Better Than A Cage

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Better Than A Cage

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I have tried many different chastity devices over the last twenty or so years. Nothing really seemed to work for me. I had a CB3000 that after two weeks which was the longest I ever managed to wear it I had to take it off as I was getting sores under the main ring. I loved wearing it. I felt safe and protected wearing it but it was damned uncomfortable after a few days. I could also pull out of it and it wasn't very discreet. I realized that the only thing that would work for me was a PA piercing and some form of a Lori's tube. I ordered a 14ga piercing needle and some jewelry. I pierced myself one day and inserted a barbell. (Wife didn't know anything about my desires at this time.) It bleed for maybe 3 days and after one week I removed the 14 gauge and moved up to 12 gauge. Three days later I was at 10 gauge. Two weeks and I'm at 8 gauge. By the end of the month I am at 4 gauge. So I tried several different devices and none of them were comfortable to wear long term or the lock malfunctioned and I despaired at what to do.

Then after much thought I ordered a stainless steel hex nut. It was for a one inch bolt. I put it in a lathe and turned out the threads on the inside until they were gone. Then I turned of the hex exterior sides and I had a nice Stainless Steel cock ring that was fairly heavy. I slipped that over my penis and then put a large circular ring (1" I.D.) through the PA. The first ring I call the chastity ring and the PA ring is the security ring. The chastity ring is basically a cock ring but for any of you that have worn something similar you know that as you get aroused it becomes very tight and I find that if I orgasm and the semen is unable to exit because of the ring the orgasm becomes very painful. I tried it once and haven't done it since.

Now the security ring comes in two parts held together by a small stainless steel screw. I call it a security ring because with it in place it is impossible to remove the chastity ring. Place the screwdriver or allen key in a lockable box, lock it up with a padlock and give my keyholder the key and I am locked in chastity.

What I like about it is, it is entirely comfortable to wear long term. It can't be detected under your clothes and it doesn't need to be removed for cleaning. I simply slide the chastity ring forward and back along my penis and wash the newly exposed skin.

Longest I have worn this to date is about six weeks but my key holder is saying Loctober, November, December and might as well make it to Valentines Day if I can make it through the next three months. I can make it, as I won't have a choice, but I think she will cave.
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