Realistic Vibrators and Strap Ons

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Realistic Vibrators and Strap Ons

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This is not really about chastity devices but it ties in with chastity and denial.

We have discussed getting a realistic vibrator for those times when she keeps locked but still wants penetration sex. Kitten wants something about the same size as me. There are a lot of them on Amazon but very few with user reviews. Maybe people are embarrassed to admit buying them. I would like to find one that has rechargeable batteries but the only ones I have seen like that are HUGE. (I'm not... :oops: )

After reading some of the posts she has mentioned a strap on for me to wear. Neither of us know anything about them. The one thing she asked about was one that would attach to my device but the only thing I have seen like that are penis sheaths that would both require me being unlocked and increase the size. The only thing they would accomplish is preventing my feeling anything and climaxing.

There are a number of 'sex shops' in Austin so we may have to plan a shopping trip in the near future.

Any tips or advice are welcomed and would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Realistic Vibrators and Strap Ons

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