Party Favors

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Party Favors

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With the recent thread about the guys being outed, and whether that was hot or not, I was motivated to write a story. I'm afriad this one is more psychological than action oriented, at least the first chapter. But Chapter Two, well, I'm sure it will have more action. I can feel it. That's the problem with stories, you never know just where to start them. As P.G. Woodehouse said, start too slow and your audience may drift off before you get to the point. On the other hand, if you get off like a scalded cat, they may be thoroughly lost. It's all so dashed difficult.

Well, for this one, we'll start at a stately pace. But that's okay with you guys right? You're locked up and have all the time in the world anyway, right?

I thougth so. Do you have your plane tickets? Hope so, because we're off to Vegas, Baby!

Party Favors

"No sweetheart, not in there," Annette said, her voice pleasant but firm. "Set it up out here."

Mitch was unpacking liquor bottles to set up a bar in the kitchenette of the Vegas suite he and his wife had rented for her best friend's bachelorette party. "But there's a sink here and space for me to work," he replied.

"I know," Annette said, an impish curl on the corners of her bright red lips. "But I don't want you hiding yourself in there during the party. The girls expect to see a lot of you."

"Oh, there isn't much they won't see," Mitch said, walking out of the kitchenette and into the main room of the suite. He was completely nude, except for a small metal chastity cage. The flight to Vegas was the the first time Annette had let Mitch remove it for nearly two solid months, and it had gone right back on when they'd checked in and she had him naked again. One of the advantages of the design, hygene was simple. She had taken advantage of the short time it was off to polish it to a lustrous shine. The stainless steel glinted and sparkled in the early evening sunlight streaming through the wall of windows high above the Vegas Strip. Annette had already informed Mitch there would be no drapes or blinds drawn later that night. Once darkness fell, the party, and it's nude bartender, would be visible to anyone looking in. They'd need a telescope to see much of course, but there, over by the windows, was exactly that, a telescope resting quietly on a tripod. It was courtesy of the hotel, came with the room. What one hotel did, others surely might. It was Vegas after all.

Annette walked up to him and gave him a kiss and a quick squeeze of his balls. "The girls are looking forward to it," she said. "I think you are to, aren't you?"

Mitch hesitated. He was turned on by the idea, very much so, but terribly nervous too. His stomach was a mass of butterflies, and he didn't know if he was more scared or excited. No one other than his wife had ever seen him wearing the device before. "Are you sure about this?" he asked her.

"Definitely," she said. "Anyway, it's too late to back out now, I've already told all the girls about the cage, and now they insist you model it for them. They already know you wear it, so there's really nothing left to hide."

Mitch took a deep, ragged breath. "Well," he mumbled. "It's one thing for them to know. It's another for them to see. But…" he paused. "But I am excited," he finally said, nodding more to himself than to his wife.

"Just don't get so excited you forget how to make drinks. And no cuming!" she ordered, tugging on his chastity device and laughing softly, "That's the nice thing about this, no matter how drunk or turned on any of my friends get, you can't fuck them! But I have promised them they can grope and maul you, as long as they don't make you cum." Annette felt a tingle of excitement, thinking about how envious her friends would be of the naked hunk she had for a husband. It was an odd but intoxicating feeling, being able to throw him nude into a pack of horny women knowing none of them could make use of his cock Her cock. The idea of them touching him, even kissing him, sparked no jealousy at all in her. If anything, she found it exciting. It was only intercourse that mattered, that was her Rubicon. She wouldn't mind watching him teased mercilessly by five other women. That thought brought a flush of warmth between her legs. She smiled. "You'd better get ready for a busy night Darling.."

Mitch gulped a little and went back to setting up the bar, this time on a high marble table in the middle of the main room.

"Okay, time for me to gather up everybody and hit the show," Annette said. "We'll be back around nine-thirty, so make sure the room is ready. Oh," she said, reaching into her purse. "I do want you to wear something, besides that cage I mean." She handed him a black silk bow tie. "It seemed like it was appropriate. You do know how to tie one, don't you?"

"Um, no, not really," Mitch answered.

"Well, you'll have plenty of time to look it up on the Internet. You can wear shorts and a t-shirt to go fetch fresh ice down the hall before we get back. But nothing else, and you're naked in the room, got that?"

"Yes ma'am," he said, smiling.

"See you in a couple hours," she said, kissing and squeezing him again, then whispering in his ear. "I'm excited about this too!"

She whirled out of the room, her short, tight cocktail dress sure to catch many eyes besides his. The first stop of the bachelorette party was a dinner show downstairs. She wasn't exactly sure what dinner would be, but she did know what the show was. It was a male stripper revue, and she really hoped the guys on stage looked as good as the ones in the pictures.

The door closed behind Annette and Mitch was left to wonder just how worked up and aggressive a half dozen girls would be when they got done watching a troop of men dance and strip for them. He wondered if it would be all nude, or would the guys kept thongs on. It was a safe bet none of them would be wearing a chastity device, but the stray thought occurred to him, maybe that would make for a unique twist. He went back to organizing his bar, butterflies still swarming in his stomach.

