Long term review: The Holy Trainer Nub

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Long term review: The Holy Trainer Nub

Post by Whynot »

I've been in the Holy Trainer Nub for about 7 months now, so I think it is time for a review.

A few words on my background first: I started fooling around with chastity belts a long time ago when there weren't yet any cages around. Full-size belts (I had or have belts made by Tollyboy, Goethals and Neosteel) aren't all that suitable for long-term wear though, especially not when you work with people, lots of people. Also my partner(s) at the time weren't really into chastity play. They tolerated the belts but they weren't paricularly interested.

After a hiatus of a few years things changed something like eight years ago when I got to know my present partner. She likes sex but not PIV, so chastity play was something she quickly became interested in. At the time cages began to really take off, so I (or rather we) tried a number of cages (CB 6000, Steelworxx, various Chinese knock-offs) before settling on the Holytrainer (standard size) that I wore 24/7 for a couple of years. It wasn't really one hundred percent comfortable, and it wasn't totally secure, but it was OK. I also tried the short HT but that didn't work for me, I had too many ball slip-outs. What I learnt during this time was that I really, really need an ergonomic base ring, round base rings just don't cut it for me.

In May this year I switched to the Nub. And that works - for me! - very well indeed. I realize all people are different but for me the Nub is as secure as a cage can get if you don't have a piercing. (I definitely can't pull out and put it back in again, not even in the shower.) And it's by far the most comfortable cage I've ever worn, due to its small size (yes, smaller is better) and - compared to stainless steel devices - it's very low weight. I had up to now no ball slip-outs (the gap between the cage and the base ring is really small if you use the smallest ring available), and I only once had a rash that forced me out of the cage for three days. That was after I had worn the Nub for 11 days straight, without being let out for a wash. That was a bit over the top, I think.

At present I wear the Nub 24/7 during the week. At the weekend my partner lets me out for 10-15 minutes for a wash and for shaving, and that's it. So in an average month I'm out of the cage for about 60 minutes or so.

Many people have commented that hygiene is a problem in the Nub, so wearing it for a week at a time seems excessive. However, I follow a strict cleaning regime using the system Thumper advocated a few years ago, with a water bottle squeezing water into the cage to clean up. I do that every day, and afterwards I use cotton buds to coat the penis with some silicone. (Cotton buds are also useful to align the slit with the front opening in the cage by the way.) I also use a few drops of silicone around the base ring, usually twice a day to make sure I don't develop any sore spots. Plastic (or "resin") sticks to the body more than stainless steel. Sure, there's *some* smell when my partner lets me out at the weekend but it's not that bad. A thorough wash with an antibacterial soap clears it up at once. And the smell seems to be *in* the tube, so it's not something you can smell as long as I wear the cage.

In everyday life I can wear the Nub for any activity. In the summer we went on a few very long hikes in the mountains - no problem. I can use it on the bike because it's so small and doesn't get in the way, and I wear it for swimming and under tight clothes. No problems at all. Being able to pee standing up helps a lot in everyday life, although I need to carry a few tissues to clean up the last few drops. At home I sit down, of course.

A few words on the Chinese knock-offs of the Nub: The plastic ones ... Well, the ones I saw are pretty terrible. I tried one for a day. It didn't work. Mine lost its shape within a few hours once it got warm, and getting it off wasn't fun as the lock had got stuck in the warped cage. The stainless ones are better - if you get a good one, there's quite a lot of variability - but they are far too heavy, well over five times the weight of the Nub. A shame, because we both like the looks of a stainless steel device.

So, if you want a small device I can recommend the original Holytrainer Nub wholeheratedly. In fact, we got a second cage in case something bad happens to the first one. It's always good to have a spare with plastic cages ... :mrgreen:
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Re: Long term review: The Holy Trainer Nub

Post by slave d »

i’ve now been in a genuine nub for about 8 months now and am awaiting a knockoff stainless steel version which i hope is more robust. i absolutely love the nub BUT, and it’s a big but, the first tube lasted 3 months before it began to split up from below the pee hole and down from the pee hole itself. HT replaced it BUT the new one only lasted the same length of time and they wouldn’t replace it again. They’re a bloody expensive piece of kit for a bit of cast “resin” and only lasting 3 months a time is useless to me. By the way MsM removes the cage and cleans Her cock three times a week when i’m bathing Her, it’s just cage off, wipe Her cock with a flannel while i clean the cage and ring with a toothbrush, and then relock.

So, love the device but loath the design flaw (that’s what it is, there shouldn’t be a casting line at this stress point !!) so we’re going to try a S/S knockoff next. If that is too heavy it’s back to an open S/S cage i guess unfortunately!!

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