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Generational Chastity

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This is a fictional story that I wrote some months ago. I've posted it on other chastity sites so I thought I'd post it here also for your enjoyment. I have two other chapters (or sequels) to this story and are working on more. Please let me know what you think.

Generational Chastity

Fiction by: kdubb.

I’ve been locked in a male chastity cage since the onset of puberty. I’ve never masturbated. I did not have sex before marriage. I’m never unlocked unless granted by my keyholder (which was my father from the time of puberty until I got married and the keys were then handed over to my wife on our wedding night, and she became my keyholder). I’m now 36, my wife and I have three sons (11, 8 & 5) and we see no reason for me to orgasm ever again. I will lock my three sons when they reach puberty. At that time I will become their keyholder until they marry. I have a twin brother (unmarried) who lives the same lifestyle. In fact, all the males in my family, whether related by blood, marriage, or adopted all live this lifestyle.

Let me give you a little history to frame my story. My father has been locked in chastity since puberty, as was his father and his father before him. I’m the fourth generation. This has become a way of life for all males in the family. It’s not a religious thing but just the way it is. Some of the many reasons are to prevent teen pregnancy, unplanned children--inside or outside of marriage, etc.

My great, great grandfather noticed the downfall of society where sex was concerned. He decided to put an end to it, at least for his family. At the time he was 27, married to the girl of his dreams and he had two young sons of his own. After a couple years of research and planning, he came to the conclusion that the only way to stop this sexual downfall was to control the male orgasm. He purchased a sizable plot of land with money that he inherited, moved his family onto the land and built the building where the ceremonies are held. He devised the lifestyle that we all live and have lived through the generations. He created his own chastity cage and gave the keys to his wife. Together, they came up with the vows and ceremonies, which he performed with his sons when they hit puberty and was their keyholder until they were married. At that point, their wives became the keyholders. He and his wife decided not to have any more children, so he was chaste from the moment he installed his first cage on himself—never having an orgasm again. He strongly believed that it was necessary to lead by example, so he was the first in a long line of men to die with his cage locked on his body (he was 98 years old). The land has been kept in the family ever since. Every ceremony has been held in this facility. Of course as the family grew, the building has been expanded several times over the years.

Once any male in the family enters puberty, (this varies greatly by the individual boy and is watched closely by all the adult males) all the males of the family are required to gather for the “piercing and measuring” ceremony. The females of the family are not allowed at the ceremonies, nor in the building for that matter—NO EXCEPTIONS. The ceremony starts with all the males stripping naked, exposing their bodies and their chastity cages (if they’re old enough to have had the honor of receiving theirs). The boy is stripped naked by his father and bound hand and foot, standing spread-eagle. The boy’s cock is pierced with a prince albert (all males are circumcised at birth for this reason). The boy’s septum (skin between the nostrils) is also pierced during this ceremony (the reason to be explained later). One adult male in the family is designated and trained as the “piercer” who is a licensed physician. The “piercer” does his duty to every male in the family as long as he lives. The boy’s cock and balls are measured for his future chastity cage. The boy swears these three simple vows while the male family looks on:
*He will live a life of chastity by wearing a cage on his cock and balls for the rest of his natural life.
*He will never orgasm without the cage removed, and then only if given permission by his future wife and only then for the purposes of procreation.
*He will not masturbate while his chastity cage is fashioned.
After the boy swears to uphold these vows before the male family witnesses, the boy is released from his bonds. One of the adult males is designated as the “watchman” the purpose to be explained later. All the males acknowledge that the vows were sworn by the boy, then they all dress and the ceremony is over.

The next few weeks are called the “waiting time.” During this “waiting time” the boy is not allowed to be alone—ever. At least one adult male is with within eyeshot of the boy at all times—NO EXCEPTIONS. This ensures that he keeps his vow of no masturbation. The “watchman” is charged with making sure the boy does not masturbate during the night while the boy and everyone else sleeps. This “waiting time” also allows the boy’s father to ensure the piercings heal properly.

During these few weeks, a stainless steel chastity cage is custom built for him by the “builder.” One adult male in the family is designated and trained to be the “builder” and is a very skilled metal and plastic craftsman. Once the cage is fashioned, the “waiting time” is over. All the males are required to gather again for the “shaving and fitting” ceremony. Again the males strip naked. The father stripes his son naked and the boy is bound hand and foot, standing spread-eagle. He is lovingly shaved by his father from head to toe. Absolutely no body hair is allowed on any of the males. While the boy is being shaved, he swears these two simple vows while the male family looks on:
*He will remain completely hairless for life—shaving himself no less than once a week.
*He will surrender complete chastity (and all that entails) to his father until such time as he is married (at which time the son vows the same complete chastity surrender to his new life partner).
After the body shaving, the father removes his son’s prince albert piercing and lovingly installs the chastity cage. The father then installs the prince albert again, this time through the end of the chastity cage. The father locks the cage on his son. The father swears this one simple vow while the male family looks on:
*He will be his son’s keyholder (and all that entails) until marriage.
The father can only be released from his keyholder vows to his son at the time of his son’s marriage. If the father dies or is otherwise unable to fulfill his vows to his son, an uncle or other suitable adult male can assume the keyholder’s duties and all that goes with it. Either way, the son will be kept chaste by an adult male in the family until marriage. Once all the vows have been sworn, the boy is released form his bonds. All the males acknowledge that the boy and the father have properly taken the vows, they all dress and the ceremony is over.

One of the two keys is handed over to the father and the other is kept with all the other male’s spare keys in a common safe. The boy will never, ever have access to either of the keys for life. The boy will never again touch his cock while it is outside the cage for life. One adult male in the family, known as the “keeper” is charged with the security of the safe.

Each boy eagerly awaits his “lockup date” as it is a family honor and tradition. They’ve attended every ceremony since they were out of diapers. It is an honor to be pierced and surrender their manhood to lifelong chastity. It is an honor to proudly wear their septum piercing and sport a completely hairless body as an outward sign to the world of their vows. It is an honor to swear off orgasms except for procreation. No male has ever refused his “lockup date” in the last four generations. If there is more than one boy entering puberty at the same time, each boy is given his own “piercing and measuring” and “shaving and fitting” ceremonies. The “waiting time” can be combined with the other boys going through the ritual at the same time.

