock.

By this time Beth had already enjoyed several intense orgasms, was getting weak in the knees...and she began ordering me to leave her hyper-sensitive clit alone....though Murray continued to pump away...grunting like an animal....his fingers gripping her waist...preparing to deposit his seed in my wife's twat.

I readied myself for his eruption...his sweaty nutsac contracted like wrinkled hairy walnuts....when he unexpectedly pulled out of her vagina, his slimy blue veined hardon bobbing inches above my face...strings of seminal fluid bridging the gap between her labia and his cockslit.

"Joe, it's your anniversary...and you're the only one that's going to come in that pussy tonight. I'm out of here soon, but I'm not leaving in this condition, so you know what that're going to suck me off".

I followed Murray off the bed, knelt before him, his swollen manhood wet and reeking of Beth's sexual juices, and began suckling... expecting his usual assault to begin...but Beth took her place beside me...on her knees.....grabbing his shaft...restricting my mouth to just its purple bulbous mushroom she vigorously began to milk him to ejaculation.

A few minutes later, he let out a gasp, and exploded...a very large load of successively diminishing squirts. Beth slowly stopped working his cock, squeezing every remnant of cum into my mouth as she instructed me to "suck him dry"....I struggled to minimize any loss of his spunk as he pulled free of my lips.

I knew better than to swallow it before I was told to do so...I think they enjoy making me savor my predicament...a mouth full of my wife's lover's seed, but I was surprised when Beth locked her lips against mine, and began to share its contents.

Murry looked down at us, and laughed, "I guess that's your wedding kiss!"

Beth always enjoyed snowballs, but normally it was my semen she'd feed me in such a manner. No matter, she began to break our kiss, forcing the entire load into my mouth. She softly said, "Now swallow it all down, Sweetheart," and I complied.

Beth moved to the bed, and patted a spot beside her...I sat down. My balls were purple with pressure, and I desperately craved relief. Murray began to dress, obviously taking his time....enjoying making me wait.

He smiled, and told Beth to unlock me...which took but a moment, since she was wearing the masterlock key hanging on a thin chain around her neck. My cock immediately sprang to full throbbing erection. But she also did something I didn't quite fathom....she handed the chain and key to Murray, who dropped it in his pocket.

Murray thanked her, and began to speak. "Time for some anniversary presents! Open the package, Joe".

Within the box were two wrapped small, one larger.

"The little one is for that one first".

Beth laughed when she saw the contents; the classic hotwife ankle, with a little ornamental key. She put it on, and I have to admit I enjoyed the rather seedy aspect of feeling like I was living in a cheesy porno video.

"Now open yours, Joe!"

I let out an audible gasp when I saw the nasty looking ball gag/mouth dildo.

"Beth", said Murray, " Help him put it on...I want to see him use it before I go".

With Beth providing a bit of harness adjustment, I found myself wearing a very awkward feeling sexual device protruding from my mouth....a large nubbed black dildo. Not exactly a flattering pose.

Murray said, " Lay down Joe, and I'll explain how this thing is going to affect your sex life."

Beth once again straddled my face, working herself down the dildo until it was totally hidden in her nose in her anus. She began to repeatedly ride the dildo....and I began to have an inkling of where this was going.

"As you can see, Joe, you've got a pretty enticing view of Beth enjoying herself, from down there...I can only imagine what the smell alone is doing to you in your current state. But you don't get to actually feel anything....well, get used to it. I know Beth enjoys riding your cock when I'm not around, but I don't think you really deserve that pleasure...that pussy belongs to me. Come to think of it, this might be interesting to watch when she's got a snatch load of my cream!"

Beth was working herself into a nice rythym...fingering her engorged clit.....juices running down the dildo to my nose and was maddening....and demeaning. The only way I could catch a breath was on her upstroke. I struggled to hold the butt of the dildo securely between my teeth as the vigor of her ride increased.

Between each full impalement, Beth finished Murray's tale, "He now has the only key to your cage....other than the sealed emergency key in your wallet. The only time you're getting out of your cage when he's more riding your cock....... between his visits....nothing for you but sloppy seconds ...from now on".

Beth remained sitting on my face, and remarked, "Now you really undertand your place, don't you? Shouldn't you thank Murray for your present? I think we'll both learn to fully appreciate Murray's thoughfulness..I know I already do!"

I tried to do so, but only a garbled sound came out of my dildo gagged mouth trapped in the crack of her slendid ass-cheeks. My wife laughed, and said, "I think that was a 'thank you'!"

With that, Murray worked the cork loose on the champagne, poured a couple of glasses, returned the bottle to the ice bucket, kissed Beth, and walked out the door with a final remark, "Honey, maybe you'd better wait to tell him about Jeff in the morning".

My heart sunk when I realized that once Beth snapped that lock shut....after this night's brief interlude of bliss, it wouldn't be coming off until Murray's next visit...if then. And what was this business about Murry's obnoxious younger brother?
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Re: Cuckolded

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As the door clicked shut, Beth slowly pulled herself off the dildo, and said, "Joseph, you can take that nasty thing off now....though you need to lick it clean before you throw it in your suitcase...we won't be needing it anymore tonight". She sat and watched as I clumsily unbuckled the harness, rubbing my aching jaw....and dutifully cleaned its roughly textured surface.

"That's good"' she added, "You'll get used to it with time. It doesn't feel nearly as good as riding your cock, but at least I won't have to worry about you enjoying one of your little 'accidents'...and I think if I work myself with one of the vibrators I'll be able to come riding that silly dildo."

Two thoughts filled my mind; getting some relief from the throbbing of my painfully erect cock, and Murray's troubling comment regarding Jeff. Though my need was extreme, I couldn't resist asking...."Beth....what did Murray mean about Jeff. What's up?"

Beth grabbed my cock, and playfully gave it a few long strokes...lingering at the tip. "Wouldn't you like to take care of this first?, and moved to get up on all fours, presenting her ass to me....with the comment, "lick it first to show me how much you want it!"

