Balls keep popping out/burning in scrotum

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Re: Balls keep popping out/burning in scrotum

Post by attentive_husband »

I put Vaseline along the bottom both morning & night. Makes the ball burning go away in about 3 minutes.
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Re: Balls keep popping out/burning in scrotum

Post by naughtyboy246 »

Hi All, am following this information, as I have some issues with my balls and skin,

When I am teased and edge and get hard I find my cage (metal style sissy cage)just seems to allow me to get hard with my skin sliding through the ring to the point it seems the cage is dangling of the edge of my cock with it being held tightly just by my balls. This mean readjust and pulling my skin back through the ring to pull it back to my body. Is there anything or any way to prevent this and stop the cage from allowing me to get hard and slide down my cock
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Re: Balls keep popping out/burning in scrotum

Post by UltraWhiteStar »

Your base ring is probably too wide. In my experience a tighter fit keeps the cage from being pushed forward as it gets stuck on the swelling base of my penis. This will also stifle conscious erections and makes me feel incapable of an orgasm. The cage stays in place an does not require so much adjusting. However, nighttime erections are a different matter. They can be very powerful and cause discomfort or pain. You should try different sizes of base rings and find out, what works for you. Also, in theory a very short cage that leaves no room for growth should prevent an erection, but this has never worked out for me during the night and I had to be released because of the pain.
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Re: Balls keep popping out/burning in scrotum

Post by CagedKC »

My Mature Metal Jailbird is very comfortable. I was having issues with a ball squeezing out occasionally. Yes, very painful. I returned it to have oval base ring made round. That correced the problem. I also had the punishment pin option installed and wear a medium blunt pin to hel keep penis in place. I am kept caged 24/7 unless my wife wants my dick. My scrotum has stopped pulling and burning for the most part. A light skim of vaseline takes care of it if it does start. Plastic sticks to skin more tgan good stainless steel.. Having been locked 20 months, I couldn't be happier with my Jailbird. I work full time and speak stanging in meeting frequently.
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Re: Balls keep popping out/burning in scrotum

Post by Chastelifexxx »

My scrotum will occasionally get a burning sensation. For me it is where the metal ring is up against the scrotal skin and it is like stuck there. I figured out that if I put just a very small amount of lube between the ring and my ball sack where it is burning, the burn immediately goes and way. Don't over do the lube. You don't want the chastity device to be slipping and sliding either.
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Re: Balls keep popping out/burning in scrotum

Post by ruski75 »

There is a trick to the CB600s. I had the same problem as my balls are tiny (I mean really very small). The trick is to ignore the instructions! You are told to construct the plastic ring, thread through the cock and balls and then attach the cage. I did this but my balls would always slip out.

If you construct the ring around your balls then it all stays in place. I.e. take the ring and put it under and around your balls then add the top and pins to make the ring. Than attach cock cage. This will work. Even for my tiny balls!!
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