The “piercer” the “watchman” the “builder” and the “keeper” positions are handed down through the generations. The “keeper” is never allowed to surrender any of the spare keys in the safe. If a medical emergency occurs and if the original key cannot be located, the “keeper” will bring the correct key and unlock the cage. The “keeper” must physically be present while the male is unlocked. While the cage is unlocked, the cage’s owner will be restrained by the wrists in order to ensure the cock and balls were not touched. The “keeper” is responsible to relock the cage and return the spare key to the safe. If the original key is ever damaged or lost, the “keeper” is charged with verifying this fact. The “keeper” then makes a spare key, but only at his discretion.

For the first few weeks after the boy’s cage is installed, the father keeps an eye on his son’s progress. Every couple of days, the father performs an inspection of the boy’s new cage. He binds his son, hand and foot, standing spread-eagle, removes the cage for inspection. The father inspects his son’s cock and balls for proper health as the boy’s body adjusts to its new cage. The father also inspects both piercings for ongoing proper healing. If there are any adjustments that are needed to the cage, they are done immediately and on site by the “builder” and the cage is locked on the boy again by his father. Once the adjustment phase is complete, the cage is only removed once a month thereafter by the father. The father is responsible to monitor the cage size and fit as his son’s body matures, grows and develops fully.

The boy lives at home until he is married. While living at home, once a month, the boy is bound, hand and foot, standing spread-eagle by the father. The father removes his son’s cage and inspects the cock and balls for proper health. The father also performs the monthly cleaning and shaving of his son’s cock and balls during the inspection time. There are no allowances for orgasm—NO EXCEPTIONS.

Over the next year, the father will also oversee the spreading of each of his son’s two piercings. The father determines the proper and ultimate gauge size of these piercings for his son. Usually the piercings are an identically matching set, crafted by the “builder.” Once this process is complete, one final ceremony is held by all the males in the family. This is called the “man ceremony.” All the males in the family are required to attend. They strip naked as in the other ceremonies. The boy is stripped naked by his father, bound hand and foot, standing spread-eagle. The boy is then inspected head to toe by all the adult males. Once the inspection is done and the approval is given by the majority, the boy’s cage is removed by the father. The boy’s prince albert piercing is also removed by the father and a segmented ring is installed. This ring cannot be removed without special tools, which are kept by the father and the“keeper.” The segmented ring is adorned with a stainless steel tag that is stamped with the following:
Father’s Name:
Son’s Name:
“On this date, the adult males of the family now declare this boy to be a man. His chaste life is now under the control of the father until marriage.”
The cage is installed on the boy. The boy swears the following simple vow as the male family looks on:
*He will uphold all the vows he has taken for his entire natural life. The penalty for violating these vows is full and complete surgical castration (which would be performed by the “piercer”).
Wet dreams are frowned upon but not punished. Edging and milking are not part of the lifestyle and are strongly discouraged as they are strictly taboo and can result in castration. After the vow is sworn, then all the other male family members (young and old) swear to enforce the vows that the boy has taken, to encourage him and to support him when he is weak. After the vows are sworn, the boy--now a man is released from his bonds. A naked, full-body photo is taken of the son with his father, sporting their shaved bodies, piercings and chastity cages--a tradition started by my great, great grandfather. These photos line the walls of the ceremony building. All the males acknowledge that the vows were properly sworn, then they dress and the ceremony is over. The son is now considered a man by everyone in the family. The newly minted man begins the process of preparing for his future life mate. His task is to learn how to be a good husband and father.

Over the last few decades it became necessary for the “builder” to take on one more task for the other males. During the “man” ceremony, he takes one more measurement of the cage. He takes those measurements and crafts a plastic duplicate cage that can be used temporarily for airport security, metal detectors in government buildings, etc.

Once the time has come, (usually around the age of 18) the father and mother begin the process of searching for a suitable mate (male or female) for their son. Described here is the scenario if the son marries a female. If the son marries a male, that scenario is discussed later on. If the prospective wife is acceptable by the father and mother, then they are sat down for the “meeting.” The father, mother, their son and the future wife attend this meeting. The father and mother explain that their son is chaste. The son then shows his chastity cage to his future wife. The future wife is informed that the son will remain chaste for life and that on the day of their wedding, they keys to their son’s chastity cage will be handed to her by the father. The wedding vows will include the son surrendering his chastity to his new bride only under the following terms: The bride will keep the groom chaste, allowing him to be unlocked on their wedding night for only 3 hours and only after the groom is bound securely. The wife also vows to unlock the husband for one hour, once a month for health inspection, cleaning and shaving. Of course the husband’s wrists are bound so that he cannot reach his cock during these times. During this hour the wife may allow her husband to enter her, performing intercourse, but only for the purposes of procreation, which would be discussed in advance between the couple. Otherwise, intercourse is strictly forbidden. The wife now controls her husband’s orgasms for the rest of their married lives. Any other sexual duties that the wife requires of the husband will be done without question. The couple is free to expand their sexual lives as they please (within the boundaries of the chastity vows). The husband humbly accepts these vows from his wife with the same penalty of castration. At this time the father strips his son naked and removes the original tag of his ownership. The new wife then installs a new tag stating her ownership of her husband. The wife then dresses the husband.

If the couple gives birth to, or adopts any male children, they too will enter the chaste life as described above upon puberty. If the couple gives birth to, or adopts any female children, when the daughter is old enough to marry a male, that future husband must undergo the “piercing and measuring” and “shaving and fitting” ceremonies described above before the marriage He will be sworn to keep these vows with the penalty of castration. . An adult male will be designated in advance and will stand in to perform the fatherly duties during the ceremonies. If the daughter and her husband give birth to, or adopt any male children, they too will enter the chaste life as described above upon puberty. If the daughter marries a female, and they adopt any male children, they too will enter the caste life as described above upon puberty.

If any marriage ends in divorce, they wife must surrender the husband’s key to the father. The father will again be the keyholder. The father will take the vow to again be his son’s keyholder and will install a new ownership tag. This will continue until the son marries again. The new wife will also follow the vows of marriage as described above. The same follows if the son married a male and their marriage ends in divorce. Any male children from a dissolved marriage will remain under their father’s chastity control unless the father loses legal custody through the courts. At which time, the male children are released from their vows of chastity.

