CB 6000 new to the device.

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CB 6000 new to the device.

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Hi All,

I am new to the CB 6000 and I have a question. I have noticed the cage itself gets condensation inside of it. Let's say if I go for a walk/jog outside when it is humid or other times during the day. I am a grower more than a shower - so, I fill it out well when partially aroused even, but the standard is just s smidge short at times. Not sure if this is normal or if I should get a short.

I have heard you can pee standing up in these and I have done it successfully but there are times where that just doesn't work and I end up getting piss everywhere. So, I will often sit if needed.

Is there a way to prevent condensation or is it going to cause issues? I don't believe it's urine or anything as I clean it fairly well. I am going to start lubing up the inside a bit more. I think that might help?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Re: CB 6000 new to the device.

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I use a silicone lube inside the cage portion. Standing up is do-able if you are at the end and lined up correctly.
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