Is Rigid Chastity out of business?

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Is Rigid Chastity out of business?

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I paid $325 back in September 2020 for a device. They promised it in 20-22 weeks. It's been 8.5 months, and they don't answer status inquiries.

Yet, their site is up and running. A new model is shown as available. They appear to be taking orders and collecting money.

Does anyone know if they are still in business? I am assuming now that I won't be getting my order, nor a refund.

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Jon Descer
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Re: Is Rigid Chastity out of business?

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I can't answer that particular question, but I can say that my experience with them was not the best in terms of customer service. They don't communicate well and my device also took FOREVER. I did, however, get everything I ordered and it was all great quality. With COVID and shipping delays, I would not be surprised if things are that much slower. I got the impression that they only have like 1 person who can read/write English too, so maybe that person is out sick or something.
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