If the son chooses to marry a male, the new male partner must undergo the “piercing and measuring” and “shaving and fitting” ceremonies described above before the marriage. He will be sworn to keep these vows with the penalty of castration. The son will stand in and perform the fatherly duties during the ceremonies. The son will assist his male partner during the piercing healing period and the cage adjustment period. The son determines the proper and ultimate gauge size of the piercings for his male partner. The two males will take the same marriage vows (except for the orgasm for procreation part) and will become each other’s mutual keyholders for the duration of their marriage with their respective ownership tags installed on their prince albert piercings. Each partner will perform the monthly inspection, cleaning and shaving ritual on each other. Of course the male that is out of his cage will be bound appropriately. Neither of the males will be allowed orgasms for the duration of their marriage as orgasms are strictly for procreation only. If the couple adopts any male children, they too will enter the chaste lifestyle upon puberty. If the couple adopts any female children, they will follow the appropriate vows for the female as previously described. If there is a divorce, all parties will follow the same rules stated above.

If a marriage ends by the son’s mate dying, the father again will assume the son’s chastity and become his keyholder and will install a new ownership tag. If the son dies then the chastity of any male children of age will fall to the son’s father.

On and on it goes, generation after generation. We’ve never known anything different. We’re all in this together. Each male gladly and humbly surrenders his chastity to someone other than himself. He’s never allowed to touch his cock while it is outside his cage. He never has control of his orgasms—EVER. There have been only three divorces and one castration in all this time. This lifestyle does not hinder any other aspect of life. Males in the family have grown up to become doctors, lawyers, judges, anything they desire. Most of the family lives in the same sleepy town near the family property, but others have lived all over the country. The male life is rich and full and supported by the family. We are proud of the heritage that was handed down by my great, great grandfather. So far there have been over 100 males in the family that has lived, or is currently living this chaste lifestyle, and we’re still counting! The oldest male in the family (uncle Frank) was 102 when he died. He hit puberty at 14--that’s 88 years of wearing his cage. He had 5 children—all boys. There have never been any long term health issues directly caused by this lifestyle. The male wears his cage for life and is buried with it still locked on his body.
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Re: Generational Chastity

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Hi friend,
I just joint this forum and I read your story. It look of fantasy because the people don't believe a man can stay a life without have an orgasm but in the story we know there was people forsed to do that. The eunucs in China or Turkey was "cutted" jung and without the penis but with all the rest was living all the life in a forsed chastity. By the document we have we can know usually they could become also very old without big problems. Who sed the man can not live withaut cum is an ignorant (or an idiot).
I didn't see a suite of your story. I will appreciate.
Good bye
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Re: Generational Chastity

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It look of fantasy because...
...because it is. You appear to be new and not a native English here's a helping hand- the focus of this particular forum is "fiction", in other words, "stories that are made up, not true".
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Re: Generational Chastity

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Sequel to Generational Chastity
Fiction by: kdubb

Jerry and Terry are identical twins. Jerry is the oldest by 2.5 minutes. They were born into a family that has locked all of the males in chastity cages for generations. They were both locked in their own chastity cages at the onset of puberty at the young age of 12. They have never masturbated. They are both virgins. They are both gay. Here is their story.
Jerry lay in his bed late one night naked. He's laying on his back staring at the ceiling with his left hand under his head--his right hand rubbing over his caged cock. He wishes that he could stroke his cock to orgasm, but it is not to be. He is a normal horny 17 year-old with raging hormones coursing through his naked, hairless, muscular body. He looks over to the other bed in the room to see his twin brother, Terry, fast asleep, also laying on his back. Terry's naked form is barely visible by the moonlight shining through the open window. It's a warm summer night, so neither of the boys use the bed covers. The moonlight dances on the shiny, stainless steel chastity cage locked on Terry's cock-the same cage that his brother is wearing. Terry breathes slowly with a slight whistle from his nostrils, his smooth chest rising and falling with each breath. His young body is also hairless and muscular. Jerry wonders what dreams his twin brother is having at the moment. He wonders if Terry is dreaming about having sex with another male. Looking at the clock, Jerry notes that its 1 am. He's so horny that he cannot sleep. He's had this problem of not being able to sleep some nights ever since he was locked in his chastity cage by his father. He remembers it well...

