My first custom made device

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My first custom made device

Post by kpb57 » Mon May 09, 2011 8:28 am

As you can see from my avatar, the Gerecke Desire has finally arrived and I have quickly accustomed myself to it.

It is made from titanium and weighs only about 90 g, lock not included. Currently I am wearing the closed ring, as Frank missed that I had ordered the hinged ring when he made he first delivery, so I will get that within the next few days, hopefully.

My wife made me sleep with the device from Saturday to Sunday (which happened to be Mother's Day), and started to caress me when she woke up in the morning. When she unlocked me and took off the cage, we realized that I did right in ordering the hinged ring, because there was no way we could get the base ring off with the (raging) erection she had deliberately provoked.
So I just turned the ring aroung, hoped for the best, and then made love to her just like a good husband and father will do when asked to.
Fortunately, neither of us was hurt by the pin, but I felt like having been kicked in the balls all day long because of our futile efforts to get the ring off before intercourse.
After spending Sunday and Sunday night out of the device, things have gone back to normal, though.

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