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Wireless electro cage

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2021 11:46 pm
by Freakystyley20
Iā€™m sure this has been asked before. I have seen in a few blogs people with wireless remotes for electro cock cages. Anyone know where to buy them or are they a homemade job? All I can find are wired devices. They are fun but wireless would be better.

Cheers šŸ¤˜šŸ½

Re: Wireless electro cage

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 4:09 pm
by art4bux
I've seen wireless estim boxes on Ali, look to be about the size of a keyless entry fob. Ali also has estim equipped cages, anal plugs, sounds, and, probably, nosepickers.

There -is- a wire between control box and electrode, not sure how you'd get rid of that.