I spread her cheeks apart, and began to tongue her in the manner she enjoys....long licks up her ass, interrupted with periodic suction on her clit, and terminated with a light penetration of her pink rosebud. Finally, I could stand it no longer....I needed relief....and entered her with a cock already near the ejaculatory stage.

It was nirvana, lasted all of three deep strokes, and resulted in an orgasm so intense it could only be described as 'epileptic'. Beth laughed as shudders racked my body, and remarked, "I bet that took 'the edge' off a bit! I could feel the cum spurt out of your cock against my long has it been?"

"Three weeks"' I gasped, almost unable to speak.

I pulled out, and collapsed next to her. Beth, ever the one for tradition, and discipline, immediated threw a leg over me, sat on my face, ordering me to "clean up your mess".....which flowed out of her cunt like jelly. I lapped and sucked away at my juices.

My wife flicked my increasingly flaccid cock with her forefinger, and said, "I hope you took some cialis, because you're not going to be having another evening of doing you want with me until at least Christmas!"

My cleanup task complete, I sat next to her, leaning back against the headboard, waiting to recover, and finally asked the question burning in my mind, "what's with the 'Jeff' comment? You're not thinking of letting him do you too, are you?"

Beth smirked, and responded, "No, I'm not 'thinking of it', I already have, several times. You've already 'tasted his pudding' ....remember what a hurry I was in to sit on your face after I came home from work last Thursday? I spent the afternoon at his apartment."

My head swam in revulsion at the thought. Jeff was nothing like Murray. He was an arrogant prick of a cop....and now he was screwing Beth.

My wife, gave me tired look, and said, "You're not upset about it, are you? Not that it matters how you feel about it anyway. Murray broached the possibility a few months ago....he feels sorry for Jeff...he knows how horny he is after his alone in that tiny apartment."

That explained why Jeff would occasionally accompany Jeff on one of his 'non-sexual' visits. Murray was letting Beth get to know him....and me.

"I wasn't really attracted to him...he's a cocky little shit....aggressive. But I thought, why not give it a go? It was interesting...he's not nearly as good as Murray...but he still fucks much better than you do...which isn't really saying much.... though he's hung much thicker than either of you. That thing is definitely never going in my ass! Being 'force-fed' that piece of meat is'll see!"

She continued, "It turns out Murray's wife is getting a little suspicious. He needs to 'cool it' a bit, and figured introducing the two of us could 'kill two birds with one stone'....get his brother a regular lay, and not leave me 'in the lurch'. And Jeff's situation is far less complicated; no wife, no kids. He'll be spending entire nights in our bed! This will work out great...and I forgot to mention something else...he's bisexual! He's really getting off on the idea of sexually owning a 'respectable' married couple, tired of eating his own cooking, and doing his laundry".

I felt like shit. Beth put her finger under my chin, looked into my eyes, and asked, "why so glum? I can see your cock growing at the thought."

And indeed, I felt my member hardening at my humiliating had a mind of its own.

"Beth", I asked, " you're going to punish me later no matter what I do to you tonight, aren't you?"

She smiled, "Of course I am, Sweetheart! I most certainly will punish you....because it gives me pleasure. And I think Jeff will enjoy punishing you too...he's a real 'take charge' kinda guy!"
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Re: Cuckolded

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It's Father's Day morning, the first I've been caged. Murray has visited once in the past couple of weeks...laying low, I guess. No orgasms for me, though Beth has continued to make good use of her new toy, as well as 'old reliable' tongue.

It was a typical quiet weekend morning, spent enjoying breakfast and reading the Sunday newspaper, until I received a text from an unfamiliar number. Beth was sitting on the couch, cruising her favorite websites with her Ipad when my phone went off...I opened the message, and a photo popped up.

I let out an audible clearly showed a breast, a woman's left hand, grasping a very large engorged cock...and, upon that hand, a ring, all of which were (except for the cock) quite familiar to me. It certainly wasn't Murray's cock.

I looked over at my wife, and asked her about the picture....she came over to look at it, smiled, and said, "I think that's Jeff's Father's Day present to you! Isn't he sweet? ........guess he thought it would be a nice 'ice-breaker' for his first visit next weekend...a 'sleep-over'!"


Two more faceless pictures shortly followed a clip of my wife leaning forward, repeatedly impaling herself forcefully on his very hard and very wet cock.... her ample breasts swinging...succulent nipples erect ....and the other a downward shot...of him entering her, dogstyle...vaginal lips stretched tight around his thick hand obviously holding the phone camera, the other holding her butt-cheeks open...his thumb inserted into her anus to the first of her favorites and, up to now, something I thought only Beth and I shared.

Despite her sexual appetites, Beth is quite modest about having her picture taken...she actually blushed when I showed them to her...not out of shame (I'm not sure she is even capable of sexual shame) but rather due to the fear that she looks overly 'mature' compared to his youthful physique. All I see is a beautiful woman enjoying herself, tits and ass worthy of worship.......and a lover displaying his ownership of her treasures. I am learning to savor the painful, and sublime, pangs of jealousy.
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I'm not a gynecologist, but I'll take a very close look.

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Re: Cuckolded

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Beth made it quite apparent that regardless of whatever sexual liberties I might (or might not) take with her for the remainer of the weekend would not be taken into consideration...I was going to suffer. There was no point in restraining my baser instincts. In fact, I found some comfort in her statement...though the aspect of Murray's brother (a relative stranger) participating in my punishment did, indeed, give me pause. I knew Beth's punishments...and even Murray's, but Jeff was an unknown....which gave me some serious anxiety...but not enough to curtail the expression of my long pent-up sexual frustrations. This was now 'my night', the last one I would be enjoying for a long while...perhaps until our next anniversary.

Without any tenderness, or further hesitation, I told Beth to get on her knees as I stood before cock stiff and aching for relief. It had been years since I'd enjoyed placing her in this position, though I'd witnessed Murray have his way with her in such a manner several times. As she kneeled she looked up at me with a wicked little smile, and said, "Do your worst!"

A challenge, and it triggered a little re-emergence of my long dormant sadistic side. I held my cock out, and told her to start sucking it. As she closed her lips around the tip I grabbed her head with both hands, and began fucking her face, gagging her with each thrust. If she wanted to be an unfaithful slut, I was going to treat her like one. The novelty of being in control was intoxicating...I knew how this part of the evening would end....she was going to swallow a very big load...something she doesn't really care for.

