diameter of devices

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Re: diameter of devices

Post by JubsinChastity »

Oddly enough I actually find that most devices are too small for me diameter wise. Length I am about a CB-6ks but I always end up with edema and some bruising from expanding too much for my own good.
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Re: diameter of devices

Post by WifeIsVanilla »

I have a similar problem with non-custom device diameters being too small. My Jail Bird Bird and Watchful Mistress cages are 1 1/2" (38.25 mm) in diameter, and they fit perfectly. But my Holy Trainer is 1 3/8". It isn't so snug that I experience edema or bruising, but it does compress things enough that my urethra is also somewhat compressed. According to my doctor, I have an age appropriately enlarged prostate so peeing isn't the non-event it used to be and the HT adds another issue, so I don't wear it often.
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Re: diameter of devices

Post by German123 »

You were right. At first it looks big, but if you wear it, it fits tight.

I think that chastity stuff is not meant for me. Two new problems.

First, silicone for starters sounded nice, but it is to flexible. I can't get it full stiff but I can get somewhat hard in it. It is way to flexible on the ball-ring. Maybe I purchase a plastic cage just to try it. My girl want a pink one, so metal is not a thing.

And then my foreskin. Completely uncircumcised. For sex and wanking perfect. But here it just annoys me. You pull it back, right? Otherwise it looks stupid and slip trough the pee-slit (why do they on all cages have to be so wide?) If I pull my foreskin back it gets to wide on the base and the cage won't fit over the "gathering of skin". Here the silicone is nice, because it expands.

So either I get a cage that fits but I can get a little hard. Or I get a cage that restricts me completely but I cant put it on right. :(
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