At a quarter past nine, he was padding barefoot down the hotel corridor carrying a large bucket of ice, convinced that the chastity device was plainly visible underneath the absurdly tight shorts Annette had packed for him. Suddenly the elevator door opened just ahead of him, and his wife stepped out. Momentarily he panicked, thinking he had misread the clock and was late. But she saw him and smiled. No one else got out with her, the chime sounded and the doors swiftly closed, the elevator hurtling off to fetch guests on another floor.

"I ducked out a little early," she explained. "Shannon was getting a special lap dance, but I had to go bad, so I said I'd meet them up here."

"Go?" Mitch asked.

"To the bathroom, silly." A gleam suddenly came into her eye. She looked up and down the corridor. "Strip," she ordered.

"What?" Mitch gasped.

"Strip," she said, quietly but firmly. "Right now. Hurry up, I have to go."

She put on a no-nonsense air. She was serious, and a little tipsy too. But they'd played these games long enough for Mitch to know so she wouldn't tolerate disobedience, tipsy or not. He set the bucket down and, taking a quick glance up and down the corridor himself, whipped off his shirt and shorts. Annette held her hand out for the garments and quickly stuffed them into her purse when he handed them over.

"Now grab the ice and let's go." She clicked her purse shut. There was a hint of tension, excitement, in her voice. He picked up the bucket and walked along behind her, willing himself with every step to match what seemed to him an impossibly slow, stately pace that she was setting. He wanted to run, sprint to the room, but she was in charge and he would be in this hallway, naked and in chastity for anyone to see, for as long as she wanted him to be.

If for no other reason than his room key was in the shorts he'd just handed over. She was the only one who could open the door.

He contented himself with watching her ass moving rhythmically beneath the tight dress. It was a mesmerizing sight, and he thought it might take his mind off his situation. Instead it caused his cock to swell against the silver bars and begin to pull on his balls. Was it more embarrassing, he wondered, to be walking naked down a hotel corridor with a chastity cage bobbing between your legs, or with a raging hard-on?

For her part, Annette felt the air buzz around her and momentarily wondered if she'd pushed things too far. But then she realized, it was Vegas, and they were paying top dollar for a luxury suite. Her anxiety washed away in a sudden flush of endorphins released by the excitement. She smiled and slowed her pace a little. Her bladder could take it. All those Kegel exercises had to come in handy sometime..

They came to the room without encountering anyone. Each of them were secretly both glad and disappointed no one had seen them. But the thought also occurred to each of them that in another ten minutes or so, Mitch would be on full display. All this synchronicity of thinking flashed between them when Annette paused to smile at Mitch before opening the door. They had locked into the same wavelength, tapping into and sharing the same fears and fantasies. Annette gave Mitch's ass a hard, and rather loud, slap as he walked past her into the room. It was her turn to be mesmerized by his ass, by the outline of her hand glowing red on his well-muscled glute.

He set the ice down and began fumbling with his bow tie. It was going to be a grand, grand night.
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Re: Party Favors

Post by novamc »

Putting the content of your story aside for a moment, I'd like to say that you are an exceptional writer. I imagine that you earn your living from writing, for you seem a master of the craft. All elements work together to create a tale that is fanciful, yet believeable. On the subject of content, it does seem that you do a wonderful job of allowing a male reader to imagine himself to be the man in the story. As the reader, I know what Mitch knows...nothing more...and I'll find out how the tale unfolds as Mitch finds out. That might be what I enjoyed the most about "Maybe Day"...I experienced the surprise outcome right along with the main character.
Thanks for taking the time and effort to contribute!
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Re: Party Favors

Post by someonechris »

Very nice story telling Wendy. I'm looking forward to the next part!!!
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Re: Party Favors

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Moar! Moar!
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Re: Party Favors

Post by Tom Allen »

You had me when you quoted Wodehouse, you devil! I'm a huge fan.

Nicely turned, BTW. It had an element of realism that I like to see.
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Re: Party Favors

Post by locked4her55 »


Are you still out there? Many of us are waiting anxiously for Chapter 2
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Re: Party Favors

Post by WendyWicke »

I apologize it's been so long and no Chapter 2. Very mean of me, I know.

I decided I didn't like what I'd started for Chapter 2. Blame Tom, his comment made me realize it wasn't very realistic. So while you're distracted throwing tomatoes at him, I'm reworking it. Don't worry, Annette and Mitch are still up there in that hotel suite, and Shannon and the other girls are on the elevator going.... up. I can hear it. Ever notice some elevators make a throbbing sound? Am I the only one who finds them unexplainably erotic? I mean, sure, they do go up and down all day long, opening and closing, being constantly filled and emptied, filled and emptied, and there's a shaft too...

Where was I? Oh, yes, Chapter Two.

In progress...
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