Considering my current state, I lasted much longer than I expected. I held her head solidly as I erupted, telling her to "swallow it all". I watched her gulp it down, then released my grip on her head, pulling my flagging cock out of her mouth...and ordered her to "open up". She stuck her tongue out, and I spent the next few minutes squeezing the last drops of my load out of the cockslit out and onto its surface, then slapping her cheeks with my now deflated member.

At my age, despite the cialis, I was spent, with no hope of another erection for at least an hour. I tend to get sleepy after such release, but there was no way I was going to risk dozing off, so thought it might be a good time to talk about Murray's brother, and his impending visit.

Even Beth seemed a little apprehensive about His first over-night. I could see it in her eyes.

Intriqued, I asked her if she was nervous...she replied, "He's nothing like Murray. He's unpredictable, and sexually demanding...he doesn't take no for an're going to have a true 'bull' lording it over you...he's going to break some of your 'spirit"...which totally amped up my anxiety. I didn't feel ready for it at all.

I couldn't get my mind off the pictures he'd texted me, and had to ask if his size was really that big a deal for her?

Beth grimaced, and said, "Do you want the usual answer wives give their insecure husbands about whether 'size matters', or do you want the the truth?"

"The truth, Beth," I replied.

"Think about it. We birth babies down that opening. Do men like a woman with nice tits, a nice ass, and a tight pussy? Only women who've had no experience with a big cock might think it unimportant...and I suspect even they wonder about what it would feel like....if they care about sex at all. Well, I now know exactly how it's complete...the size...the fullness...the way a woman dreams about being taken by a man. He's big, he's young, and when he spurts I can feel it hit my cervix....I almost feel like I'm ovulating. It's like being a stud. Unlike most men, including you, he and Murray can also easily last long enough to get me off....sometimes several times. And in all these years I've never, ever, come on your cock."

I must have looked a little crestfallen, because she said, "Don't take it so personally,'re pretty well hung...much better than the couple of men I tried out before Murray. It's not your just can't deliver the goods with your cock. Not every man can be an alpha in bed...a good husband makes up for it in other ways. You give great head..always have...and now I get the best of both worlds....and it's with your blessing. Nothing tells me you love me more than your excitement at servicing both me and a lover orally during intercourse, or cleaning us up afterwards.....when I'm full of his cum".

She continued, "And for me, it's about more than size, or even making me come...I really get off on seeing your suffering, frustration, and jealousy.....seeing your humiliation at being denied, and having to watch a younger man do me. I shouldn't, but I do. And you get off on it too."

Blunt words...embarrassing....but true.

I felt my energy and libido slowly start to return. Beth noticed my cock sitting up, taking on girth, glans expanding....and said, "Looks like he wants to play again. What's it going to be...another blowjob?"

"That would be too easy,'re going to slobber it up good, and you're going to take it in your ass....where it hasn't been in years", I responded.

I could tell she wasn't pleased, but she lowered her face to my groin, licking my hardening cock (thank God for Cialis), coating it with liberal quantities of saliva. She was well aware that she was in for some discomfort, even with lubrication.

I was enjoying her preparations almost as much as the anticipation of what would soon happen. Finally, knowing that she'd be quite happy to continue licking my cock until I came, I pushed her away, and told her to get 'on all fours'.

Feeling a little charitable, I got behind her, spread her ass-cheeks, and provided some 'back door' oral lubrication. I then got up on my knees, placed my cockhead at her anus....and just waited...letting her swing in the wind. Slowly I worked it in an inch or so, and I could feel her start to relax....and then plunged it in, scrotum deep, causing her to let out a cry of pain.

It was incredibly tight, and I pumped away with abandon. Fortunately, her earlier blowjob had taken the edge off, and I enjoyed a good solid ten minutes of assaulting her tender rosebud before I blasted off what would be my final orgasm of that night, capped off by my demand that she lick me clean. It would be good to see her get the shitty end of the stick, for once.

Not a bad anniversary, I guess, and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

I awoke, from a deep sleep, Beth looking into my eyes, smiling pleasantly....she asked if I wanted 'one more go at it', and of course I knew better than to turn down such a rare opportunity....we made love like a normal married couple. Once I'd finished, and I worked her to an orally induced cleanup orgasm, she brought me back to sober reality by saying, "You know, sweetheart, playtime is over...back into jail until either Murray or Jeff decide you're to be unlocked."

She handed me the cage, I worked it onto my cock, and she inserted the lock shaft, snapping it shut, which always evokes within me a feeling of finality. The start of a new period of the ultimate in 'tease and denial'...watching another man pleasure my wife, my frustration and sexual hunger continually mounting....watching and assisting them freely enjoy numerous orgasms....while access to my own cock is forbidden...any possibility of even masturbating for relief denied.

We left the hotel after a nice breakfast. I hadn't been this free of sexual frustration in several months....a very unusual feeling of calm permeating my being.

His weekend finally approached, far too soon for me, but not soon enough for Beth. She set me on a whirlwind of preparations, and spent a considerable time each evening riding the dildo on my face....and talking about how good his cock felt...and how he would punish me....all of which kept me in a state of near constant arousal.

We showered together shortly before his visit. Any prospect of my personal enjoyment were soon dispelled. My post-shower duties consisted of a gentle bum and vaginal tongue lashing...nothing intensely sexual, but the intent was obvious...I was preparing my wife for the Jeff's sexual gratification.

He rang the doorbell. I went to the door, opened it, and extended my hand...which was ignored. I expected Jeff to hug and kiss display some sign of affection. After all, they'd already been intimate, but he carried his suitcase to the couch, and sat down.

He wasn't one for small talk, told us to sit down in the love seat across from him. and began to speak, "I understand you're aware that I've been banging your old lady, but I need to hear you say, of your own free will, that you want me to continue".

Beth looked over at me, and smiled. My stomach was in my throat...I couldn't bring myself to speak, so I nodded.

