Device Lubricants

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Re: Device Lubricants

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Kitten wrote:
Sat Aug 18, 2018 12:33 pm
When you ordered your JB were you able to give specific instructions for the dimensions on the inside of the cage? The tip portion of this 'test' cage is too large around when he's flacid.
You do give an inside diameter when you order. If the end of the test cage is "too large" the cage is too long. If the head of his cock is sitting in the end it won't be too big at the end.
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Re: Device Lubricants

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The end of the cage I am wearing is larger in diameter than the rings for the shaft. The head on my penis is about the same diameter as the shaft so the diameter of that part is too big. Flaccid I am longer than the cage so I fill it too the end.
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Re: Device Lubricants

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Keep in mind that some "water based" lubricant contain glycerin or other form of yeast/bacteria food ;)
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Re: Device Lubricants

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I have for years now been Johnson's Baby Oil Gel.
I use a little to assist getting in.. and then a little as and when needed. Usually underside of scrotum it feels like its pinching or rubbing.
Not messy ..water soluble.
Does all I ask of it
All I ask it taty they keep selling it. There used to be 2 or 3 diffeent ones and they used to have a lot of c#shelf space in 'Boots'... now they only have a small amout on display and its the camomile one. No strong odour though.
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