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Female chastity devices

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 3:44 pm
by Schnoff
How do people with innie genitalia lock? Mostly involving multiple piercings through the labia majora it seems. Nothing easy or inexpensive here.

I’ve seen some examples from Steelwerks in Canada and love them. Gives me cunt envy - I want one of those, and one of these :).

2016 creature cage: ... 09?lang=en

2019 shield: ... 83?lang=en

“The Zipper” concept: ... ity-device

“Hood”, as well as labia clamps:

The guy behind Steelwerks is an artist with metal, and truly kinky. He loves getting creative. Don’t see what you want? Discuss it, he’ll do a one of a kind.

Cheap it ain’t. You could buy a “starter car” for the same price. That’s not counting the effort and pain and money for up to six labia piercings.

Lovely designs, though.