Jeff got an irritated look on his face, and said,"A nod doesn't mean anything. Furthermore, I'm used to being treated with some respect; when you speak to me, the last word out of your mouth will be 'Sir' that clear?"

Here I was, being interrogated by somebody half my age, ordering me to call him 'Sir'. I began to get angry...the color rose in my face....and then Beth squeezed my hand, stroking the palm softly with her thumb...a definite plea for me to calm down.

I took a deep breath, and responded, "Yes, Sir."

Jeff said, "That's tell me what you want me to do to your wife."

I began, "Jeff, I want you to make love to Beth....Sir."

"That's not exactly what I need to hear....'love' has nothing to do with it. You know what you need to ask me to do," he answered. Beth pinched my thumb sharply.

There was nothing left but to blurt it out.."I want you to fuck my wife, Sir." Saying it made me slightly nauseous.

"That's much better!", he replied, and continued,"there will be a few ground rules. First, when I'm here, neither of you will be clothed.

Second, when I want to handle either of you, you'll do exactly as I wish....without hesitation....because, essentially, I own both of you.

Third, neither of you is too old for a good ass-whipping when I feel a bit of discipline is in order.

And finally..... there will be times your wife will be spending the night at my apartment....when I just want to fuck her without putting up with your fact, the only time you'll come over with her is when I need some maid service. Is there a problem with any of this?"

I replied in the affirmative, "No, sir".

He sat there, index finger tapping the arm of the couch, looking at us, and finally said, "Should either of you have a stitch of clothing on right now? Joe...undress your wife first....slowly. I want you to unwrap her for me, like a present."

We both stood up. She wasn't wearing much. Aroused, her nipples were already growing stiff. I unbuttoned her blouse, took it off, slid her shorts to her feet, unhooked her bra....letting her full breasts swung free....then I slid her thong panties down to her feet. I could see that her narrow crotch band was already soaked. She was breathing deeply in anticipation....she had a good idea of what was soon to come.

Self-conscientious, I took my own clothes off. Other than Beth, and Murray, nobody else had ever seen me in the cock and balls heavy, and engorged to the limits of my stainless steel prison.

We stood naked before him. He looked at us...up and down, stopping to gaze at my captive cock. He shook his head and sighed "When Murray told me about that thing I could hardly believe it. I mean, wanting somebody to fuck your wife is strange enough....but locking your cock up at the same time in that contraption.....look what your balls are doing right's gotta be uncomfortable as hell! I guess I'll have to think about it the same way I do when I throw somebody in jail...they've done something to deserve punishment....and from what Beth tells are in need of some serious discipline."

I glanced over at my smirking wife, who gave me one of her 'I told you so looks'.

"Joe...bring your wife over here. I want you to feed me her breast, hold it so can I suck on it...such big juicy nipples." I could see that she was becoming increasingly aroused....her puffy areolas, tipped with thick gum-drop nipples that become very erect under such conditions....and they looked like she could cut diamonds with them in their current state.

Beth and I moved to stand near him...she walked with a bit of a strut...always enjoying the effect on men as her breasts quivered with each step.....he didn't rise from the couch. Beth bent towards him, and I firmly cupped her right breast, so he could take her nipple and areola in his mouth. He sucked hard, repeatedly pulling back so that his teeth lightly raked across the nipple...popping off, and then reattaching himself. Beth moaned with pleasure, her nipples jutting out... a blush spreading across her chest....breathing hard. He reached up and took her free nipple between his thumb and index finger...pulling and twisting with some force....she whimpered with pleasure.

Those breasts. Not quite as pert as those of the young woman I married...heavier...they are the full breasts of a mature woman...breasts that once nurtured our now grown children as babes, endured decades of being caressed and chewed upon in our marital bed. And now...essentially off-limits to me, they provide sexual nourishment to her lovers. Once the tender nipples of a young bride, they've been toughened and much enlarged by years of heavy use.

Jeff looked at me all the while, and stopped long enough to ask "how I felt about another man enjoying his wife's tits?"

I couldn't lie...I told him it made me very jealous, and very aroused. My cock, pushing against the bars of the cage, made the last very obvious.

"Wait until you watch me fuck her like the little tramp she really is."

A better man would have gotten angry...but it was the truth....she was, by any definition, hardly the faithful wife. She'd opened her thighs to Murray, several random men before that, and now Jeff. It was very unlikely he'd be the last. Always very sexual, she'd dropped her inhibitions with age and experience...and her hunger for variety had blossomed, as had her sexually sadistic side.

"Well, for what it's worth, Murray gave a copy of the far as I'm concerned your cock will stay locked up most of the time anyway....Murray says you go crazy trapped in that thing watching him pork Beth...I do want to see that!"

"Let me see what you've got...take it off." He gave me his key chain...I found the key, and worked the cage off my swelling cock.

He watched as it grew to full erection. There was no way the gap ring would come worked like a cockring around my scrotum...I was happy for whatever maximum effect it would contribute.

"That's it? You don't expect to be oiling Beth's machinery with that thing, do you?, he asked..."no wonder your wife is looking for a bigger cock." Beth giggled.

Jeff then looked at my wife, and patted the adjacent couch cushion. She sat down next to him. He looked up at me, taking his hands to spread her legs widely apart...exposing her visibly wet vagina.....and began to roughly rub her protruding clit with his thumb. Beth began breathing deeply, little gasps of pleasure escaping her lips, and her juices really began to they always do....lost in ecstasy, she undulated against his fingers.

I just stood there, my penis hard as a arousal fully exposed as he skinned her clitoral hood back with one hand and vigorously thumbed her 'little man in the boat'. I could see his shorts stand out as he grew erect.

He said to Beth, "Take my cock your husband what you've been riding at my apartment."

She carefully unzipped his shorts...he was wearing no briefs, so his member immediately popped out. The thing was obscenely thick, capped with glans the size of a fleshy doorknob.

Beth sat there, stroking his cock..her small fingers couldn't completely encircle the shaft....when he said, "Suck my cock, woman."

She lowered her head...I watched her take the bulbous tip in her mouth...which required that she open those pretty lips about as wide as they would go. He placed his hand on the back of her head, and began to repeatedly force her to take it deeper...making her gag on each short stroke.

