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Halfshell Model 04 Short Review

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 12:33 am
by Jon Descer
Despite this model being somewhat famous in a sense, I don't see many people actually getting it. And so I just wanted to offer a quick blurb to anyone researching it in the future that, to me, it's awesome. I did have to wait 5 solid months to actually get it, which kinda sucked, and Rigid Chastity's customer service isn't the best at replying to emails with ETAs, but the actually cage is great. It has no play at all, none, yet there is only the slightest difficulty getting it to pull apart. While I have to be careful of pinching when putting it on, it's surprisingly easy to avoid, compared to other devices I've worn. The lock is smooth, the finish was great (not flawless, but no burrs or divots or anything concerning), and everything fits comfortably without needing any modifications, such that even a raging erection doesn't hurt in the slightest. The best part is, it really works as a chastity device. While I am sure a vibrator would do the trick, I cannot get off in this thing otherwise. The internal PA post holds the back away from the outer shell--I can knock on the outside and barely feel anything on the inside, and it doesn't change no matter how I twist or angle it. So you can't just move the cage up and down to get stimulation, you can't shake it, you can't rub yourself as you bulge through the bars like other devices, and in fact, you never feels any outside stimulation hardly at all, which is a fun, additional sensation. And the more erect you get, the further away the shell pulls, just decreasing the sensation you feel inside. And while it is possible to work my pinky inside from underneath, it's very difficult and tight and is not comfortable on my finger, so I certainly can't cheat that way. I did go for a very short and wide cage just to try and ensure that outcome, however. All in all, I was able to wear this thing full time, right out of the box, despite not having worn any device for months prior, and really never having worn even those devices that consistently.

Downsides; well, it is still somewhat easy to pinch the tiny bit of skin at the front when drying off, what with the tube on the inside and the edge of the hole on the outside. In fact, I have found certain underwear to be a problem in this regard, as that little bit of skin just barely scrapes as it swings back and forth and starts to hurt. So if I am going to work out for a long time or go hiking, I wear something with a pouch to hold it, and then boxers over it, so my legs don't rub together. Urinating is also, well, it's a mess. If I knew how and had the tools, I would put more holes in this thing--little tiny ones that you can't reach through. Because as it stands, yeah, I fill this thing as I go and it overflows and soaks the boys. Not the worst thing ever, but not great either. I will add that I wish I had been more patient and increased the gauge of my piercing so I could have gotten the hole drilled through the ring to make urinating easier, it probably would have helped a lot. Lack of holes also makes it harder to rinse out; easy in the shower, sure, but I can't just squirt some water on it out of my water bottle at a public restroom. I also found that I can't really use the base ring as a c-ring by itself, because the posts dig straight into me when I get aroused. It would have been nice if I could have, but oh well. I do get a tiny bit of redness on the underside, but I think that's fairly ubiquitous with these devices, unless they are very loose.

Honestly, though, those downsides are minor, especially when it lacks the bigger problems I typically see brought up with chastity devices, like chafing, testicles pulling out or getting stuck or feeling pulled painfully, pinching, or simply being too painful when erect because of small bars or funny angles. Just give it a few shakes and use some extra toilet paper to dry everything off after taking a leak, and wear briefs. If you want your device to feel like a real chastity device, where you can't get out, move, or even feel anything inside of it, without pain or interference with even rigorous exercise, this is the way to go. I hope this helped anyone interested and I am happy to answer any questions if I can.