Anyone has experience with "badass workroom"?

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Re: Anyone has experience with "badass workroom"?

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I ordered a cage model BA-22. I have it listed in the classifieds. It was never worn or tried on. I am uncut and my wife was concerned about foreskin edema. They look like they make a really well built unit. If interested its $175 shipped. ... 12&t=64347
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Re: Anyone has experience with "badass workroom"?

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yes I've bought several items from Youming.

All his products are excellently made. I have a number of different items from him.
Yes he's in China, that's where he makes them.
Based on detailed customisation, and email discussion about changes to the design, it's him doing the work and he's not merely an intermediary.
He makes to order, and I was getting delivery within a week or so.
I especially appreciate his use of solid surgical steel.
I have a couple of chromed steel devices I got before finding badassworkroom (i.e. ones I thought might save money) which became unusuable after the chrome plating wore thin and the devices started rusting at exactly the chafe points.

Regarding the chastity cages, his is the best one I have, and after over a year of use (and wearing up to 24x7x5) have exactly zero complaints. I'm considering getting another one from him, based on my experience I want to adjust the dimensions by a couple of mm. Yes, they're that good that it matters!
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Re: Anyone has experience with "badass workroom"?

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Perhaps i need to review my concerns on this seller as (assuming the reviews are genuine) is at least building “some” custom devices but i stand by the fact that the huge majority of what i see on his site is available from DHGate sellers at a fraction of the price. The veiled suggestion that some of these may be chrome plated is something in over 7 years now of careful buying i’ve never found. All that i’ve purchased (probably getting close to double figures now) have been very good quality for the price and none have been chrome plated junk. Certainly though care must be taken to read the ads in detail so you know what you’re getting. So my take would be if you are really buying a custom device it sounds as if this may be a place to consider but if it’s stock i’d look elsewhere for better prices myself.

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Re: Anyone has experience with "badass workroom"?

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Any updates?
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