Teasingly, he pulled her long hair back so my view was unobstructed...and said, "Just like a porno shot, eh Joe? Except it's not a's your wife sucking me off!"

Jeff looked down at her, and said, "You know what your wife is going to do now? She's going work on my balls a bit...I really love having a woman lick my sac.....who knows where that tongue of hers is going next?" He unbuttoned the top of his shorts, reached down, and pulled the rest of his appendage upward, and out. The man was definitely first in line when sexual organs were being handed out...he was hung like a horse.

Beth moved to his heavy scrotum...lifting the meaty pouch, attempting to get one of his golfball sized testicles into her mouth. Seeing her pretty face down there, licking and sucking on his leathery nutsac was disgusting, yet exciting...her turn for a bit of humiliation, perhaps.

Jeff, looking at my very erect cock, said, "My brother wasn't really do get off on another man enjoying your wife. Well, you're in luck; I'm damn near going to live here!"

Suddenly, he pushed Beth away, stood up, stepped out of his shorts, and handed me his suitcase.. ...and told me to take it up to the master-bedroom, to unpack and hang his clothes in the closet. I felt embarassed about my bobbing erection, and how it revealed my intense arousal. I hung his clothes, and placed his other 'personal care' products in the bathroom. It did appear he was moving in for an extended stay.

As I descended the stairs I could hear him grunting, the sound of flesh rythymically slapping flesh, and Beth's whimpers, from the frontroom. As I entered, the sight took my breath away; he was now butt-naked...short and muscular....and he had her bent over the back of the couch, slamming his fat cock deep into her pussy...his heavy hanging balls swinging against her thighs, a nipple of one breast pinched between his thumbs and forefinger....her tit tightly pulled back towards him on each penetration....his other hand cruelly clutching a fist full of her hair....her free breast a globular pendulum that swung wildly as the force of each penetration was transmitted through her slender frame.

There was nothing subtle about his love-making...if you could call it that....he was subjecting her to a brutal fucking. And despite her cries...I could see she was enjoying his rough treatment....being fucked like an animal. The room reeked of raw sex..the odor of Beth's pussy, male musk, and sweat.

Her smell. Years of scent linked to our union...thousands of nights of lust, orgasms, and satisfaction...the smell still intoxicating, but I'm now just an observer. My cock thinks it has received the 'all systems go' signal, but it (like me) is no longer central to her excitement. Someone else is experiencing her sweet's a weird juxtaposition. And it works both ways...months ago, when Murray began his visits, I once exchanged a morning good-bye kiss with Beth, as I headed out the door to work...she clutched my arm, kissing me passionately...and I left with her words...."I can smell and taste Murray's cock on your lips."

Her eyes welled up in tears when she saw me....but she just bit her lip, and moaned with each rough penetration.....and when he finally noticed me standing there, he gestured me over, asking if I'd like a closer look....and, of course, I could not resist the invitation.

He ordered me to get on my knees next to them, and as I did so, he spread Beth's lovely ass-cheeks apart, providing a vision I will never forget...a clear view of her pussy stretched tight around his thick and veiny cock, slathered with her love was apparent she'd already squirted several times.....his cocksac and thighs were dripping wet. His organ moved in and out of her vagina like a heavy duty hydraulic wife letting out a little cry of pleasure on each perfect unison with each grunt he uttered.

I found myself wondering if she'd eventually only be satisfied with outsized was a humiliating thought. I'm fairly well equipped, but between Murray's ability to fuck for extended periods, and Jeff's heavy trouser snake, it was quite obvious I was out of my depth.

"You know, I've already enjoyed your wife a few times....but I dig having you watch me fuck her.....Is this what you want, Joe?

And indeed it was...."Yes sir", I replied.

"Good", he answered, "in a moment you'll be lapping up the load I'm going to be leaving there. I understand you're quite the little cleanup man."

Beth was, by this time, very close to coming...when suddenly he pulled his cock out, and said, "finish her off". I looked at him for some clue...was this kindness (unlikely), or a trick? He stood there, his stiff organ still rigid and jutting upward, gleaming with her fluids, pre-cum welling out of its tip, shaft veins distended, head swollen and hard.

Beggars cannot be choosers. I stood need was great, I plunged in, and his motive for allowing me access became obvious...she'd been stretched by his much thicker organ. His cockhead was the diameter of a little league bat. I knew the effect was only temporary...or at least hoped it was....her pussy only lightly rubbing my cock...sloppy in her now gaping cavity, as I pumped away. I had to hold her buttocks together for any kind of real friction.

Jeff laughed, and said, "A few more months of this, and your wife is going to lose interest in that dick of yours!"

Beth looked back over her shoulder at me...winked, and said, "I've already lost interest. Joseph, let me know when you put it in!"

"Jeff, I really need a man's cock right now."....she complained, her anticipated and much needed orgasm now stolen...and frantically began fingering herself.

I felt inadequate, and filled with shame...and incredibly horny. I pumped away, until I came, my wife totally unresponsive the entire time. Totally humiliated, but at least a little bit relieved despite the fact it was possibly the worst fuck of my life.

I pulled out, cock still hard, and I heard Beth say, "That's it? What about me? Jeff, you're not going to let him get off, and leave me hanging, are you?"

"I don't know, maybe I'll leave it up to Joe", replied Jeff.

He continued, "I want you to beg me to make your wife come...really convince me."

Beth began to whine, angry with lust and frustration..."Just do it, Joseph"

Preferring to not humble myself any more than necessary, I asked, "Would you please finish fucking my wife?"

Jeff replied, "I didn't hear a 'sir', with that request....I'm still not convinced you really mean it. You know what might convince me? How about getting back down there, on your knees, and sucking my cock for awhile?"

I knelt before him, and took the head of his erect cock, now sticky with their drying coital juices, fragrant with the smell of my wife's cunt....into my mouth, and began sucking.

"Jeff looked down at me, laboring away, and said, "How does it feel, tasting and smelling your wife on my cock? I want to feel your tongue circle my knob after each of my strokes." and suddenly plunged his cock to the back of my throat.