"Boys, come sit down." The twins' father said as he motioned to the kitchen table. The boys had just turned 12 a week ago. The twins sat at the kitchen table in the chairs they've sat in all their lives. Ben, the boys' father then said "It's time." The boys knew what that meant. They knew that it was time for them to attend their very own "piercing and measuring" ceremony. Ben stated that he had noticed that his two boys-his only offspring-were physically maturing and puberty was starting. The tell-tale signs are all there. Both boys were sporting some very fine, blonde pubic hairs that had just started to sprout. Facial hair had also started to sprout on each of the two boys. Their voices had begun cracking over the past month or so. Both boys had also experienced more spontaneous erections as of late. Their father said that other adult males in the family had also noticed these changes in the twin boys and it was agreed that it was time. The twins were both excited and nervous.
The date had been set and the "piercing and measuring" ceremony would take place on Saturday. All of the males in the extended family had been notified and were required to attend. The "builder" was notified that he needed to bring his tools and supplies. The "piercer" was also notified that his services would be needed during the ceremony. Both men had to hurry as Saturday was only three days away.
Saturday arrived and all the males in the family (from toddlers to elders) were quietly assembled in the great hall of the ceremony building. The building had been built by their uncle, five generations ago. The building was located on a large 500 acre farm that had been purchased by that same uncle and had been handed down through the generations. The great hall is a sparsely furnished room with pictures of past generations lining the walls and several wooden crates assembled in a circle in the center of the room. Inside the circle are three wooden posts, eight feet tall and 4 inches square, cemented into the floor, standing upright side by side 5 feet apart. Each post has shackles attached at the top and bottom to attach wrists and ankles, with the center post adorned with shackles on either side-top and bottom. These posts are used to shackle the young male(s) in a standing, spread-eagle position during the ceremonies. All the males were assembled in a large circle, facing inwards. Ben and his twin boys were in the center of the circle. The eldest male rang the ceremonial bell once, indicating that all the males (except the twins) were to strip naked, exposing their bodies and their chastity cages (if they're old enough to have had the honor of receiving theirs). After all the males were naked (their clothing folded and placed in individual crates). The naked males then stood on their crates, still facing the twins and their father. The eldest male rang the bell twice. The two chimes indicated that the twins' father was to now strip his two sons of their clothes. Ben started with his eldest son Jerry, removing his shoes, socks, shirt, pants and underwear in that order. Ben then stepped over to Terry and proceeded with the same process as he had just completed on his elder son. Ben then took the two boys' clothes and handed them to the eldest male who placed them in an empty crate behind the three posts. Ben then took Jerry by the hand and locked his right wrist and then his left wrist in the shackles attached to the top of two of the posts. Ben then shackled Jerry's right ankle and then his left in the shackles at the bottom of the two posts. Then he proceeded to do the same with his youngest son Terry. Both of the young twin boys were now naked and shackled to the posts, side by side, with all the other males in the family looking on. The father then takes his place in the circle of males.
The eldest male then motioned for the "builder" to step forward. The "builder" took measurements of each of the boys' genitalia. Making sure to get accurate measurements of the flaccid penis, ice packs are used in the case where the young boy might be sporting an erection. The measurements are used to craft custom fitting chastity cages that will be made by the "builder" for each boy. Once the measurements are made and noted by the "builder" he again takes his place in the circle of males.
The eldest male then motions for the "piercer" to come forward. The piercer places a wooden dowel gag in the mouth of each of the twins, starting with the eldest Jerry. He then kneels down and goes through the procedure of piercing the head of Jerry's cock with a prince albert piercing. The "piercer" then pierces Jerry's septum. He then pierces the same body parts of Terry. The twin boys are not allowed to cry out during the piercings but must bite down on the wooden dowel. Once the piercings are completed, the "piercer" gathers his tools, removes the wooden dowels from each boy and then takes his place in the circle of males.
The eldest male then motions for the father to step forward. The father faces his two boys who are naked, shackled and now pierced. The father moves to stand directly in front of his eldest son Jerry and asks him to take the following three simple vows:
*He will live a life of chastity by wearing a cage on his cock and balls for the rest of his natural life.
*He will never orgasm without the cage removed, and then only if given permission by his future wife and only then for the purposes of procreation.
*He will not masturbate while his chastity cage is fashioned.
The father then stands in front of Terry and asks him to take the same vows as his brother. After the twins swear to uphold these vows, the father then releases his sons from their bonds starting with Jerry and then Terry. The eldest male then chooses an adult male to be the "watchman" for the two boys during the "waiting time." The eldest male then rings the bell three times indicating that the ceremony is over and all the males then dress and leave the building.

