My story, some questions and help for a newbie with BIG BALLS!

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My story, some questions and help for a newbie with BIG BALLS!

Post by sissyhumiliation » Wed Nov 06, 2019 1:04 pm

Hi to my fellow chastity wearing peeps! I'm a bit new to chastity and very interested in testing my limits in the area. I hate to be long winded but I'll give you a little background just so you understand my journey so far and my needs regarding chastity. I often work from home and found it way too easy to enjoy porn when I'm not too busy. It has become an unfortunate habit to edge myself for hours sometimes. I want to break this habit. It is time consuming and has affected my ability to stay hard during intimate times on the weekend with my partner. This began as a personal journey and he is not currently involved in my chastity. However, if this proves to be something that works for me, I may somehow bring up the subject and try to involve him. I don't know that he would like that arrangement, but I suppose that is a whole other thread for another time lol. Also, I'm an athletic guy and play ball a few nights a week and work out. I don't wish to wear my device during those times, so easy on/off is a big plus. I'm mainly looking to wear it during my "danger times" in the mornings and late at night, however if it's comfortable I don't mind wearing it all the time (mon-fri) when I'm not at the gym. Once I'm busy during the day, it becomes less of a need so I suppose recommendations are wanted with a "part time" beginner in mind.

So I purchased my first CB6000s knockoff on amazon. As most other users suggested, it was a bad ideal lol. Yes it was cheap, but I could not stuff my penis into the shaft with a gallon of lube, never mind the ring. It wasn't even close. I was very disappointed but Amazon accepted the return, so it was back to the drawing board. Then I ordered a HTv3 maxi knockoff to replace it. That was much better, at least I could get it on. I'm actually wearing it as I type this. I'm happy with the light weight resin material and snug fit. The lock is discrete and works well so far. I really enjoy the feeling of wearing it. The mental game of knowing I have a naughty little secret is way more exciting than I ever expected, plus the physical barrier to masturbation is proving effective. The main problem is my rather large balls. It is very difficult and a bit uncomfortable to get the ring on but I can manage it. The problem is that once I get it on, there are more comfort issues. My large balls are pulled forward and firmly pressed against the resin shaft. They can't hang in their natural way. Also, because they are stretched forward a bit, it is pulling the whole device back and the top part of the shaft sometimes presses into my body, causing some additional slight discomfort. Also, the overall tightness of the ring starts to become uncomfortable on the underside of my balls. All of this is manageable for short term wearing, but I definitely couldn't get beyond one full day without having to take it off for a while.

I feel like those issues would be resolved with a larger ring. The biggest one I got is 50mm. Does anyone know if i can find a 55mm "replacement ring"? If that isn't possible, I'm open to finding another device, but not committed to spending a ton more money at this point and would love to keep it around $50 or less. I understand that a custom device has the best fit, but I'm concerned with the heavy metal material, big hanging lock and price tag. None of that is appealing to me as discretion is important. I'm also open to other style devices. I looked at some "belt" style devices, some of which had a plug which was also a very appealing concept, but they all seemed a bit bulky. I would love to hear some experiences from other "big boys" who found success and comfort. I am really enjoying the submissive feelings I get while wearing this way more than I expected and I would love to have something comfortable so I can work towards wearing it full-time 5 out of 7 days a week. Thanks for reading this and helping a newbie out. Cheers!
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