Tips for fitting a chastity cage

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Tips for fitting a chastity cage

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So I bought the vice standard which comes with 4 rings, so I figured it would be a bit of a trial and error to find the right size but oh well. I'm fine with that. I've heard if you can put one finger through the base of the ring to your knuckle, then its loose enough, but if you can fit two fingers than its too loose? Is this accurate?

I'm also curious about how close the chastity ring is supposed to be held against my pelvis. Is it supposed to be snug such that its right up against my pelvis at all times? Currently its a little bit down my shaft, and obviously erections cause it to move off my body all the more so. Does that mean the ring im wearing is too loose? Oh right, the head of my penis also didnt quite reach the end of the shaft of the chastity cage; am I too small, unerect, for a standard cage? Should I instead buy a mini/nano cage?

Thanks for any tips etc.
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Re: Tips for fitting a chastity cage

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You are correct on the fit of the base ring. As to the cage, you should be in contact with the entire inside of the cage at least 95% of the time. This will help to stifle attempted erections but won't stop them. The cage should be at least 1/4" shorter than your flaccid length.

Ideally the ring should be tight against the pelvis but that's never going to stay that way. Weather changes when the balls hang lower will allow it to slip down some. Those pesky erections will pull it down some until they are controlled. Unless you develop severe ED AND design some refrigerated underwear to keep you high and tight all the time, the cage is going to move around a bit.
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