Smaller base ring?

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Re: Smaller base ring?

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SteveOD wrote: Mon Sep 28, 2020 9:53 pm Your balls hang down or bunch up to get warm so your ring will feel tight at times. After 10 years I went from a 45mm to 50". Rule of thumb is to get the smallest sized ring that you can slip a fingertip barely under and you then you are good to go. A tighter ring is actually more comfortable because the ring does not rotate or move around as much. A bigger ring will move and cause irritation. I have three sizes of rings for the various devices I have worn in the last decade. The design of your cage also comes into play. I have shrunk to the point that my penis is inside my body and has to be dug out to show its tiny tip. This is because my cage is right next to the ring and holds my dick inside my body so all you see is balls. Due to this, I can go with a bigger ring. For my Jailbird, my first cage, a 45mm ring fits well but my dick is so small now that the Jailbird looks empty. As I got smaller and smaller cages, I was able to increase the ring size. Here is a picture of what I wear, but not me:

As you can see, my balls are spread by the cage and will not slip through the larger ring I wear.
I'm considering a smaller cage with the same size ring to see if the spreading of my balls will make it a bit more snug..
Were you small before wearing a cage? Or is it shrinkage over time?
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