I couldn't completely blocked my airway, and I gasped for oxygen upon his withdrawal. My only opportunity to breath was when I was working his glans with my tongue between his strokes, both of his hands tightly gripping my head, holding it still while he thrust away, balls slapping against my chin....the harder I sucked and licked the head the more time, between thrusts, I was able to breathe.

Jeff moaned with pleasure, telling me "what a good cocksucker" I was going to become. Breathing heavily, he looked at Beth, and said, "You might have to wait 'til later....I'm very close to shooting my wad."

Beth moved to observe my plight, frowning as she said, "Don't you dare make him come, Joseph...I need his hard cock. He's kind of big isn't he? Better get used to it...I'd really prefer that sucking him off be your job".

"Don't worry.....hubby is going to be spending a lot of time with his lips wrapped around this cock...lots of opportunities to perfect his technique...yeah, right there the tip with your tongue!", Jeff murmured to my wife, eye's shut in sexual bliss....humping slowly away. I was sure ejaculation must be imminent...I could feel his heart racing through his glans.

I was very relieved when he relinguished his grip on my head, taking Beth's arm, and once more...bent her over the couch arm, saying "I bet you're more than happy to have me fuck your wife right now, aren't you?"

"Yes sir", I replied, with complete sincerity.

He laughed, and said, "Wait until you feel my cock up your ass...then you're going to really wish I was doing her, instead of you".

It was the first indication that Beth hadn't been 'just jerking my chain'. I felt a sense of panic. The one time my wife had explored pegging me hadn't been at all pleasant...and the dildo was less than half his thickness and length.

He resumed his animalistic grunting...plunging his cock deeply into my wife's womb, my wife making her pleasure known with a jubilant "YES, that's a cock", as he began slowly thrusting....calmly working her with his member...ballsac deep...repeatedly withdrawing then slamming her buttocks with enough force to lift her off her feet...holding her securely by the another 10 minutes he managed make her come hard twice.

With a few more thrusts I could see his hanging bullsac spasm. Pulling his swollen member nearly out of her vagina, he spewed his thick glutinous seed just within her still gaping orifice, wiping his cocktip off in the crack of her ass. Breathing hard, he looked over at me and said, "Snack time, Joe...get busy."

My wife was a mess....bush thickly matted with his cum. Streams of pearly ejaculant trickling down her thighs, nearly to her calves....'helpfully' she remained in position, legs shaking, bent over. I took considerable pains to lick and suck up the remnants of their lust..and certainly, her cunt retained the smell of the woman I loved, but also the taint of the cock she'd just enjoyed.

Jeff sat on the couch, thighs splayed, heavy cock and balls openly laying on display on the seat cushion, cocktip still dripping cum, totally oblivious to the stain he was leaving on the brocade....wearing their drying fluids like a trophy.

He was most definitely a 'shower, not a grower' because even flaccid it retained a considerable portion of its erect size. I could tell he was quite proud of the thing...I know I would be. And he had just given my wife a solid fucking...her eyes were still glazed, her skin aglow in the aftermath. A little shaky, she sat down next to him...still a little 'out of it'.

Jeff smiled, and said, "I hear you're quite a cook...fix some lunch, I'm starving. Chop-chop".

The 'chop-chop' was a bit over the top, but I simply said, "Yes, sir", and headed off to the kitchen. Before I could leave, my wife said, "He really needs to have his cage on before he can get hard's bitch to get on once that happens. He'll be dicking around all afternoon with an icepack to get it down, or he has to come....and he really doesn't deserve another orgasm until he earns it. Jeff, why don't you snap the padlock shut once he has his nuts trapped in position? You're going to love the sad look he gets on his face every time he realizes he's not going to enjoy getting off for a very long time. He knows how horny he's going to get, and that every trapped boner will hurt like hell. It's precious!"

I stuffed my cock into the cage...I had to work fast, because her cruel words were starting to make me slightly swell...just as she knew they would. I aligned the cage on my scrotal ring, inserted the lock shaft...and waited.

He looked into my eyes, and said, "You are one fucked up dude, but this is kinda cool. Your wife and I having all sorts of fun, but you can't even touch yourself. You're gonna have to ask me to do it!"

It didn't really matter, I knew I was going to be locked, maybe for a couple of weeks...maybe a month...but I responded, "Yes sir, please lock me up."

With a click, it was done. I felt the familiar feeling of my heart sinking, yet the pangs of arousal from the humiliation that the man who was fucking my wife also controlled my sexual satisfaction.

Jeff grinned, and said, "Now get your ass out of here!", slapping my bare ass with a stinging slap as I turned to leave...which only further added to my shame and arousal.

Lunch was...interesting. I prepared a nice avocado and turkey croissant, some chips, and a ranch dip....and set the table in the breakfast nook. Frankly, I hoped he'd be happy with the location; it had bench seating, with a leatherette covering which wouldn't get stained with the trail of fluids I knew Beth would be oozing....I can never get it all, and, if she gets aroused, she'll keep making more. She gets wet at the drop of a hat...or a man's pants.

I went back to the frontroom and told them lunch was ready. They were sitting in the loveseat, snuggled together, quietly talking....and took no note of my presence or words. I went back to the kitchen, and waited, finally hearing them pad down the hall a few minutes later. Big flaccid cock and testicles swinging, he held my wife's hand, trailing her along behind him.

He slid into the bench, pulling Beth next to him. I placed their plates in front of was sort of surreal...I know I've never seen her sitting at the table, naked. With few exceptions, most of Murray's antics occurred in the bedroom. Leaning forward, her heavy breasts rested nicely on the table top.

His first act was to take a dollop of dip, smear it onto her closest nipple, and lick it off. He smiled, and said, "That's tasty, Joe...she's my little 'happy meal'!"

He began to eat...I stood there, and waiting...for what, I don't know. At least it kept both of his hands busy, and off Beth.

"Jeez...this is delicious! This little arrangement is going to be great! A steady piece of your wife's ass and blowjobs whenever I feel like it, plus good food, and laundry service."

