A27# series cage modifications

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A27# series cage modifications

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While unlocked, the gap can be adjust slightly by placing a 1/4" bolt in place of the brass lock. I guess you could do this with the brass lock in place but might risk damaging the lock. Pressing the cage and ring together or pulling apart SLIGHTLY can adjust the gap by maybe up to 3mm. Much more than that will require the cage portion of the lock to be adjusted slightly with needle nose pliers. I increased the gap, but had to adjust the center section (the metal "C" attached to the top of the cage) by a slight twist forward. I do have to jiggle the lock and key a bit more now to lock / unlock, but nothing extreme. I would advise several dry fits the be sure the adjust wasn't too much.

The "square" edges of the cage ring closest to the body can be rounded with a dremel tool, but will need polishing with jewelry abrasive. Doing this right will take 45 minutes to an hour but is worth the improve fit and finish.

The base ring can also be rounded significantly. An hour or two of effort is needed, but is VERY much worth the invested efforts.
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