Metal cage between Amazon Chinese knockoff and MMJB?

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Re: Metal cage between Amazon Chinese knockoff and MMJB?

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wildbill wrote: Thu Aug 04, 2022 10:51 am
Tom Allen wrote: Wed Mar 30, 2022 3:29 pm A271/A272

AliExpress, dhgate, eBay, Amazon.

I like this style of cage, but my wife hates the sharp exposed part of the lock which scratches her when we spoon. Any tips on covering that part or is rounding the edges of the lock with a Dremel the only option.
Had same problem so I made rings of various designs that covered the locks edges.
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Re: Metal cage between Amazon Chinese knockoff and MMJB?

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Tom Allen wrote: Thu Mar 31, 2022 7:11 am I tried that one. The cage itself is large, and those wire cables felt very uncomfortable on my soft bits.
I actually own and have worn the A271 and the A273. I hated the a273, so many pinch points. The A271 was pretty comfortable but ultimately too many pinch points as well. Currently right now I have a CC414 and it is super comfortable. Very good cage and was only like $40 on DHgate.

I do really wish someone would come out with some cheaper versions of the MMJB, that is the cage I really want. But I wanted to try it out before I spend the $350 on it.
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Re: Metal cage between Amazon Chinese knockoff and MMJB?

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Weaponx - I have had my JailBird for 10 years. It is, BY FAR, the best recreational investment I have ever made, and my far and away favorite of the 6 devices I own.

Just pull the trigger and get it. Follow the sizing instructions, and even then, you might mess up a little and need to send it back for adjustment. I had to send mine back twice for sizing issues, and it has been perfect ever since.

PS - A couple of years later, I sent my JB back to add a security screw. This holds the pieces together rigidly, as if they are one solid piece. PLUS, it makes for a smaller profile and a sleeker look. I really missed the JB for the week it was gone and was very glad that William gives alterations priority, so I had it back in a week.
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