"Speaking of laundry, there's a big bag of my dirty stuff out on the back seat of my car. Go get might want to throw something on before you go outside...a minor point...I love my 'whitey-tighties' nice and clean, I don't want to see any skidmarks when you're done."

Well, if there's one word Beth hates, it's 'skidmarks'. I could see her wince when he used the term. I's disgusting, so I was a little surprised when she said, "Yes, Joseph, you'll want to make sure you get any skidmarks out of his briefs."

Jeff finished eating, and began to speak, "You know, that reminds me...this is a really nice place. You might want to have a supply of towels ready...I like variety, and I'm eventually going be be fucking your wife in pretty much every room of this house. Wouldn't do to have your wife's snail trails and my pecker tracks all over the place....your family is going wonder what's been going on around here when they come over for the don't want them to know somebody has been porking mom on the bay window seat, or that dad got 'deep-throated' on family room sofa but couldn't quite manage to swallow the whole load. And what I'm going to do to the both of you is going to get messy."

They had finished most of their meal...I went to sit down on the other side...but Jeff said, "Whoa, who said you were invited? Beth, spread your legs...your hubby is going to provide some lunchtime pleasure. Now start sucking and licking that cunt, Joe....make it ready for my cock. I've got plans for this afternoon."

My wife spun her rump around on the bench seat, and looked at me..."What are you waiting for?" and sat rather provocatively, with one knee up, heel on the seat pad, the other leg, but requiring some effort on my part to access her tender bits. I buried my face in her bush and, as I did so, she managed to reach my nearest nipple, giving it a healthy pinch as she pulled me in. I'd eaten many a meal in this room, but never what was now on the menu.

Beth giggled as I flushed a deep red. He held her labia apart with his fingers, my wife scooting her butt forward. I could see his heavy cock laying on his ballsac....start to stir.

She let out a sigh when I began servicing her swelling clit...his fingers aiding its exposure....periodically pulling at her love nub and forcing those fingers into my mouth....telling me to "Lick them clean."

Beth was growing increasingly aroused, and Jeff was enjoying the show, until his personal need became overwhelming...remarking that "it was time to start laundry" and "for Beth to show him our bedroom." She pushed me away, and stood up, followed by Jeff, now quite erect, his swollen cock bobbing in front of his stomach.

My wife giggled as she took him, fingers wrapped around his large glans like the knob on a stick-shift...and pulling him along to the hallway. Her last words were, "come up after you get a load of his laundry started, and the lunch dishes done."

I went to the frontroom, threw on my discarded shorts and t-shirt, and went out back to his car. It was an absolute pigsty; fastfood wrappers and softdrink containers on the floor, and a huge duffelbag on the backseat. A testament to bachelor life.

Dumping the contents of the bag on the laundryroom floor, I was relieved there wasn't a pair of 'whitey-tighties' to be found...he was fucking with me. I started a load of lighter colored clothing, and returned to the kitchen, throwing the plates, glasses, and silverware in the dishwasher.

The kitchen is much closer to the master bedroom than the laundryroom, and I could hear the sounds of love-making above....indistinct, but maddening, nonetheless.

I crept up the stairs, and peeked in the room. Sure enough, Jeff and my wife were coupled, locked in the throes of intercourse. He had her on her back, bent nearly double, her feet over his shoulders, pounding away...her pink anus intermittently visible between swings of his large ballsac slapping against her buttocks....his ass-crack lost in a tangle of thick hair. Quite a sight.

It was hard to believe that much cock could disappear into her small body, but it was obvious she was enjoying herself...they were locked in a passionate kiss, tongues desperately exploring, interrupted only when she'd let out a cry of pure ecstasy on one of his hard penetrations. He was doing something I knew she loved...many short teasing thrusts of his member...tantalizing her, making her wait for the 'big one'.

The sounds, however, weren't entirely theirs; a raunchy xvideo was streaming through the big screen...offering, I suppose, inspiration.

Beth was the first to spot, and make note, of my arrival.

"Well, that took long enough. We could have used you about twenty minutes ago!"

Jeff looked over at me, pausing mid-stroke, and said, "A little bird has been telling me about something you really enjoy...said all I would have to say is 'assume the position'."

He pulled out of her, moving to stand by the bed, and Beth scooted over, a large dark wetspot where her ass had channeled her juices to the bedcover.

I laid down, my head at the foot of the bed, nearly to the edge. Without any hesitation she threw her leg over my stomach, straddling me, and backed the point at which she could plant her ass right on my face, and began forcefully undulating...essential fucking my face as she rode my lapping tongue.

Certainly, lubrication wasn't the issue. She already been riding Jeff's cock for perhaps a half hour, and was discharging a steady stream of coital fluid. Her clit was erect, popping out of its hood, and ready to be sucked...and she let out a little gasp when I pulled suction on it with my lips and began to work it with the flat of my tongue.

I saw Jeff move towards the foot of the bed, his erect penis bobbing inches above my head....placing one hand on her lower back...Beth stopped moving, and he spoke, "This is where you really prove to me that you're good with me fucking your wife...take my cock and guide it into her cunt."

I reached up, grasping it near the base....and, as he moved forward, I placed its rounded head between her labia. He thrust his pelvis foward, entering her deeply in one stroke. I could feel her body shudder, as he began probing her tight pussy, his balls slapping the top of my head.

He said, "That's right Joe, she's mine. Got a good view from down there?...I want to feel your tongue licking my shaft and her cunt lips, as I fuck her. I want you 'up close and personal' with the cock she's enjoying right now."

Working my mouth as close as possible to the point of their union, I did the best I could to comply with his direction. It was difficult; at full penetration I had little to no access....the space between her labia and his scrotum disappeared. Further complicating the situation was his big pair of balls getting in the way. Murray never had me do this, he always had me focus my attention on Beth's clit when I "in the position."

Jeff humped away, as I continued my labors, and he occasional pulled back to the point where only his cockhead remained in her vagina. I used the opportunity to lick his shaft from its base to her cuntal lips, venturing forward to her turgid clit for my wife's pleasure. My actions apparently met his approval...he'd delay his next thrust as long as I needed to finish my ministrations, saying "fuck, that feels good..keep licking". There was no question regarding her enjoyment; some lips, suction, and tongue action on her clit always made her happy...pre-orgasm anyway.

