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Vice Mini Adjustments

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2022 8:46 am
by trijack3
I recently switched from the large (46.5 mm) to medium ring size (44 mm) on my Vice Mini. This was because one of my balls slipped the trap after wearing the same setup for 5 months. I already use the small spacer on my cage so the smaller ring was the only option left to reduce the gap. This has really surprised me because i had to use an extra large (50 mm) ring on my previous cheaper cages.

I've also gone to wearing the small anti-pullout instead of the medium. It took some getting used to so that i wouldn't develop an irritation at tne pinching point beneath the glans from attempted erections. And they smaller anti-pullout keeps my head in the right position so pee comes out just thru the pee hole instead of the other ventilation holes.

I think the anti-pullout keeps and supports my penis in a better position which reduces the stress on the ring thus enabling me to wear the much smaller ring size than before. I also don't have any ring irritation like I used to get.

Now everything fits very snuggly which I like. I'm the type who wants my gym shoes to be a snug fit with my big toes right at the tip of my shoes. If I were a woman, I'd wear leggings all the time. Now that I've got the right fit on the cage, all is well with my world!

Re: Vice Mini Adjustments

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2022 10:30 am
by ww1971
I have the new Vice micro, with a Z spacer, very tight but comfortable fit