Locked in lust Vice vs CB-6000s

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Re: Locked in lust Vice vs CB-6000s

Post by TwistedMister »

Ya, I'm familiar with the site. The rings have a square'ish' profile, but appear to be rounded on the edges...I thought that might be ok. That's why I wanted to check, I know there have been a lot of complaints that the 'copies' have sharp edges.

Hmmm, on sale, only a C-note...
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Re: Locked in lust Vice vs CB-6000s

Post by gonefishingnomore »

Yes you're right, it's a square-ish profile with rounded edges, but it still bit into my sack too much. When I said I chucked it, I didn't actually bin it, yet, but through it in the back of the cupboard. 100$ would hurt too much, I can always try it on again later.......;-)
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