A Caution about A27XX Devices from DHGate

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A Caution about A27XX Devices from DHGate

Post by wishful4 » Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:19 pm

I wanted to order a smaller Arc ring to test with my S671/A271 device. As I was shopping the DHGate site, I quickly discovered that I could order another entire A271 device cheaper than I could purchase Arc rings separately. So, I order another A271 from a different seller than where I got my current device. The price was around $10. I paid around $23 for the one I currently wear. When the new device arrived, I discovered the device finish was of good quality but the fit of all the pieces were terrible. The integral lock could be literally moved around in the hole it fits in and the cage and ring were not snug at all when fitted together. Mind you, I just wanted the 40mm Arc ring to try out, and don't intend to use the rest of the device.

My intent is to let everyone know that the quality of identical devices are not the same from all sellers on the DHGate online store. BUYER BEWARE!
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Re: A Caution about A27XX Devices from DHGate

Post by Tom Allen » Fri Jan 25, 2019 1:48 pm

Yeah, I'm not surprised. I bought an A274 and a 273, because, like you, I realized it was cheaper to buy an entire device. When I bought the A272, I made a point to buy from the same reseller, figuring that his stock was made around the same time.

Labor costs in China are low compared to the West. So are many of the quality standards. Most of the decent stuff coming out of China is because Americans or Europeans literally set up the factories for them. The holes for the lock on your device were probably drilled or reamed oversize, not checked, and tossed into the "Ship it" pile.
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