The dating app that changed everything. Part 3

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The dating app that changed everything. Part 3

Post by Greggy » Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:10 pm

“Great!” I managed. “So good to finally meet you!” We exchanged small talk, I bought her a beer, one beer turned into two, two into three, and drinks turned into dinner. I was elated when she asked me whether I wanted to come back to her apartment. A short Uber ride, and she clumsily unlocked the door, leading me into the living room of her neat home.

“So here’s the grand tour!” She said, pointing out the kitchen, the bathroom, and then leading me by the hand, opened another door. “Here.” She said coyly. “Is the bedroom.” Taking both my hands in hers, she fell backwards onto the double bed, laughing tipsily as she pulled me on top of her. Our mouths touched, and we kissed passionately, relaxing into each other as our hands began to caress the other’s body through their clothes.

“Hmmm….” She moaned softly as my hand brushed her breast through her light blouse. She unbuttoned her top with uncoordinated urgency, releasing her bra and discarding it, letting her breasts hang free. As I gazed admiringly she placed her hands on either side of my head, pushing me gently but firmly down her slender body. Taking the hint, I moved down, grasping her skirt and pulling while she wriggled her hips, helping me remove her panties at the same time. I knelt between her open thighs, gazing for a moment at her delightful womanhood, unable to believe that this was finally happening. Her pussy was covered by a neat triangle of dark hair, but I could see her lips already glistening with arousal.

I lowered my head between her creamy legs, breathing in the musky scent of her sex, then began to place light kisses on her inner thighs as I used my fingers to tease the edges of her vulva. She sighed encouragingly, thrusting her hips as she pushed my face into her unshaven bush. My nose and mouth parted her inner labia, the swollen lips giving way to my tongue as I lapped and probed, using my fingers to massage her outer vulva as my face explored her swollen and wet cleft. “Oh Greg!” She whispered. “That feels amazing - please don’t stop!”

The taste of her filled my consciousness, pressing any thought except the need to be one with her out of my mind. My cock strained eagerly, the pain of its attempted erection forgotten as my arousal soared. I lost all track of time as she began to moan, rhythmically humping my face, her hands pressing my tongue onto her swollen clitoris. Her moans turned to shouts, then a loud scream of “Y-yeeeeeesssss! Oh don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop Greg oh yeeeeessssss!” As I felt her pussy begin to contract and spasm in orgasm.

Her body collapsed, a sheen of sweat covering her skin, her face flushed and grinning. “Mmmm. Take your clothes off Greg.” She whispered coyly, and I obeyed immediately, watching her stretch luxuriously, yawning as she idly cupped one breast in her hand.

Naked except for my orange cage, I lay down on top of her, whispering in her ear. “Would you release me now?”

“Hmm?” She said, guiding me into a spooning position as she rolled over, then pulling my arm to rest one of my hands on her breast. “Cuddle me Greg.” She mumbled. “I’m sorry - I always feel sleepy after I cum.” She wriggled luxuriously, pushing her small body against mine, nestling herself into my protective embrace. I tried to breathe deeply, to stop my body from moving instinctively, but my hips began to thrust gently, my caged cock unbearably hungry for stimulation as it slid uselessly against her soft buttocks.

“Mmmm. Not tonight Greg.” She mumbled sleepily. “Maybe tomorrow if I get a good night’s sleep.” My heart pounded uncontrollably, my cock in desperate agony at its unmet hunger. My brain languished helplessly, marinaded in its own hormones and the enthralling pheromones of her sex. How long I lay there, the paradise of release tantalizingly close but impossibly far until I fell asleep I don’t know, but it felt like painful hours.

The bright light of day and a painfully thwarted morning erection woke me, and reality suddenly replaced my dreams of sexual release. “Good morning Greg!” Claire stretched luxuriously, smiling at my longing gaze on her still naked body. “Last night was beautiful. I have go to work in a few minutes, but if you like I can give you a little something to keep you thinking about me until we can see each other next?”

