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Quiui Clasp

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 3:07 am
by Velth
Just started seeing this around. First generation looks interesting.

Bluetooth enabled and can be remotely unlocked through a mobile app.
Can also be locked on a timer via the app and can't be cancelled until the countdown expires.

Found one place in Australia selling them for $159.99 AU or about $108 US.

Re: Quiui Clasp

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 7:35 am
by Tessasissy
This goes under cell mate brand as well.
I have one of these.
A quick review as follows:

I have tried the Qiui device. The lock and blootooth app work well. The cage itself is light weight and the battery positioning at the top keeps you pointed down.
Key issues with the device is quality of the actual cage which is plastic welded down the sides mine already has a flaw in it. You will need to rub down and remove shaper edges. And the metal ring which you have to use as the plastic rings just break, has slightly rough edge on the inside from its casting. I used the largest ring size to ensure enough room for my ball sack.
The top of the cage does create some pinch points.

It's a fun play device but not long term I think.

If the manufacturer could spend more time refining the actual cage design and improving manufacturing they would realy be on to somthing as the locking mechanism works pretty well and once you get the hang of the app it is fun. I used it for self locking with the timer. Before my wife became my keyholder. The comfort issues would prevent me from using as longterm wear.