Jerry, still laying face up in his bed, naked and horny reflects back on the first ceremony with mixed emotions. He wasn't embarrassed by the fact that his father stripped him and his brother naked in front of the other males. Nudity has never been an issue in the family. He wasn't embarrassed by the fact that he and his brother were then shackled spread eagle between the three posts. In fact, nothing about the ceremonies embarrassed him. His conflicting emotions were battling over the fact that he had been born in a family where all males were locked in chastity cages from puberty until death. He wished that this was not the fact of his life. He wished that he could have been born in a family that allowed the males to live free of these bonds. To freely masturbate at will. To have sex whenever he wanted, with whomever he wanted. He wondered what it would be like to jack off and cum all over his body. He wondered what it would feel like to have his cock penetrate another human being and have his cum shoot into them. His family was a loving, supportive and open family. He was never abused in any way. He has never wanted for anything. Hard work was a fact of life on the farm, but he didn't mind-in fact he enjoyed how the hard physical labor helped sculpt his muscular body. He loved his family and wouldn't change a thing-except this damn cage around his cock! He felt as if he was in a prison. Not just his cock, but his entire body. Terry disturbed Jerry's thoughts when he moaned and rolled over on his left side, now facing Jerry's bed. Still asleep, Terry unconsciously reached down and held his caged cock while smacking his lips and then began to snore. Jerry knew that Terry had accepted his fate much better than he had. Terry was more easy-going than his older brother. Jerry rolled over on his right side, facing his brother, grabbing his caged cock. He looks at the clock and notes that it's 2:30. He knows that the alarm will go off at 5:00, so he breathes a big sigh and finally drifts off to sleep.
BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. The alarm clock makes its obnoxious announcement that morning has arrived. Jerry reaches over and slaps the clock, almost knocking it off the nightstand. As he stretches his naked body and opens his eyes, he notices that Terry is still hasn't moved. He throws a pillow at his twin brother attempting to arouse him. Terry groans. "Get up homo!" Jerry shouts to his lifeless brother. Terry flips his brother the finger. It's the only part of his body that has moved so far. Jerry gets up and body-slams onto his brother's bed. "I said, get up homo." The two naked boys wrestle for a minute, trying to outdo the other in offensive name-calling. They love each other dearly, but have the same sibling rivalry as any other family. Neither of the boys are morning persons, but they know that they must get moving. It's the way things are. No time to waste. They have only a few minutes to shower and meet their parents downstairs for breakfast. "Race ya!" said Terry as he wiggles his way from underneath his older brother. They both dash for the bathroom that adjoins their room. Fortunately, their father had installed two shower heads in the boys' shower years ago so that they could save time and water. Neither boy had taken a bath since they were toddlers, so their father removed the tub and put in a double shower for the boys to use. As the naked twins showered, Jerry asked Terry how he slept. Terry said that he slept ok. Jerry said that he didn't sleep so well. "Still wishing that cage wasn't locked on your cock?" Terry asked as he flicked his brother's cock cage with his finger. Jerry slapped his brother's hand away and said "Yes!" "Well, there's not much you can do about it now, can you?" Terry snorted. "Dad has the key and he's not going to give it to you." "You'll never have that key in your hand, EVER!" Terry teased his brother as he grabbed Jerry's cage again, this time yanking on it vigorously. Jerry then grabbed his brother's cage and yanked it harder. "Stop it, you fag! We need to finish up and get downstairs before Dad starts yelling for us." Jerry said. Both boys' cocks were now straining at their respective cages. They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, continuing on with their body shaving and shower. Jerry wished that his brother's yanking had somehow dislodged the prison that was surrounding his cock and that it had fallen to the floor, shattering into a million pieces. He looked down at his caged cock. No such luck. It was eternally attached to his body and his cock was raging against its snug confines. As the twins finished shaving and showering their lean muscular bodies, they dried off, dressed and raced each other down the stairs to meet their father. The smell of bacon and eggs filled the room. They both sat at their assigned seats at the table as their father greeted them. "'Morning boys." "'Morning." They both said in unison. The boys' mother, Sarah, was also in the kitchen preparing lunch for the boys and their father as they would be out in the fields working and it saves time to eat lunch out where the job is rather than walking or driving back to the house. The mother came over and kissed each boy on the cheek. "Good morning my loves." She said. "'Morning." The boys both mumbled as they brushed their mother's kiss from their cheeks. "Eat up. Lotta work to do today." Father said. The twins and their father stuffed themselves with a hearty breakfast. It was going to be a long day, milking the cows and shoeing the horses. And that was just the morning's chores.
"I wish this thing was off of me!" Shouted Jerry as he stood by a tree on the side of the field taking a piss. "The bars get in the way and I can't even piss straight. Everything feels so tight." Terry shook his head. "I don't know why you make such a big deal of it. We all have one on, so get used to it." "I don't want to!" Shouted Jerry. Why not. You've had it on for years now. It's not coming off, so just suck it up and stop whining." Said Terry. "I know, I know. I just wish we didn't have to wear it at all. Why did we have to be born in a family that locks up all the cocks?" Sighed Jerry. "It was your choice." Said Terry. "Yeah, some choice. If I didn't let them lock my cock then they would've cut off my cock and balls!" Jerry said. Everybody knew that non-compliance of wearing the chastity cage carried the penalty of full castration-surgical removal of both testes and the penis. It was Terry's responsibility to support his brother during these times when Jerry didn't want to wear the chastity cage. It didn't happen as often anymore. Not like it used to when they were younger. Now, it only happens when Jerry is depressed about something.
"Boys, stop jerking off and get over here and help me." Ben shouted. The term jerking off had special meaning since neither of them could and Ben knew it would get their attention. He used that phrase when he wanted a quick reaction from the twins. The boys hurried over and helped their father with the chores at hand. Jerry then mentioned to his father that his chastity cage might be too small again (as the boy was still maturing into a man). Ben said that he would inspect the cage fit after dinner. Ben mentioned that it was time for both boys to be inspected, cleaned and shaved anyway as was the tradition and the monthly responsibility of the father as both boys' keyholder. If Jerry's chastity cage was determined to be too small by the father, then adjustments would be made by the "builder." This would be the second size adjustment that Jerry needed since he has been wearing the chastity cage.
After the day's work was done, dinner was over and the kitchen was clean again, Ben told the twin boys to go to their room and strip down. That he would meet them there in a few minutes. When Ben arrived at the boys' room, (naked) the boys (naked as instructed) were sparring with each other as brothers do. "Knock it off boys and come into the bathroom." Ben had installed shackles in the tiled walls when he had the boys double shower stall built years earlier. These shackles were used to restrain his boys while he removed their chastity cages for the monthly cleaning and inspection. After both boys' 6'3", 200 lb frames were securely shackled, Ben sat down on a stool he had brought with him and produced the keys to the locks that hung at the top of the chastity cages. Ben unlocked the locks but left them attached to the hasp without removing them. He then proceeded to remove Jerry's 00 gauge prince albert segmented ring with a special tool. Terry's 00 gauge prince albert ring was next. After both rings were removed, Ben removed the unlocked padlocks and slid the chastity cages off his boys' circumcised cocks simultaneously. Both boys sighed, relieved that their cocks were free-even if only for a few moments. Ben removed the rings around both boys' scrotums that attached to their respective cock cages. The boys' balls and cocks swung freely and instantly began to enlarge. Ben began to inspect Jerry's genitalia especially close since his son had complained earlier that things felt tight. Ben mentioned that things were a little tight, but not enough for any adjustments. "Things are supposed to be snug down there, son." Ben said, as he looked up at his eldest boy's face. "But Dad... ...I can't take it any more. Can't you do something? It's so bulky and heavy." Jerry whined. Jerry had a point about the bulkiness and weight of the cage. The twins had inherited large genitalia from their father. In fact, most males in the family bloodline were very well endowed. The twins had big, low hanging balls (about the size of chicken eggs) and a 6 inch cock when flaccid-11 inches long with a girth of 6.5 inches when erect. The cages needed to entrap such massive flesh had to be substantial in size and weight. "Stop being such a baby." Terry chided his brother. "Suck it up and be a man!" Ben stood up and ran his hands over different parts of Jerry's naked body, checking for stray hairs. "You must take better care during your shaving routine, son." Ben reminded his eldest boy. "You're missing spots and that's not good." Ben stated. "I know. I know." Sighed Jerry. Ben inspected Terry the same way and reminded him to be more diligent as well. Ben sat down again and proceeded to clean and shave each boy's genitalia. He then grabbed the spray nozzle and used cold water to rinse off the newly cleaned and shaven cocks and balls of his twin boys. Both boys screeched as the cold water shocked them back into reality. The twins were enjoying the sensations they were feeling in their crotches, even if it was methodical and completely non-sexual. It was the only attention their genitalia were allowed to receive since being locked in chastity at the age of twelve. "Got to get those erections down so I can lock you boys up again." Ben said. "How do you do it?" Jerry asked his dad. "Do what son?" How have you kept your cock locked up all these years?" Jerry answered, looking down at his father's own substantial chastity cage. "Because I love your mother with every part of me." Ben said to his son. "Besides, it's the way things are in this family. Get used to it or else..." Ben couldn't finish the sentence as all three males knew what the penalty was. "Well it's a stupid rule!" Jerry shouted. Ben looked at his son sternly without saying a word. Jerry backed down and fell silent. After Ben had dried his boys' private parts with a towel (even though they were both leaking pre-cum profusely), he proceeded to attach the cages to his boys severely neglected genitals. Ben locked both boys back into their chastity cages and reinstalled the prince albert rings, he released the shackles off of his sons and instructed them to shave their entire bodies and reminded them to take care not to miss anything. Ben left the room and his boys to their task. "Don't take too long. Its late and we have another long day tomorrow." Ben said as he closed the boys' bedroom door behind him. The twins enjoyed the few minutes of freedom that their leaking cocks had just experienced and were saddened that they were once again safely locked away. Neither one of them had touched their cocks since they were locked in chastity five years ago.
After the boys had shaved their bodies and retired to their bedroom, Jerry asked his brother what he remembered about their ceremonies. "What about them?" Terry asked. "What stuck out about the ceremonies for you?" Jerry asked his brother. "We were pretty young then, and you've asked me this a thousand times." Said Terry. "I know, just humor me." Jerry said as he punched his brother in the arm. "Well..." Terry said as he reminisced...

