Chinese HTC Nub review

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Re: Chinese HTC Nub review

Post by NuderThanNude » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:05 pm

I have also found the Nub to be very comfortable. I seem to need the 50mm ring because if I go down to the 45mm my scrotum starts to turn purple within a minute or two despite that it still feels fairly comfortable.

There are two things that impress me about the design. The first is that the underside of the cage is open but because the lower part of the cage is pressed so tightly to the scrotum there is no access to the penis. Since I have a urethral reroute located at the top of my scrotum this helps me with peeing.

The second and most significant is the way that the cage extends back past the rear of the ball ring. For me it seems to follow the penis shaft and embed itself below the surface of my pubic mound. That seems to make it impossible to pull my penis out of the cage regardless of how flaccid it is. Even with an erection if the cage and ball ring are pushed forward it seems to still prevent the penis from coming out of the top of the ball ring.

I am current looking at designing a stainless steel cage with the same features.
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Re: Chinese HTC Nub review

Post by Ruined1 » Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:00 pm

At that price... ordered one as well to try out. The best part is that all 4 rings are included, since I‘m still not sure which size is right.
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