Looking for a metal Vice

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Looking for a metal Vice

Post by CanuckInNJ »

I'm intrigued by "The Vice". It's your standard chastity tube/cage but with a twist - it incorporates a hinged part that closes and locks, somewhat like a movie director's scene clapper (but turned 90 degrees) on the flaccid penis. It doesn't close completely, obviously, but it leaves a small enough slot for the penis that erection is completely impossible.
Unfortunately, reviews of the Vice suggest that overall it's poorly made (the plastic seams are prone to splitting), and I have never liked plastic.
Does anyone know of a metal alternative that uses the same idea?
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Jon Descer
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Re: Looking for a metal Vice

Post by Jon Descer »

I've seen lots of hinged RINGS, but do you mean the cage does that? I've never really looked at the Vice, it always seemed like it was all marketing instead of making a desirable product. I get nervous about anything tight and metal clapping together near my boys, to be honest.
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