The twin boys were again naked and shackled to the posts in the great hall. This was the second of three ceremonies-this one called the "shaving and fitting" ceremony. This was the ceremony where they were shaved from head to toe by their father, first Jerry, then Terry. The only hair allowed on any male wearing a chastity cage was eyebrows and eyelashes. All the males in the family are assembled, naked, in a circle facing the boys. The father stands in front of Jerry and asks him to take the following vows:
*He will remain completely hairless for life-shaving himself no less than once a week.
*He will surrender complete chastity (and all that entails) to his father until such time as he is married (at which time the son vows the same complete chastity surrender to his new life partner).
After Jerry took his vows, their father stepped in front of Terry and he took the same vows. Ben then kneels in front of Jerry and removes his prince albert ring. The newly crafted stainless steel chastity cage is fitted on the boys' genitalia and the lock is fastened. Ben then inserts his sons' Prince Albert ring through the piercing hole of his sons' cock and through the end of the chastity cage. Ben steps over and faces Terry and does the same procedure to his youngest son. Ben then takes on simple vow for both of his sons:
*He will be his sons' keyholder (and all that entails) until marriage.
One key for each lock was given to the "keeper" and the other key for each lock was kept by the boys' father.
The final of the three ceremonies was called the "man ceremony." This ceremony takes place one year after the "shaving and fitting" ceremony. During this year, the father supervises his sons' adjustment to wearing the chastity cage and orders any sizing adjustments to be made by the "builder."
The "man ceremony" starts like the other two ceremonies. All the males of the family are summoned and meet in the great hall. They all strip naked, exposing their bodies and their chastity cages (if old enough to wear one) to one and all in the room and stand in a circle facing the boy(s) for whom the ceremony is held. The twin boys are naked and shackled to the posts by their father. The boys are then inspected head to toe by all the adult males. Once the inspection is done and the approval is given by the majority, the boys' cages are removed by the father-starting with the eldest, Jerry. The boys' prince albert piercing is also removed by the father and a segmented ring is installed. This ring cannot be removed without special tools, which are kept by the "keeper." The segmented ring is adorned with a stainless steel tag that is stamped with the following:
Father's Name:
Son's Name:
"On this date, the adult males of the family now declare this boy to be a man. His chaste life is now under the control of the father until marriage."
Each boys' cage is installed by their father, Jerry first. Jerry swears the following simple vow as the male family looks on:
*He will uphold all the vows he has taken for his entire natural life. The penalty for violating these vows is full and complete surgical castration (which would be performed by the "piercer").
Wet dreams are frowned upon but not punished. Edging and milking are not part of the lifestyle and are strongly discouraged as they are strictly taboo and can result in castration. After the vows are sworn by the twins, then all the other male family members (young and old) swear to enforce the vows that the boys have taken, to encourage them and to support them when they are weak. The boys--now men are released from their bonds. A naked, full-body photo is taken of each son with his father (Jerry first), sporting their shaved bodies, piercings and chastity cages. These photos line the walls of the ceremony building. All the males acknowledge that the vows were properly sworn, then they dress and the ceremony is over. The sons are now considered men by everyone in the family. The newly minted men begin the process of preparing for their future life mates.

"You make it sound, clinical. Like there was no emotion to the ceremonies." Said Jerry. Shivering as he looked at his younger brother. "Yes, there were emotions all around, but I didn't feel the need to convey those for the thousandth time to you!" Terry said as he grabbed his brother and put him in a headlock. The two naked boys wrestled for a while. After they were out of breath they both got into bed and Jerry turned off the lamp on the nightstand between their beds. "So, tell me. What do you think of the new boys at school-Alex and Eric?" Terry asked his older brother. Alex and Eric were identical twins at school, in the same grade as Jerry and Terry who had just moved to town a couple weeks ago. "What about them?" Jerry asked. "They're HOT!" Gasped Terry as he waved his hand in front of his face-gesturing that he's overheated at the thought of the twin schoolmates. "Have you seen them in the locker room? Their cocks are huge!" Terry exclaimed. "They're not that big." Jerry corrected. "Bigger than yours!" Terry scolded. "You're the same size as me, dip wad." Said Jerry. Terry thought about his brother's statement and instantly realized that the insult he zinged at his brother also got him too since they were identical twins. Terry was silenced at the thought. "Go to sleep!" Jerry said as he threw a pillow at his younger brother. Double-checking the alarm clock was correctly set to go off at 5 am. "Besides, you can't do anything it with your cock locked up." "I know, but I can still fantasize." Terry sighed. "Sleep...‘tight'...homo." Jerry said to his younger brother as he rolled over and faced the wall. Hoping his brother's freshly shaved cock was straining tightly inside the chastity cage as he dreamed of the twin schoolmates. Maybe tonight the younger brother will be awake with sexual frustration. Jerry had a sinister grin on his face, comforted by the thought, as he drifted off to sleep.
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Re: Generational Chastity

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The Wedding
Sequel to Reminiscing
Fiction by: kdubb

