Walking a solidary path..

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Walking a solidary path..

Post by usaabn » Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:15 pm

It all began a very long time ago....The introduction of orgasm denial was very new to a young man exploring life. It would be many many years before he would even understand that he was an unknowing participant. You see his first endeavor was also his first true sexual experience. She was the sister of a friend and a few years his senior. The summer was hot and so were the sparks that flew between the two.

Every person has a gift and his was charm. He reconized this gift early in life, sometimes he used it for good. Sometimes he used it for less than good. It was the less than good that his friends sister learned to mold and shape to her needs. The first time that he found himself face to vagina it all seemed natural. It was like watching mother nature wake the morning. The low sounds and slow movement and how her vagina would begin to fill and swell. The smell was intoxicating and taste was like nothing the young man had ever tasted.
All he knew was he liked it. He must of been good because her vigina would fill to the point of over flow. She would run her fingers over his head pull his face closer. It was as if she was trying to pull his head inside her warm and wet woman part. You see the young man was very aware of the changes happening as she reached her first of many climaxes.

He seemed to be tireless and she was willing to explore his limits. It was not until he tried to penetrate her that she refused his attempts. He learn to accept that he was not going to experience intercourse anytime soon. Oh, she came back time and again. She even invited a friend to experience the joy of his talent. The only constant was her refusal to allow him to orgasm. The summer turned to fall and the two young lovers pursued other interest.

A pattern was beginning to form...One that kept the young man busy. You see unknownst to this young man he was practicing teasing and denial. He did not know it at the time, all he knew was that girls were throwing their vigina's at him. Lets turn the page later..
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