I won't lie. While the idea of sexual contact with another man without my wife's presence is not at all attractive, the act of submissively serving their combined sexual needs is emotionally powerful. I was enjoying my jealousy, frustration, and humiliation just as much as my wife and her lover were enjoying each other's bodies......and by contributing to their sexual pleasure I increase my own. I have no idea why this is, all I know is, that for's true.

I thought I was doing pretty well. I knew that my eventual sexual relief depended upon staying in this man's good graces, and I was feeling optimistic I could do so, and I was taken back when he said, without stopping his thrusts, "I understand you weren't very nice to your wife on your anniversary, were you?"

I was hoping that topic wouldn't come up in such context, but I answered truthfully, "No sir."

"No, you weren't, and this is a good time for you find out what the consequences of acting like a little prick are.....I enjoy a good rim job...start working your way up the back of my sac, across my gooch, to my asshole. You're going to spend your time there until I get off. There will be no doubt about who's the boss here when you've worked that tongue of yours up my ass for awhile."

I would have much preferred he subject me to a long session with Beth's riding quirt

The prospect was exceedingly unappealing. This vulgar act had nothing to do with my wife's was solely about Jeff, and reinforcing his dominance over me, and my marriage. I began the journey up his he slowly continued to bury his cock ballsdeep between the lips of her vulva...tightly clenching his member...and seeing before my eyes a thicket of butthair that concealed an orifice I would just as soon never visit.

He paused his thrusting, sensing my hesitation, and said, "What are you waiting for? My asshole isn't going to lick itself. It's showtime."

I plunged into my odious task...earning the praise of "that's the way I like it" from Jeff, and "maybe now you'll learn to be a good boy" from Beth. I will not go into further details, except to say all I could think of was mouthwash, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. He apparently enjoyed it, because he emptied the contents of his sac into my wife after a mere five more minutes of pumping.

Pulling out, he sat on the edge of the bed and watched Beth immediately lower her cum filled orifice on my face, uttering a single word, "eat".

I sucked and licked up the fresh load as it slowly succumbed to the law of gravity, assisted by her voluntary vaginal contractions, gulping down the mess. Jeff was fascinated, and remarked,"This is ex-wife hated it when I came so much she'd either douche, make me wear a condom, or bitch about it running out of her all day...and he likes it...slurping down another dude's cum out of his wife's pussy! He's like a fucking shop vac for jizz! Seriously twisted."

The First Evening.........

While my wife's, and Jeff's, sexual energies appeared to be depleted from the day's activities, my need continued to grow. I bbq'd some burgers, and I cleaned out his car without being told...just a simple summer dinner on the deck...everyone clothed. I was even invited to sit down with them. To an outsider it would appeared quite ordinary, though I could easily the spot the subtle differences; Beth was bra-less, wearing a thin T-shirt, and she almost constantly kept a hand on his upper thigh under the table....wandering up, I believe, to occasional touch his crotch.

Once the dinner had been eaten, they moved to the family room, leaving me a trail of clothing to pickup.

I asked if they needed anything, and Jeff smiled, and responded, "Maybe some towels."

Watching Beth sit next him on the family room sofa, both of them nude, enjoying the occasional kiss and caress, didn't help. We watched a few movies (action adventure, Jeff's pick), I fetched beer and snacks, and finally...Jeff decided it was bedtime.

I wondered about the sleeping arrangements, and the answer came after they showered together...we'd all sleep together, one bed (fortunately we have a huge kingsized four-poster) wife in the middle. Somewhat of a relief; I didn't relish sleeping next to him, and at least I wasn't relegated to the guest room.

As I stepped out of the shower I was surprised that it seemed they had dozed off, Beth wrapped in his arms. I climbed in, quite unintentionally waking my wife (a light sleeper), who gave me a light peck on the cheek, and told me to go to sleep. Horny and frustrated, I stayed awake thinking about the day's events....eventually dozing off into a fitful sleep.

At about 2 AM I awoke to some commotion in the bed bedside me. Getting my bearings, it didn't take long to figure out what was going on...she was wrapped in his body...cuddled like spoons, and he was humping away....doing her from the rear.

Facing me, I could see her breasts quivering with each thrust, nipples erect. I couldn't resist touching one of them, which got me a warning to, "keep my hands to myself", which only triggered Jeff's interest in pinching and pulling at her tits....a display of possession. I would been satisfied just to suck on them for awhile.

This went on for the next twenty minutes, both of them getting increasingly aroused, and his penetrations more forceful, until he apparently came. They lay there for awhile...I have no idea whether Beth got off, but finally she pulled off his cock, rolled over with her ass towards me...and said,"I know you're"

It was obvious that his abrupt and domineering style was bringing out her sexually sadistic side.

I lowered my face to the crack of her ass, gently pulled her butt-cheeks apart, working my mouth and tongue into her cum filled crevice. I knew she was finding some pleasure in my service....she then bent her upper leg, moving it towards the softly snoring Jeff, and more fully presented her ass to me.

I now had somewhat better access to her clit, anus, and my third creampie of the day.... At this rate I would likely be consuming several cups of his seed a month. My need and desire to watch my wife be fucked by other men carried with it a heavy price. It had been quite a first visit.
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Re: Cuckolded

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Wow, really got me going. You're really rather good at writing, I was almost there with you...
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Re: Cuckolded

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Anyone interested in an update?
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Re: Cuckolded

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You bet i'm ready for the next chapter thanks !!!

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Re: Cuckolded

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RegularJoe wrote:Anyone interested in an update?
Interested? I was beginning to despair that you had abandoned the forum and we would never hear anything more...
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Re: Cuckolded

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RegularJoe wrote:Anyone interested in an update?
Yes please.
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Re: Cuckolded

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Patience. Joseph is trying to fit the update of his 'story' into his many other 'obligations'. Once he's done, Jeff and I will proofread it (my husband tends to be a real 'drama-queen' about doing things that pretends to not enjoy while safely tucked away in his little thingy).
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