Jerry and Terry, eighteen-year-old identical twins, have been locked in chastity cages since they hit puberty at the young age of twelve. They are both virgins. They have never masturbated. Here is there continuing story.
The twins were born into a family that has a long-held tradition of locking all males in custom made, custom fit, stainless steel chastity cages. These chastity cages are worn from the onset of puberty until death. Male orgasms are strictly for procreation only. Any male who breaks the chastity rules are subject to full and complete surgical castration-removal of both testes and penis.
Most of the males in the bloodline are well endowed in the genital department and the twins are no exception. They carry low-hanging balls, each roughly the size of a chicken egg. Their flaccid cocks measure six inches in length. Erect, their cocks measure an ample eleven inches in length with a hefty girth of six and a half inches. Their circumcised cocks also have stainless steel segmented 00 gauge prince albert piercings. The sheer bulk of a cage size necessary to entrap such massive flesh creates substantial weight hanging between the young studs' legs. All that meat, safely locked away for life-some would say it's a dream, others would say it's a curse. Jerry had come to terms with his vows of chastity and now both he and Terry were looking forward to the next step in their lives. They both knew that they would live on the farm for a few more years, but what then?
The twins recently graduated from the local public high school. Most of the males in their family have attended this school at one time or another. It is well known in the school system that the males of this particular (or should I say peculiar) family shave their heads and have a septum piercing. What many in the school system don't know is that these males are also locked in chastity cages for life and that their cocks are pierced with a prince albert.
In the eleventh grade, two more identical twin boys were added to the student roster of the local high school. Alex and Eric were born just one month to the day after Jerry and Terry. Alex and Eric were into sports just as much as Jerry and Terry and the two sets of twins saw each other often in the locker room. Alex, fifteen minutes older than Eric had noticed that the other twins were sporting something on their cocks. He didn't get a good look but knew that it was some type of metal device. He didn't mention it to anyone in the locker room, but did ask is younger brother if he had noticed anything about the other twins. "Did you see what Jerry was wearing today in the showers?" Alex asked Eric. "What do you mean?" Asked Eric. "You know. That metal thing on his cock." Alex answered. "No, I didn't. What is it?" Eric queried of his older brother. "Not sure, but I'm gonna find out." Alex announced.
The next day in the locker room, Alex made a point of seeking Jerry out to discover what was going on between his legs. Jerry and Terry were 6'3" and 200 lbs of pure muscle. Most boys didn't mess with them-especially in the showers. Neither Jerry nor Terry made any effort to hide their chastity cages from anyone but nobody seemed to notice. At least nobody ever had the nerve to say anything. That is until Alex. When Alex saw Jerry in the showers, he asked "What's that thing on your cock?" "It's a chastity cage." Answered Jerry. "Chastity cage. What's it for?" Asked Alex. "Chastity. To keep me chaste. Not allowing me to have sex or even cum." Jerry answered. "What? Why the hell would anyone do that?" Chided Alex. "Look it up." Jerry shot back as he walked out of the showers to get dressed. That was the end of the conversation that day.
Alex was very curious about this new term chastity. When he got home he got on his computer and started searching. Most of what Alex found was sleazy, pornographic content. Nothing that made him want to search any further. In fact, the whole idea repulsed him. About that time, his younger brother came into the boys' bedroom. They had shared the same room since they were little as their parents didn't have the finances to buy a bigger house or expand the one they lived in. The boys didn't mind. They were close and sharing a room all those years fostered that relationship. "Whacha lookin' at?" Asked Eric. "Nothin'." Alex answered as he turned off the computer. "You're still trying to find out what's on Jerry's cock, aren't you?" Eric chuckled. "Yeah, so what?" Alex sniped. "I'm going to bed, so keep the noise down." Alex said as he undressed. Both boys slept naked. They had done so since they were little boys. "You like him, don't you?" Asked Eric. "Kinda." Answered Alex. "Yeah, well. I got dibs on Terry." Said Eric. "Whatever. ‘Night." Alex said as he crawled between the sheets of his bed.
Jerry, Terry, Alex and Eric became fast friends that last year of high school. Often staying the night--even the weekend at each other's homes. The first time that Alex and Eric stayed overnight at Jerry and Terry's home, they were in for some surprises. They all had fun doing boy stuff, running around the huge farm. Alex and Eric even helped with the chores, feeding the all the different animals that are on a typical farm of that size. There were other male boys in the family that lived on the farm and they all had their individual chores as well.
After the chores were done, dinner was eaten and the two sets of twins had watched some movies, played some video games, etc. It was time for bed as there were chores to do early the next morning. The boys were not shy as they had seen each other naked numerous times in the school showers. So, just before it was time for bed, Jerry and Terry stripped naked as they got ready for bed. Alex and Eric looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and stripped naked as well. Alex and Eric were almost as well endowed as their new friends, but none of the boys ever mentioned anything about it. "You never explained that cage on your cock." Alex said to Jerry as he removed his last article of clothing-his underwear. "Let me show you something." Said Jerry. He motioned for Alex and Eric to join him in the adjoining bathroom. As the four naked teenagers stood looking at the double shower, Jerry pointed at the shackles. "What the hell?" Alex mumbled. Jerry and Terry began explaining the family tradition and how it had gone on for several generations. How all the males were locked in chastity cages from puberty. Each male swore oaths of chastity for life. How their father held the keys to their chastity cages until marriage. How orgasms were strictly limited for procreation only. "That means... ...Neither of you have ever..." Eric couldn't finish his sentence as his head was spinning. Alex and Eric were given so much information about the family tradition that it was like drinking from a fire hose. When the two sets of twins finally went to bed, Alex couldn't sleep. He kept thinking about what he had learned about his friends. He thought back to what he had read on the internet about male chastity. His cock was tenting the sheet. His hand instinctively moved down and started stroking his erection. He shot a load right there on the spare cot that he was sleeping in. All while in the same room with three other naked teenaged boys that he thought were all fast asleep.
"I saw what you did last night." Said Jerry. Alex's face turned red as he helped Jerry with his morning chores. "Have you ever fucked anybody?" Jerry asked Alex. "A few." Answered Alex. "What does it feel like?" Asked Jerry. "It's fucking awesome! You've never..." Jerry stopped Alex mid-sentence and pointed to his crotch. "Oh. I guess not. Sorry." Alex said sheepishly. "Don't be." Jerry said comfortingly. "Can I try one of those things on?" Alex couldn't believe that he had asked that out loud. He was curious, but didn't really want to live the life of his best friend. He liked jerking off. He liked cumming. He liked fucking! "I have an old cage that might fit you." Jerry said.
Soon the two boys were in Jerry's room, naked again. Jerry pulled out an old chastity device that didn't fit him anymore. He helped Alex fit it on his genitals. Jerry didn't have another padlock but found a paper clip and used that to secure the cage on Alex. "Wow. That feels sexy." Alex stated. He was surprised at how good it felt. The cage was a little snug for him as his cock was just a little smaller than Jerry's. "It's really tight." Alex said as he tried to adjust his cock and balls. "It's supposed to be. That's the whole idea-to keep you from getting hard." Jerry said as he challenged Alex to wear it for the rest of the day. Alex accepted.
