Silicon Cage Issue

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Silicon Cage Issue

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Hi All
I’ll start by saying I’m fairly new to all of this.
I have purchased the silicon cage attached to this post. I have had steel cages and some plastic cages before but none have met my needs or felt comfortable whilst doing fitness. I thought I would try silicon. The weight and comfort etc are great but I have noticed when I get hard the cage tends to bend up a bit and the two side pins always come come out of the cage holes. This is most noticeable in bed when the pins start to pinch the skin. I am used to barrel lock cages so is there something I’m missing here or is the nature of this type of cage and lock? I would like to stay with silicon but at the minute this cage is deemed useless unless I can sort this issue. TIA
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Re: Silicon Cage Issue

Post by JimR »

I have used silicone cages in the past, and while (generally)comfortable, the flexibility means they may offer little deterrent to pullout. The SATO type, available from various vendors, offers three different sized base rings as part of the package, and although I found it very comfortable, it is large by comparison with some other cages, and may be unsuitable for some users, particularly in situations where tight fitting clothing is worn. You might look into the Holy Trainer type of design (NFI), as I have found that reasonably comfortable with better security. If you are handy with tools, you could probably fabricate two larger side/alignment pins, similar to the center locking pin, with locks to eliminate the pull away issue you describe. Unfortunately, this would add considerable weight and bulk to the cage. Just my 2 cents.
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