CB-3000 long term

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CB-3000 long term

Post by ColeCaged »

Hi y'all,

After several attempts at long-term chastity, which all failed after 10 days or less, I believe my mistress and I have finally succeeded. I'm currently on day 25, with no end in the foreseeable future.

This is my second attempt at a CB-X device, and, having figured out proper sizing this time, it is the first device that has been comfortable for the duration of its wear.

However, I've recently read several posts involving cage splitting, which I find very concerning. Should I be concerned about this, or is it a rare phenomenon? If the cage starts to split when I'm away from my keyholder, what should I do to avoid cuts? What steel device is most similar in design to the CB-3000?
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Re: CB-3000 long term

Post by slave d »

In general terms you should find a “genuine” CB shouldn’t have issues around splitting etc. If you have a knockoff version then it’s anybodies guess how well it will last, some are great, some are junk. Just keep a close eye on it around any join lines and you should be ok. i’ve has trouble with splitting even on a genuine HT3 nub (tube split twice) and ended up with a s/s tune and resin A-ring so nothing is guaranteed. Thing is that it’s unlikely to just go “bang” and split open unless you’re “playing around” so you’re unlikely to do harm. Probably a good idea to keep a “panic key” available in case. As far as a s/s CB goes have a look on DHgate, there are lots of options on various designs.

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Re: CB-3000 long term

Post by locked4her55 »

I agree with what slave d posted altho I had a CB6000s and it split at the cage seam after about a year of wear. As he posted, it didn't go "bang" and suddenly break apart so there was no issue with it causing any harm to my penis. Could have been an issue if I had to wait a day or two to remove it.

A panic key is alway a good idea. Place it in an envelope with your KH's signature across the seal and use it in an emergency. You can alway justify having to use it with your KH by showing them the damaged device.

As for stainless steel, I have found great success with the A271 & A273's from DHgate.
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Re: CB-3000 long term

Post by TwistedMister »

I have an original CB-3000, it is nearly 20 years old now. It has split twice in the past 8 or so years, first one side, then the other (a few months ago). In both cases it was repaired using Superglue.

In both cases, the split did not become obvious until a strong erection attempt separated it far enough for a bit of skin to get pushed into the gap, and fading arousal resulted in that bit of skin getting pinched. Both splits occurred at the entrance to the cage, and resulted in small abrasions that took several days to heal.
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Re: CB-3000 long term

Post by Tom Allen »

Adding to what @TwistedMister wrote, I've had 2 CB3000 and 2 CB6000. Both split the same way after a few months. Upon receiving the second one, I carefully split the device at the seams and used a gel superglue to create a stronger weld than the factory "sonic weld". They held up for years afterward.
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Re: CB-3000 long term

Post by CC16HAO »

You don't need a key to release the CB6000 in an emergency...Just pull the two side pins out backwards with your fingers and the top of the ring pings off, giving instant device release! I found a solution that stops this cheat, as it isn't fair on the keyholder if you can release the device without a key at any time you like.
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