I nodded eagerly. “Yes - yes please, I’d love that. I feel so turned on by you.” I said, my eyes unable to look away from her sensuous curves.

She wriggled, cat like, brushing her disheveled hair from her face. “Ok - turn around while I put these on you and I’ll release your cage.” She said playfully, producing a pair of shiny handcuffs. Too worried about loosing the offer of release to question the cuffs, I offered my wrists, allowing her to restrain my hands behind my back and then to guide me down to lie on the bed, my legs open in hopeful expectation.

She knelt in front of me, cupping my balls in one small hand, making me whimper with excited need, all conscious thought driven from my mind by my animal instincts. “How does that feel, Greg?” She teased.

“It feels amazing.” I gasped. “I need you, please, please let me cum Claire I feel so so turned on.” My hips humped uselessly as she let her fingers play on my agonized balls. Reaching for her phone, she unlocked it with one hand, tapping a code into the app. I felt the device ‘click’ as the pins released, letting the cage come loose from the ring. My cock stood to attention as she reached down, slowly removing the metal restraint and letting my hungry manhood salute her.

“You were beautiful last night Greg.” She smiled, reaching over and taking my cock in her hands. The feeling was the most intense arousal I had ever had. My eyes met hers, and my breathing started to come in quick shallow gasps. She held my gaze as she started to slowly and gently move her fingers up and down my thick shaft, letting her tips linger momentarily on my purple glans with each stroke. My eyes studied hers intently, her brown corneas pools of luxurious pleasure, my body melting under her exquisite caresses.

“Oh God yes please oh please!” I heard myself cry out, my mouth open, my mind awash with the hormones of arousal. I felt one of her hands cup my balls, gasping again as she continued to slowly pump my aching cock. I felt my body begin to shudder, my breath still ragged as the stimulation built, knowing my orgasm was only moments away.

“Oh Yes!” I gasped. “Yes please oh yes! I’m going to cum oh yes!” My hips thrust uncontrollably, but suddenly her fingers were wrapped tightly around the base of my shaft, gripping me firmly while she smiled coyly at me.

“Not quite yet Greg.” She giggled. “Tell me how you feel.”

“Oh please! Its too much!” I babbled.”Please please! I’ll do anything, please please let me cum!”

“Hmmm…” She smirked, letting her fingers lightly tease my scrotum. “That sounds good. I’d like to see you again Greg. Would you like that?” I felt her hand on my shaft again, resuming her slow stroke, even softer and slower this time.

“Yes! Oh yes! Please yes!” I begged.

“How about tomorrow night?” She offered flirtatiously, pausing her strokes and letting my cock spasm uselessly.

“T-tomorrow? But - but that’s - no - please!” I mumbled, horrified to feel the absence of her touch once more.

“Is that a ‘no’ Greg?” She asked, frowning and sitting up.

“No - I mean yes - I mean of course, I would love to see you again tomorrow night.”

“Oh good!” She said, reaching for the orange cage and looking with curiosity at my desperately needful cock. “Let’s just wait for Mr Impatient here to calm down and we can get you put away safely.”

“Oh no - please - please - could you - just one or two more strokes - please I need it!”

She shook her head in mock disapproval. “Oh I don’t think so - I think I enjoy how motivated you are right now. There’s no chance you’re going to be late tomorrow is there? Now, if I hear any more protests I might have to reschedule for next week!”
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Re: The dating app that changed everything. Part 3

Post by slave d » Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:47 pm

Beautifully done ...... and he was

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Re: The dating app that changed everything. Part 3

Post by wishful4 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:23 am

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Re: The dating app that changed everything. Part 3

Post by happilylockedman » Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:16 am

Mmmmm. That story feels so good :D
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Re: The dating app that changed everything. Part 3

Post by pdw1234pdw » Thu Aug 09, 2018 2:58 pm

Please write the sequals... this is really good
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