Steelworxx: standard vs anatomical ring

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Steelworxx: standard vs anatomical ring

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Hi guys,

I am thinking of upgrading my Steelworxx Steelheart 2 with an anatomical ring because during the night I wake up several times due to discomfort. At the same time I was also thinking of shorten it up but I'm worried that the anatomical ring could be more "loosy".

Has any one of you switched from standard to anatomical ring? What is your experience?

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Re: Steelworxx: standard vs anatomical ring

Post by Chastelifexxx »

@countingthedays I have had three chastity devices and the last two have had the anotomical base ring. I would not want to buy another that is not anatomically correct. The fit more snug and they are more comfortable. At night I do get the occasional scrotal burn due to the ring being such a close fit but I just a dab a bit of my Boy Butter lube on the underside where is it burning the the small bit of lube immediately stops the burning and give the ring just a bit of lube to move around.

I think the most critical thing of a proper fitting ball trap chastity device is the proper fit of the base ring. If too loose it allows too much give so when you get a hard on the base ring moves with the erection and pulls on the balls. Too tight is not good because it can restrict too much blood flow. You want it as tight as it can be but still allow proper blood flow.

Try going to the hardware store and buying a couple of different sizes of silicone rings. They can be found in the fasteners areas or maybe in the plumbing area or order from Amazon. They are very inexpensive. Put them on and try to go for the best fit. If you happen to get one on and it is way too tight then it can easily be cut off.

But as far as I'm concerned the anatomical base ring is the way to go as long as it is the proper fit.
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