Later that night when the four boys were getting ready for bed for the second night of the sleep over, Alex stated that the chastity cage was fairly comfortable but heavy. It felt as if it was digging into his ball sack too much to wear much longer. Eric jumped up from his cot and asked to see the chastity cage that his older brother was wearing. Alex dropped his pants and Eric and Terry both ran over to see. "Cool. Can I wear one?" Eric eagerly asked. "Well, I don't know if there is another one handy at the moment." Answered Jerry. Alex unfastened the paper clip and removed the device from his genitals and offered it to Eric. "Here. You try it for the night." "Sweet!" Squeeled Eric. "Be careful what you wish for." Jerry stated sternly. You two don't know what you're getting yourselves into.
Six months passed and the four boys became inseparable. Alex and Eric had moved into one of the old houses on the farm. They helped out on the farm just as much as any of the other family members. In fact, they were quickly becoming part of the family. Jerry had found another old chastity cage that one of his cousins outgrew and gave it to Eric to wear. Both Alex and Eric started wearing the loaner chastity cages almost daily. Eric asked Terry what happens to the old chastity cages after a boy outgrows them. "Most of the time they're melted down and recast. If the cage can't be fitted for another male." Answered Terry. So, how did you find the two that Alex and I are wearing?" Asked Eric. "Somehow, they never made it to the melting pot." Answered Terry. Eric stated to Terry that it felt so good to have the cage on his cock that it almost made him want to give up sex for good. Terry smiled back at Eric. Jerry and Terry challenged Alex and Eric to start wearing the chastity cages 24/7 for a month straight. Both boys accepted the challenge.
Three months passed and the four boys had fallen in love. They had fixed up the house that Alex and Eric had been living in and all four boys were now living in the same house. Nothing sexual had happened between the four boys as Jerry and Terry were true to their vows. The elder males of the family had a meeting concerning the two sets of twins and their relationship. It was decided that if Alex and Eric were to continue living on the farm, they take the same chastity vows as the other males-becoming part of the family. Otherwise they must leave the farm and never return. This harsh decision from the elders was made in order to maintain the chastity tradition and to keep temptation from the boys. They were given a 48 hour deadline. Alex and Eric were shocked at first. How could these men ask this of them. Neither of the boys were part of this family, but they loved Jerry and Terry. The four boys discussed their dilemma over the next two days and came to a decision. It was decided that if they were going to do this, they were going to do it their way and it was going to be big.
Alex and Eric went through the three chastity ceremonies just as if they were born into the family. Because they were "outsiders" the elder males decided to select a father figure to perform the rituals of the ceremonies. This adult male would also be their interim keyholder until the two sets of twins were married. Four young boys, horny, hung and locked in chastity for life.
After another six months of complete chastity for Alex and Eric, the boys finally announced their plans to marry Jerry and Terry. The four boys decided to take things to another level which would be announced at the wedding. The two sets of twins wrote their own vows and had decided to do the wedding ceremony naked. Ever since they had moved in together, they were naked most of the time-inside and outside of their little house on the farm. The family as a whole didn't have any problem with nudity as there was no harm that could be done with the chastity cages safely secured on the young males.
The two sets of twins ask the elder males of the family permission to hold their wedding ceremony in the great hall where all of the chastity ceremonies are held. Request denied. No female has ever been allowed into the great hall-NO EXCEPTIONS. A compromise was reached and the boys were allowed to erect a large tent next to the great hall for the wedding.
Over the past year, the four boys decided to undergo permanent body hair removal-supervised by Ben. Alex and Eric adjusted quickly to their new life of chastity and have not required cage fit adjustments. The four boys all wear an open cage design that is easy to clean during showers. These facts have made the monthly inspection, cleaning and shaving obsolete for the boys.
During the wedding ceremony all four boys were naked on the stage along with the elder male family member who is also an ordained minister in the state that the family resides. The entire wedding party (all chaste males) was also naked on stage. The four boys lovingly stated their vows to each other-making this the first four-way male wedding in the family. As they stated their vows of lifelong chastity to each other, they also added a few extras. They announced to the crowd that they were now, from this day forward, lifelong nudists. This meant that they could never leave the large farm in daylight, but they didn't care, they have all they need right here. They had all of their clothing brought on stage and set ablaze in a special fire pit that had an exhaust pipe running out of the top of the tent. The two sets of twins also announced that they had convinced the "keeper" to bring the master keys that he kept for the four boys' chastity cages. Ben then produced the four keys for the boys' chastity cages. The four boys then destroyed those keys on stage in front of the audience. They then soldered the keyholes of the padlocks on their chastity cages-effectively destroying the locks. Gasps and mumblings were heard throughout the audience. It is well known that the padlocks were specially made of hardened steel that is almost impossible to be broken. The only way the boys would ever get out of their chastity cages now was with heavy duty power tools or a plasma torch. Additionally, the segmented 00 gauge prince albert and septum rings were sealed with industrial strength Loctite permanent adhesive. Just when the audience thought the boys couldn't go any farther, it was announced that since edging and milking are not part of the lifestyle, but are strongly discouraged and can result in castration, that they each would wear locking butt plugs. Each boy bent over and allowed one of the other boys to insert and lock in place a custom-made butt plug, specially crafted by the "builder." It was announced that each boy's butt plug would only be removed for one hour each day and only for personal hygiene. Each boy's butt plug key would be held by one of the other male spouses so that nobody ever had access to the key. The "keeper" did agree to keep the master keys for the butt plugs in lieu of the chastity cage keys. When they left the ceremony, hand in hand, amongst cheers of the standing audience, it was very obvious that all four cocks were testing the limits of their chastity cages and strings of precum were hanging from their shiny prince albert rings.
Jerry, Terry, Alex and Eric are forever locked in their chastity cages. They are locked in butt plugs 23 hours a day. They are now lifelong nudists with no clothing to wear. All four gorgeous specimens of young, hung, muscular male virility safely locked away. Two have tasted sexual gratification, two have not. Two have fond memories, two will never know. All four boys will die with their chastity devices locked to their genitals and butt plugs locked in their asses. They will be buried, naked, locked in their chastity cage and butt plug. The butt plug keys will be destroyed at their funerals and they will be buried in the family cemetery located on the family property. Of course before that happens, they have a long, happy married life to live out together. Forever naked. Forever hairless. Forever horny. Forever denied.
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